When the term domestic violence is mentioned, there is the tendency for some people to think only of man and woman relationship. This is because it is historically and traditionally popular and acceptable form of romantic or marital relationship. However, there are other forms of relationships that are acceptable in the contemporary society such as gay and lesbian relationship. Given the fact that these relationships are not popular traditionally speaking, most people do not think of them when the problem of domestic violence is being discussed or mentioned.   

But these forms of sexual orientations and relationships are gradually gaining ground in most countries especially in the secularized western world. Many campaigns have been initiated in order to fight for rights of people with homosexual tendencies. Same sex marriages are now legally acceptable in many parts of the world.

Just like in a heterosexual relationship, domestic violence also occurs in same sex relationships and marriages.  Analysis of 19 studies carried out on partner indicated that domestic abuse can also occur in a homosexual relationship which can be gay or lesbian relationship. So, it is wrong to limit domestic violence to people in heterosexual relationship or marriages.

Why domestic violence in same sex relationship is not popular

Cases of domestic violence in a heterosexual relationship are not popular and it is difficult to know or at least estimate the number of people in same sex relationship that are abused. This is because there is no accurate documentations of cases of domestic abuse in a heterosexual relationship. There are a number of reasons that can lead to that.


One of the major reasons why homosexuals who are abused by their partners prefer to suffer in silence is because of the discriminatory attitude of some societies to same sex marriages. In some cultures, it is an abomination to talk of same sex relationship. So, people who have such orientation keep their relationship in secret and if any of them is being abused by the other, the person will also prefer not to talk about it.

Staying because of love

In heterosexual relationship, some people who are suffering from domestic abuse endure it because of love.  This is also seen in a heterosexual relationship. The fact that it is not easy for homosexuals to find a date makes some of them to bear the abuse rather than staying without having any date.



Financial problem or unemployment

A gay may decide not talk about the abuses he is suffering from his partner because of financial reason. This is common among homosexuals who are dependent on their partners or who have no employment.

Legal reasons

In some places where homosexual relationship is forbidden by the law, homosexuals who are abused by their partners will prefer to bear the pain than to call the police. This is because calling the police implies exposing themselves.

Religious reasons

Popular religion of the world such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and others do not support such type of relationship. It is considered a sin. This is why homo sexual may prefer to bear the pain of domestic abuse than to report it.