As implicit from the name, domestic violence refers to violent behavior against one’s partner in intimate relationship. Examples of intimate relationship here are dating, marriage or cohabitation. Abuse against one’s partner can be variously called domestic abuse, battering, spousal abuse, dating abuse, family violence and intimate partner violence (IPV).

There is the tendency for some people to associate domestic violence to men or to think that women are always the victim of domestic violence. This may seem to be true but in reality, it is not always true. Men can also be victim of domestic violence. There are some women that control their partners forcing them to do what they would not want to do.

Domestic violence occurs in various forms. Some of the forms of domestic are physical assault (like shoving, kicking, biting, hitting, slapping, restraining, battery and throw objects), sexual abuse, threats, domineering or controlling another, stalking, economic deprivation, intimidation, passive/covert abuse and many more.

There is no generally accepted one definition of domestic abuse. Different disciplines define it differently. There is legal, medical, social and political definition of domestic violence. However, the uniting factor among all these definitions is abuse which can take different forms. It may not result to physical injury. It can cause emotional or psychological injury.

Lifestyle that leads to domestic violence

Certain lifestyles can give rise to domestic violence. Experience has shown that people living with drunkards or alcohol abusers are victims of intimate partner violence. People who consume certain hard cocaine or marijuana or any substance that can influence their behaviors or intoxicate them can also abuse their partners under the influence of these drugs even against their will. Individuals who are hot tempered are more likely to abuse their partners at the slightest provocations. They will later regret their action when they come back to their senses.

In order to avoid domestic violence, people should try to avoid any lifestyle or behavior that will lead to such act. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages in excess. It can get you intoxicated causing you to abuse your loved ones even against your will.

There are individuals especially men who intentionally batter or beat their partners in order to control them or as a means of forcing them to do what they want or to obtain something from them against their will.

Fight against domestic violence

Most constitutions of the world today legislate against domestic violence no matter the form in which it occurs. In order to control it, victims of domestic abuse can seek for redress in the court. Their abusers if tried and found guilty are punished according to the constitution of the country.

Some constitutions also treat abuse of one’s children in any form as a type of domestic violence. In other words, any person regardless of the age and sex can be a victim of domestic violence. It can also occur in various types of relationship such as man-woman relationship, relationship between lesbians and gays and any other type of relationship.

However, in some countries and religions, certain form of domestic violence like domination of man over women is allowed.