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Call it Anxiety or the habit that has got developed over a period of time but if you worry a lot then this article is for you. We all worry and there is nothing bad about it. The problem occurs when the extent to which we worry increases to an amount that it starts to affect our routine life. The most worrisome situation includes fear of losing someone we love, fear of disease, fear of accident, fear of unknown happenings etc. The other form of worry can be situational like exam results, job tension, office conflict etc. There are so much that happens to us in a day that we lose focus of good and start to worry about things that may not require deep thought. It becomes so much of a habit with time that our mind starts to seek something to worry about if at all it is tension free for a moment.


Love bonds us with people and things and they are too valuable for us. We become so much emotionally dependent that a thought of losing them makes us feel nervous. No one likes to lose and we cannot be much different. But human being has no power to change their future and hence this helpless show up in the form of worry.


People who worry all the time has developed a habit to face the situation in different manner. Some do nothing, other take medicines; some become alcoholic while there are other that trusts divine powers of God. The idea is to live with worry, mitigate it or divert your attention to something else. There are certain extreme situations in life where we cannot do anything but if the habit of worrying for small things percolates to everyday life then it is nothing but disaster.


So, if you worry then you need a solution that minimizes this habit and give you productive time on things that matter the most. At same time you would also need an assurance that things would be fine in future and there is nothing to worry about. While there is a no fool proof solution but I would talk about something that works the most for me. The solution essentially involve three parts


Divine Power– Look around and you would find every second person trusts in the divine power called God.  It is way to mitigate the fear by trusting a power which controls our destiny. We pray and ask for blessings in order to make our future better. Trusting in this Divine Power and assuring yourself about its strength gives you enough reason to believe in something which would look for better things for you in future. Placing your complete trust and faith in God gives your mind something to rely on when you face extreme situations. It is like having someone who takes care of you all the time.


Devote Time– The next step is to devote some time in your daily schedule to pray to God. There are no compulsions here. You can do it the way you like it. It can be in your thoughts, through your words, using some sacred signs or even folding hands as you may deem fit. You can do it early in morning after bath or before going to bed (can do both times too). You can also do it anytime in day too by chanting the name or anything that your religion permits or you believe helps you concentrate better. Duration can be in minutes to anytime you think is worth. The idea is to devote some time to God and seek blessings and ask for the safety and security of people you love. It is in this moment you not only pray to God but would also place an unquestionable trust in God – who would take care of well being of your loved ones and the things you love. In short, You need to think about God and pray to him for well being.


Rest Of Day-Once you have placed your trust in God and started to follow a defined schedule to pray to God, you can assure yourself that God would take care of things and you should not worry about it at all. Yes, you need not worry because the divine power is with you who take care of you and the things you love. There is absolutely no need to worry and you can fully concentrate on things that help you achieve success in life.



At this point, after following three steps, you need to assure your mind that there is nothing to worry and you need to be firm about it. Even if the worrisome thought comes to your mind, you need to tell yourself that you have already had your prayers and there is nothing to worry about. The more you get firm about this, the more difficult it would be for the worries to creep in your mind. By following above you don’t need to worry all the time but focus on routine that helps you make your days better and more productive. Again, I understand you have your own methods and may not believe in divine power but I Do and think that people can definitely benefit from this. These are small methods that bring peace to mind.When you can’t control things that you don’t own, it is better to leave it in hands of divine power and connect to it for your hearts desire.


Photo Credit – Tiago Rïbeiro

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  1. Love your message. Really helped me this late sleepless night. Also admire how you don’t pressure or steer towards any religion. Very helpful for any religion and extremely spiritual. Admire article, thoughts and perception. Easy to read and can relate to the topic because it is what is in everyones thoughts but spilled out neatly into words. Just absolutly love it. Thank you and god bless!

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