The life you are living today is result of the decisions you have made in the past. The life you would be living henceforth would depend upon the decision that you would take today. Decision making is such an important part of human life that it has the power to shape our future. It gives an authority to control lives and at same time it does takes away that authority too. Despite it being controlling such an important aspect in our lives the importance of decision making is often an ignored field. People fail to realize its importance in shaping our personalities and taking control of our lives.

The Vicious Cycle of Decision Making-The biggest challenge in taking decisions is that it puts the onus on you to face the consequences. It is human tendency not to accept their mistakes and even feel sorry for it. Most of time it is fear of taking the blame or fear of unknown that keep the people away from taking decision or even make the whole process hard for them. In this scenario people generally tend to defend their decisions and also try to justify it at all cost even if they are not right. Admitting mistakes is like losing a battle.

Why It is Hard To Take Decisions- It is much easier to blame someone for the consequences then get blamed for it.  People tend to follow others in the path that is already chalked out for them then to discover a new path with their own wits. We always look for someone who has done it before rather than putting our stake upfront. Also having someone take decision for us makes it much easier because all we then need to then do is to comply with it. Parents taking decisions for the kids, Boss taking decision for the employees, commander taking decision for the troops make their life much easy because all they then need to do is to follow. And when you ask either the kids, employees, or the troops to take decisions on their own, you would find that they have a hard time just because they never tried taking decisions in the past. In effect decision making then relates to our ability and exposure to take decisions and how comfortable we are in the follow up scenarios.

How It Impacts Our Personality- If you don’t have a habit to take decisions then chances are that you would find it much harder for yourself to take decisions. Parents who guides their child but at same time give them much independence to take decisions build in them a habit to decide for themselves and at same time stand by the consequences of it. Good or bad, what follows after a decision has been made fixes the responsibility and slowly build a confidence and experience in person who takes the decision. This is the reason that people who have the habit to take decisions have a much stronger and impressive personality then people who depend upon others to take decision. Also they have higher chances to move up in life too.

Why It is important for you to take Decisions-The habit of decisions making instil in you a confidence not only to face the consequences but the unknown too. For yourself and even for your children it is important to build the habit of taking decisions so that the personality gets shaped in the right direction. We get confident over the time and develop the habit that exposes us not only to risks but to associated opportunities also. We cannot move a step ahead in life if we cannot take risks and we cannot take risks in our lives if we don’t know how to take decisions. The good part of decision making is that you learn with time. So even if you falter in one decision, you get enough experience to be successful in the next one. Hence if you have hard time taking decisions the best approach is to take the first step of taking the decision and developing a habit of it.

People often fail to realize that they have set invisible boundaries around themselves that prevent them from moving beyond their limits. The only way to move beyond and over your potential is to make it happen from your end. Every path in our life poses us with choices and the decision we take shapes our future. Yes you can be wrong but it is always better to fail in small battle and learn from them rather than in big battles and suffer huge losses. When and where you put your foot forward determines the direction of your life and the more confident you are about your first step the more successful you would become in your career.