The entire life of your child is affected by divorce even in the school and other places. A study done at the Ohio State University-Mansfield, a break in marriage normally affects the self-esteem as well as the academic performance of a child. The effects can even start before the parents finally divorce. Though it is possible for the child to adjust and regain self esteem or confidence over time, the child sometime may continue to perform below expectation in class.

The reason for this is quite obvious. Poor academic performance continues to decrease even after divorce because it is a type of a problem that continues to increase. For example, if a child does acquire a good study habits and other learning skills at a particular time, it will be difficult for the child to meet up in the next stage. It takes serious effort on the part of the parents and the child in order to meet up. But emotion is not like that. It tends to heal itself over time.

Divorce does not occur in a day. It takes time for the legal process to be completed. Even before the legal process is initiated, you and your partner might have started having problems at home which eventually leads to difficult. During these periods and after divorce, your child will be emotionally affected which may make the child not to concentrate in school work. However, you can also help your child to deal with the situation and minimize the effect of the divorce. Here are tips on how to help the child cope with his or her academics.

Give the child more attention

During and after divorce, it is important that you give serious attention to your child. By paying attention to the child’s need, the child will believe that he or she is still love.

Ask after the child’s school work

It is important that you find out how your child is performing at school. Help the child to do his or her assignment. Make out time to talk about what the child is taught in class and find out whether he or she understands it.

Go for counselling with your child

Most parents facing divorce do go for counselling but only a few go with their children. But this should not be the case. Meeting a professional with your child for counselling can be of great help to the child. A professional will be able to advice the child and give you tips on how to help your child cope with their academics.

Learn about the child’s performance

Make sure that you attend most of the events in the child’s school. Let the teacher know about the child’s predicament. You should also talk to the teacher to find out about the performance of the child in school. Talking to the teacher will help you to be in the loop about the performance of your child in school.

Hire a private tutor

Hire a private tutor for the child. Person to person interaction with the child will make it possible for the tutor to discover the child’s academic problems and find a solution to it.