Online dating is normally packaged and presented in the commercials as the best means of dating. If you believe the messages of the commercials as they are presented, you will think that online dating has no disadvantages at all. But experience has shown that it has lots of disadvantages. Having disadvantages does not mean that it is not good. It has its merits as well. But before you start dating online, it is important that you know the disadvantages of online dating. This will help you to judge whether online dating is the best option for you. Here are some of disadvantages of online dating.

No serious commitment

One of the problems of online dating is lack of serious commitment from some people. The reason for this is quite obvious. Online dating help people to find partners easily. There are varieties of choices on the internet. Finding a date online is not as difficult as finding one offline. This advantage has some negative implication. It makes some people not to put much effort in maintaining their relationship since they know they can easily find another date. At a little provocation, they will call it a quit and look for another alternative. In traditional offline dating, people don’t easily separate with their partners because there is commitment.


The rate of infidelity is very high in online dating. Most people can maintain many relationships online at the same. It is possible for a person to be chatting with numerous people at the same time and none of the partners will find out. Though some people keep many dates offline, but you can easily discover when a partner is not faithful or is cheating on you in offline relation than when a partner is not faithful in online relationship.

Impossible to delete data shared

It is impossible for you to delete any data you shared online with your online friends unless you have access to the person’s account and the dating site has the delete feature for that. Apart from this, dating sites do not delete personal data of their members. The personal data you shared with online dating sites are kept permanently even when you cancel your membership.

If you have taken time to read the privacy policies of many online dating sites, you will discover that some of them make it clear that they will provide your profile information if it is required by a court. So, your profile can be used against you in court cases relating to divorce, employment, medical and custody court cases.

Felons and predators

Online daters are more vulnerable to felons and predators. No background checks on members are conducted by most of the online daters. Some people are just opportunists. They are looking for opportunity to prey on their online daters. So, you can be a victim if you are not careful. But no matter how careful you are, it is always difficult to identify a sexual predator in online dating since you don’t know anything about the person.