Civil union could be said to be an invention of the contemporary world as a means of accommodating couples that will like to live together but not as married couples. Though, this kind of relationship is becoming acceptable nowadays, it has some limitations and thus cannot be compared with married. It has some disadvantages that make marriage to have an edge over it. Here are some of the disadvantages of civil union.

Not widely accepted

The major disadvantages of civil union when compared with marriage is that it is not widely accepted. In our previous article where we compare marriage and civil union, it was pointed out that civil union was only accepted in the western world and even in the western world, only a few states or nations recognize it. Besides, in the places where it is accepted, the rights conferred on couples into civil union are not the same as the right conferred on couples into marriage. In other words, the security provided in civil union is limited when compared with marriage.

A cultural taboo

Civil union is alien to many cultures and traditions and thus they are regarded as destructive to the society and thus a taboo. Even in the societies where owing to civilizations, such type of marriage is accepted, it is still frown at by people who are conservative minded. Couples that are into civil union are jarred at or even discriminated against by the conservative. 

Socially discriminated against

Couples that are into civil union are indirectly not fully accepted in the society. The states that accepted it indirectly contribute to this problem of discrimination. By having different requirements and procedures for marriages and civil unions shows that marriage is superior to civil union. In many forms that people fill for employment purposes and other reasons, civil union do not fall into any of the category. What are normally available are always single or marriage. Couples into civil unions have no option than to choose single. Marriage and civil union are not the same, choosing marriage will amount to giving false information which is an offense punishable by law.

Denial of some religious rights

Most popular religions of the world such as Christianity and Islam do not accept civil union. In Roman Catholicism for example, couple living together without receiving the sacrament of matrimony are not allowed to receive the Holy Communion which is one of the sacraments of initiation. In other words, by denying them Holy Communion, they are not yet full members of the church or are not in full communion with the Church.




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