It is difficult to find a relationship that has no problem or that has been smooth without occasional hitches. People normally have problems with their partners. What makes the difference is how the issues are resolved. Some people immediately resolve their problems on their own just within hours or minutes after the problem evolved. Some people may take some days or even weeks to resolve their problems depending on the nature of the problem. However, in some relationship, the problem will become too complicated and difficult for the couples to deal with on their own. Such people require outside help. Couples that are not able to resolve their differences have various options of outside help to choose from. Here are some of the outside help they can opt for.

Meeting a counsellor

There are a number of specialists in handling relationship and marriage issues that provide couple counselling sessions for couples with troubled relationship. If you are having challenges in your relationship and you are not able to resolve it among yourself, then you may consider going for couple counselling. However, such a counselling session requires commitment, openness, energy, time and focus. You and your partner should be willing and honest in your dealing with the counsellor. You can only be helped by the counsellor if you are open, honest and willing to overcome your differences and have a strong relationship with your partner. So, you need to look for a professional counsellor that you can trust and feel comfortable discussing your marital issues.

Spiritual advice or counselling

If you are a member of any religious society, you can resolve your relationship problems by going for spiritual advice or counselling. Most religious leaders are experts in handling relationship problems. They try to resolve matters in accordance with the tenets of their religions. So, you can agree with your partner to meet with your religious leader to resolve your relationship problem for you people. However, this is a good option for couples that have the same religious belief. It does not normally work if couples are members of different religious set or do not have the same faith. Some religious minded couples that belong to different religious set normally invite their various religious leaders to handle their problems together.

Individual therapy

This is a good means of dealing with a problematic relationship in cases where one of the couple requires a special help. For example, if a person loses certain valuable and he/she grieves over it to the extent that it is affecting his/her relationship, the person should consider registering for individual therapy. If you are loved one requires special help, you should not be ashamed to take the person to an individual therapist. Don’t think that you have failed to help your partner. Sometimes, you may not be able to help everybody.

Emotional intelligence building

There is nowadays an emotional intelligence tool kit designed to help people develop strong emotional intelligence and health. The toolkit contains audio meditations, videos and articles designed to help couples to put into practice their emotional communication and intelligence skills.