Are you in a position where you are wondering if life is going to get better? Maybe that is why you are asking the question how do I develop myself? Development is a process of changing for the better. Human natural drive for better living existence prompts the urge for this change. Self development is really easy as long as one is willing to undergo the process involved in the development. Lack of self development is tantamount to stagnation. Do you have a dream, desire, goals, something you wish to become in the future? Are you aspiring for a good position in your work place? Do you want to increase your self worth and become object of admiration by all? If you answer yes to these questions, then, condition your mind to “develop myself” perception, and start thinking about it, because the first place to start is your mind.  


You are what you believe. The state of human mind is so strong that ones thinking often have a way of manifesting. The working of human mind is very complex, professionals will give you a lot of explanation as to why humans tend to be what they are, but in actual sense it is complete gibberish. This is a complicating human system that still stands as a mystery. As long as the concept is a verified fact, who cares about it working, and calculations? The plain fact is just as it is, the mind: powerful enough to influence human’s personality and goal. So, if you wish to “develop myself”, start with your mind.


Steps guide to developing yourself


1.                  Motive. What is your motive for undertaking develop myself exercise? If your reasons are faulty, then energy that will be required to drive the wheel of change may become corrupted and compromised. For instance, if you want to develop yourself because a friend did it, and not because you desire or even need it then, you are already failing before starting. Process of self development span from simple to difficult, depending on your desire, example: if it is to upgrade from a nurse to becoming a medical doctor, the steps required is tedious compared to desiring to upgrade from a loner to becoming a socialite. So if you must succeed in developing yourself, make sure the right motive is in place

2.                  Mindset. The condition of your mind is important. If you think you can never achieve the process, then do not bother trying at all. Because your mind will send the negative vibes to your brain, which will in turn send a “he is not ready” message to relevant part of the body. 

3.                  Self appraisal. Sit back, relax, and evaluate your strength and weaknesses. Your strength might be your financial capacity, or lack of it (weakness), do you really need it now? Are you quite ready to undertake on possible challenges that may spring up? Are your goals realistic? And many other questions  

4.                  Conquer self. If you are asked what can possibly deny you of your develop myself goals, what will your answer be? Paul, Mary, my sister, or, no its my mother, she has always hated the thought of my been a musician, no way, it must be my wife, once she threaten to leave me if I travel such distance to acquire my goal…bla, bla, bla! Well, you are very wrong. The only person that can stop you is you. If you have negative personal worth like: lack of confidence, complex, jealousy, envy, anger, loud mouth, fear, easily influenced, bad-tempered, always out of control, etc, you may never achieve your desire until you have obtained a mastery over your emotion. Your personal value is closely linked with your trait, if you possess combinations of these traits seek to develop or upgrade your personality before considering self before considering development goals. Remember Samson in the bible? He was given a great mission and power to achieve the divine assignment, but he lack self control. Eventually his mission was aborted because he couldn’t say no to anything in skirt – Delilah brought him down and achieved what thousands of philistine soldiers could not achieve. If you are a ladies man, who loves to gallop from skirt to other, a Delilah might just be waiting at the corner to bring you down. So find out the negative traits and deal with it. 

5.                  Where to go. After going through the above steps, and finally ready to make a move what next? Where to achieve the develop myself desire is. The answer to the question is dependent on your desire. If it is to become a doctor, go to the college or university, if it is to become a top model, look for a fashion institute, if it’s a good mother, go meet your mum, or anyone who have succeeded at it.


The steps required to develop myself desire is as easy as your desire is simple and difficult as your desire.

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