Deep And Short Romantic Love Poems – True Love Poems For Someone Special

My last Poem Bosses Day Poems – Poem for a Great Boss got a very good response. Everyone seemed to be impressed except my wife who thought it be another proof of why I love my job more than her. No alibi worked in front of her and it seemed to prove the point that I have got less romantic with time. Certainly not, this deep and short romantic love poem was written well in time and it worked for me to impress her. Moreover she herself wanted me to put it in my favorite place i.e. my Blog. Frankly a true love poems is an excellent medium to express your love for someone special like your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife and there is no substitute to it. The poem not only express your feelings but also shows the amount of hard work you have put especially when you not a poet. Infact this situation in itself makes a good case to impress someone.


In my last post I had written about the steps one can follow to compose a poem and I haven’t deviated a bit from it. I sincerely believe that it is within everyone reach, all you need to do it to make an effort.


My advice to MysticMadness readers. If you looking to impress someone then don’t copy this poem but use it as something you can refer to. This would bring the natural talent out of you. If you plan to use as it is than make sure that your someone special either knows about it or should never visit this post. Just Joking- Go ahead and be innovative. Use as you may want to use it.

Short And Deep Romantic Love Poems True Love Poems For Someone Special


Now the Poem-

Start of Poem



This poem is for the one I love

This poem is only for you

To tell you how much I love you

And cannot think of life without you


I want the time to stop

I want the oceans to crawl

To make the moments special

The moments I have with you



When we hold hands, when we walk together

When we talk of things that always matter

The peace in your voice, the love in your eyes

Make those moments special, and is my only Treasure



You are not my way to happiness

You are happiness for me

And I know you respect my feelings

That makes me want nothing but you


Sit beside me and be my life

Help me to sail through this journey of life

Be yourself and be my world

For I want nothing but you the way you are



End of Poem

Remember I am not a poet. This “Deep and Short romantic love poems – true love poem for someone special” is just one of my sincere attempt. Let me know what you think about it or if you have any suggestions. I would also not mind working with you in your project provided you are as sincere as I am about this subject. My take is simple from this exercise – It is one of unforgettable gift you can give to someone. So put that effort.


Photo Credit- Yankee November

Short Romantic Love Poems – True Love Poems

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