Decision Making – 5 Reasons Why Practical Decisions are Important than Popular Ones

Decision Making is all about choices. On Job I have always believed that choices are always there but the final decision is all about experience. Decision can be no different from gambling if it is made with closed eyes and mind. We learn everyday, infact every minute from our all senses. There are numerous possibilities that exist today around us that the word of dead or blind end always seems to be non-existent. This parameter then gets analyzed from various angles which I am sure you must have heard but does include the ones like process, types, ethical, techniques, humble, steps, accounting, financial, skills, automated, consumer, group, method, heuristics, structured, tools, moral, organizational etc. Honestly there is a cut above the rest which controls the vary art of Decision Making and the same is “Do You Make Practical Decisions or Popular Ones”


Every Decision is Important in one’s life but on Job Scenario is different. How much we grow depends upon our experience and definitely on our ability to take decisions. Others trust us on our current position mainly because of our ability to take Right decisions. One wrong move and it takes the shine out of our vary performance.


Put this Question to Yourself: What was your recent decision and what it meant to you. Maybe you


1)     Were very diligent about it

2)     As always you postponed it for lack of clarity

3)     You were too lazy to take it.


You were Diligent about it—- Good.


Otherwise—God Save you from misery. If you are not serious about your decisions than


1)     You have lost valuable time

2)     You have lost an opportunity

3)     You have been pushed back in your career.


Yes, it matters. No matter how big or small decision is. If you don’t value it, Believe me the success will not value you.


To add an Insult to Injury, You would be doing an harm to yourself If


1)     If you are depending on others for it

2)     If you nothing but reluctant to take your own walk

3)     You don’t have the courage to stand by it.



Many people don’t grow because


1)     They like to be fed

2)     Spoon feeding has gone into their routes

3)     Courage, success are just words. They are happy with their normal life.



While not taking an decisions is a decision in itself but here also someone has taken a decision. Being lazy about it is nothing but a step towards failure. Now presuming you are one of those who are in position to take decisions and are much willing to take them, the next part of the post is for you.


When Job decides your livelihood there is no reason how one cannot be serious about it. When Decisions are important equally important is the way to approach them. Success should always be the centre point of Decisions no matter it is for your company or for you. Take your eyes off the complexity of the problem and think it from the viewpoint of being the Practical One or Popular Ones. While each type has it own importance but when it comes to Job it always help your career if you take Practical Decisions not Popular Ones. While I would not go into the demerits of Popular ones but Practical Decision scores good points because of 5 Reasons


1)     They are Tough– Anyone can take Popular Decisions. This is something which would not bother your conscience and would not trouble you. But only few can take Practical decisions. There is a lot of discomfort associated with being Practical especially when I have always considered human beings as emotional fools. When people stay away from taking them, you at that position does set you apart from the rest, for important jobs in next step of your career.


2)     They bring Efficiencies into Process– Practical decisions within an organization are always taken keeping the company as priority. Money belongs to shareholders and everyone is responsible to help them get handsome returns. Success of companies not only depends upon how much money it makes but also how much it spends or burn during its operation. Any inefficiency in process is all about how practically we run operations or approach our problems. Stick to practical ones and there won’t be any regret even in tough times.



3)     Success and Respect Depends Upon it– When on Job you are Alone. Remember you work with host of professional who are greedy bums picking every straw that help them get success. Either you stay in race or get wiped out. The notion of friendship is false while the actual reality is success. From your Junior to your Peers and even the People on top, they run for purpose and can eliminate your vary existence for purpose. Be Practical as there is no point to get emotional or be popular for no reason. The more you get Practical about your decision the more respect you would get as you reach the higher echelons. The success depends upon this and you should not ignore it even for a moment.


4)     Professionalism Relates to it– When you are professional than behave like one. Being Practical about your work and your decisions removes the element of doubt and helps you rise in your career. Being Professional is another aspect of being Practical provided you stick to it with all your might.



5)     You can make them look like Popular Ones– Clearly an art but the Practical Decisions can be camouflaged as Popular Ones. There is no dearth about the choices you have and sometimes decisions are taken keeping in mind the long term goals rather than short ones. When the pressure is high you need to be careful but without losing the sight of the ultimate goal.



Through all these years I have studied numerous people and found how hard they have become primarily on the basis of decisions they take. Yes they are answerable and have seen the extremes but in the End they are able to justify their decisions till the last word. I have kept away relationships or Politics away from the article because of its sensitive nature but your Job is different. If you dream of success then this is one of your weapons.


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