Exercise is very important. In whatever form the exercise is done, it is necessary to be done. It could be mental, psychological or physical exercises. For the purpose of this writing, physical exercise will be discussed. If you are so much engaged with work or something else that you cannot visit the gym; this write up will provide an alternative ways to undergo physical exercise. Most of the techniques can be done within very few minutes and on a daily routine basis. In this case, dedication is of the essence. Some basic techniques will be highlighted as below.

Basic techniques of daily exercise

Ø  Use the staircase. If you have an elevator in your work place, it is recommended that you take the staircase at least once in a day.  The use of an elevator is well understood, howbeit the staircase enables you to do your daily exercise and thereby burn some fat in your body. If you stop the use of the elevator, a faster result is achieved in no time.

Ø  You can suck in your stomach for a few minutes. Whether you are sitting down or walking, it is an activity that can be done even without anyone noticing it. It helps to flatten your stomach and gives your waist a good shape. Tremendous result has usually been achieved.

Ø  You the technique of domestic work. As you get busy with physical domestic work, you burn more of calories even than running. Allow some few minutes to do the domestic work on a daily basis. It helps to normalize the rate of heart beat.

Ø  Locate the gym. Some people have formed the habit of visiting the gym on regular or daily basis to carry out exercises. Some people are so fortunate that there is provision of a gym in their work place. Such people can easily visit the gym and fulfill the time allotted for that during their lunch hour.  Once again it requires discipline!

Ø  Try and be creative. Where you simply have no time at all for the daily exercise, your desire to carry out the daily routine will allow creativity. After lunch hour or dinner, you can take some walk to perform the exercise. As you do so, you burn some quantity of calories.

Ø  Do some leg bends. This technique can be done at your workplace or anywhere you sit and feel bored to the core. It is just to raise the legs for some time, but while raising the leg make sure they are not bent. This should be repeated for some more time. You will find this interesting.

These few techniques will go a long way in keeping you healthy and strong. Many companies that are of high standard have recognized the need for occupational health.  Some of these companies have a gym in their business environment while others have registered their staff in a specified gym to enable their staff stay healthy and be able to work well to achieve the goals of the organization.