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Some might say that using cute nicknames in a relationship is downright pathetic, but I beg to differ. Believe it or not, being tender is one of the most important ingredients in nurturing a relationship and funny nicknames are a big part of it. Why? Because your identity suffers a mutation. I’m not saying you’re becoming schizophrenic or anything like that, just that once you’re part of a couple you gain a new side. You gain a side you probably never suspected you had. For your mum you are the best son in the world, for your boss you are guy in cubicle 314, but for your girlfriend you are her bobcat or her boo bear. This nickname is usually very specific and is connected to some characteristic only she sees or which only she can tease you about. So, to help you return the favor, here are some cute nicknames for girlfriend.


1. Use pastry with confidence. Love is nourishment for the soul so why not call your baby what she really means to you? Something that is so good you just want to eat it up! Call her your lovely pumpkin pie or your delicious apple crumble pie, your precious doughnut or your muffin. She will be touched and maybe even get in the mood for some delicatessen.

2. Classic heart-shaped love. This will definitely melt her heart if you tell her that she truly is your whole heart. It’s not enough that you make her your Valentine on that day when everybody else celebrates. Tell her that she is your love, your heart and your soul on a perfectly ordinary day and see what happens then! This is one of the cutest nicknames for your girlfriend.

3. Toys’R’Us, Baby! You can always call her doll or Barbie doll to point out how picture perfect she really is. But some girls don’t go for that so always check to see which sweet appellative would suit her best.

4. Sweet like candy. If her sweetness and fragility is what got you attracted to her in the first place, call her sugar or sugar cane or candy girl. It’s sweet and playful and one of the most inspired cute nicknames for girlfriend.

5. Precious gem. Love is incommensurable, therefore priceless. But you can still call your love by the name of one of those things they use to decorate jewelry with. She can be your diamond, your emerald or, the most popular one of all, your ruby. She will be flattered and joyous if you choose to show your affection this way.

6. Spice up my life! This is the third item on the list which oddly enough has some connection with food. Nonetheless, It is about spices which are essential in our everyday cuisine. She can be your cinnamon, your nutmeg or your rosemary, just assure her that it is by no means a reference to that annoying all girl band.

7. Love-making expert. Before you get angry and misunderstand, you must realize that women have their pride when it comes to the art of love making and so there isn’t really anything to be ashamed of. In very intimate circumstances, it is perfectly acceptable to call her my little geisha or love master. If you don’t want it to sound too dirty as that would get you in trouble, call her your love goddess, your Venus or your mighty Aphrodite. That is the absolute perfect when it comes to cute nicknames for girlfriend and she would be a fool if she didn’t recognize how much you care for her.

8. Villain woman. You know what they say, that all the girls like the bad boys and in truth the reverse statement applies as well. You like her when she’s a bit mean and naughty, you like it just a bit more when she scratches instead of purring peacefully. That’s when she becomes your villain woman. She has bewitched you so you can call her a witch or you can call her a thief because she stole your heart and the mind that goes with it! You can call her Catwoman because she can appreciate the hottest female villain of all time.

9. Flowers. You give her flowers but she is one as well: pretty and fresh and sweet smelling. She can be your rose, your daffodil or your lily. She can be for you the flower she likes best. She can be a wildflower if that is her nature. Be careful with flowers though because they have symbolic meanings and so her flower should reflect her most personal characteristic.


Finding a cute nickname for girlfriend is hard work, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve discovered the right one, your private world is complete, nobody knows you there, not by your special names. So go on and search for it and you might be surprised when you’ll find that more than one applies…

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