Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

A relationship that involves a boyfriend and a girlfriend is very rare without any special names. Yes, you know what I mean. You also have cute names to call your boyfriend. There are some names that are classic and very common yet popular. But nevertheless we use them dearly, pouring all our hearts into them. I know it is way personal for you but still I would like to suggest some names that you are at total liberty to decide whether to use. Hopefully these names will provide you with ideas of cute names to call your boyfriend, so that you can be different and unique and pour your heart in the small yet simple and meaningful name. Before that  Do not miss to read the article Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend to get related ideas

©      Honey: yes I know this is probably one of the most commonly used cute names to call your boyfriend, yet it’s a classic. And we are never bored of using it, neither is the boyfriend. This is a short and simple name that conveys a lot about your feelings.

©      Sweetheart: Another almost classic yet very cute name to call your boyfriend. The combination of the words sweet and heart creates a wonderful harmony and shows your boyfriend how much you care for him.

©      Sugar: One cute name to call your boyfriend that will never ever go out of fashion is sugar. Since sweetness is an essential element of any relationship, the literal relay of this essence with the usage of a word is witty and sweet!

©      Love: This word is not that common but nevertheless can be very much useful. This is a short and simple word. I know that in every relationship there is the presence of love. But this cute name can be only used to call a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This word represents how much significance your boyfriend bears in your life and creates a sense of acceptability among everyone around you.

©      Baby: Call him baby! You know what? There lives a baby inside every man, no matter how much of gym freak he is. The innocent baby occasionally comes out in every person and no matter how tough a personality a person has, the baby requires some amount of pampering. Call him baby, it will make things lighter at the same time will make you a caring person in his eyes.

©      Sweetie pie: For those of you who have a very sugar sweet boyfriend, you can use this name to call your boyfriend by. Especially, if your boyfriend is fond of pies, then the name can add flavor to your relationship.

©      Gummy bear: If your boyfriend has a macho type of figure or personality then you can compare to bears. Adding the word gummy to it will enhance the sweetness of the relationship.

©      Love guru: You can go with this cute name to call your boyfriend as well. Apart from sending a signal of affection to your loving partner, this name will also relay the intensity with which your boyfriend expresses himself to you and will make him feel happy and high. So without any doubt call your boyfriend by this unusual yet cute name.

©      Sweetness: A new, different yet cute name to call your boyfriend. You can use this name to call your boyfriend. It is especially good for those of you who use the comparatively common cute names to call your boyfriend, but secretly wish you could come up with something slightly different.

©      Cup cake: Cup cakes are some of the cutest, brightest and cheerful things ever invented in the world. And it is hard to find someone who is not fond of cakes. So cup cake can be a very sweet, different and yet ‘useful’ name to call your boyfrind.

©      Blossom: This name can also be used by you when you want to enhance your list of sweet names to call your boyfriend. This name can indicate very well to your boyfriend that how greatly your relationship is enhancing and maturing and how much you care for him.

©      Mr. Awesome: This is one cute name to call your boyfriend if you are capable of carrying it off with proper attitude. A sense of superiority, of course in a positive way, rather than a sense of arrogance should accompany the tone with which you call this name.

The relationship is very special to you indeed. There are a lot of names you can call him. Or you may decide to call him by only one name throughout. It’s your decision. But there is no harm coming up with new names. The names above are some suggestions to stimulate your creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Go on. Come up with sweet names to call your boyfriend and amaze him.

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  1. aawwww thats cute

  2. Tiger~thats what I call my boyfriend

  3. I call my boyfriend teddy bear because he has a really close friend that everyone calls bear so it kinda fit! Also bear is very big and my boyfriend isn’t so it’s also a little joke! Look at some nickname examples online but then try to make it ur own and something special!

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