The type, design, style and color of the curtain in your room can make or break its beauty. This is because it occupies a good portion of your room visual space. Besides their aesthetic importance, curtains have some functional importance. They provide privacy to the occupants of a home especially if the window is covered with transparent glasses. They also provide shade or reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room during the summer season. When the weather is cold, they act as insulators. Given the functional and aesthetic importance of curtains in a room, you cannot afford to go wrong when it is time for you to cover your windows with curtains. The curtain decorating guide given below will be of help to you.

Don't be stingy when it comes to your curtain size. Your curtain should cover the entire window length or door length as the case may be. They length should extend from some inches above the window or even a little bit close to the top of the wall down beyond the windowsill. They can skim the floor but as a rule of the thumb, they should not be too short to cover the windowsill. If they are not lengthy enough they will not offer the privacy they are meant to offer and their beauty will be affected.

If you want to your curtain to serve as an insulator or to provide shade to the room, you should buy lines panels. Lining is available in different types to meet different needs. For your bedroom, you will need a curtain with blackout lining as it does not permit any light to enter into the room thereby protecting your privacy. If you are living in a cold region, you should look for more insulating lining. Such a type will prevent heat loss and will not allow cold air to enter the room during the winter season thereby making the room to be warm. But during the summer, it will help to make the room cooler as it reduces the amount of sunlight that enters the room.

Choose hardware that matches with the curtains. Curtain pieces of hardware such as finials and rods are available in a number of types and they are made to match with the curtain. So, for enhanced functionality and beauty, the curtains and their hardware should go together. For example, if your curtains are heavy, you should go for large rods. The reverse should be the case if the curtains are light. 

When buying your curtain and hardware, you should also consider your entire home decor and color. Their color and pattern should fit your entire home decor the color and pattern of articles of furniture in your home.

Consider the features of the material the curtain is made from. Some materials like velvet offers impressive privacy and have a luxurious look but they are some what heavy and not easy to watch. But curtains made from cottons are very easy to clean and they are also versatile. Curtains made from sheers are alluring in their appearance. They are also light but the problem with them is that they do not provide enough privacy. Curtains made from wool are heavy and strong enough to carry fringes, tassels and other embellishment but it is heavy to wash owing to its weight.

Give your curtain rods a perfect finishing with the finials. The finials may seem to be small but they help to make your room look great and so, you should not forget to buy one for each end of your curtain rod.