Cooperative learning strategies and Cooperative learning activities includes team work by some individuals having variety of capabilities. They work together in order to get a better understanding of a new concept.  In this, people of different background and abilities club together and all help each other under the supervision of some manager in learning new things and activities that will help them in performing their job better. In order to learn these strategies, we need to know the procedure of it. There are many advantages being associated with it and the prominent ones are the team work and the way it help everyone to know each other and come closer. Also these act as prominent ice-breakers too.


These exercises include the following procedures:


Assign groups– First of all, in order to learn cooperative learning strategies and Cooperative learning activities, we have to assign groups of people with different backgrounds. Normally, at least 6 to 7 people are necessary in any group. But it should be taken into consideration that all the group members must belong to different cultures and should have different qualification and career. The main idea behind grouping is to build team spirit. Assigning groups of different people with different individuals having different background, capabilities and education, more diversified results can be obtained.


Provide guidelines- After assigning the groups, guidelines must be formulated and provided to all the group members. It should always be kept in mind that there must be different guidelines for every individuals and those should be very clear in their head. In this stage, if there is any ambiguity then the group members can ask about more explanations. By giving proper explanations, performance can be enhanced. Guidelines should be very clear and if possible, they must be demonstrated prior to practice.


Assign task with parameters- After the formulation of guidelines, now it is a time to assign the task according to their capabilities. Here people delegate authorities and ask the managers to perform those task. These assigning of different tasks have their own parameters and people has to fulfill them in pre-determined time frame.


Assessment- When the team members complete their tasks, they get evaluated on different scales and parameters. Here, the tasks are evaluated and the results are fascinating. In the assessment procedure, all the results get evaluated and the deviations are also calculated. They always compare with the set performance of set standards. Assessment procedures include many techniques of performance appraisals. 360 degree appraisal and balance score cared are few example of performance appraisal techniques. These techniques are highly used in the big organizations.


Share results- After finding the results, they get distributed among all the members. Each and every individual gets to know about their own results as well as others. The concept behind this sharing is to let others know what the effect of team building is. Good performances are appreciated and awarded sometimes according to the environment. Sharing results will determine the shortcomings of one and strength of others and it also gives clear picture of the attitude of other team members. If the task is highly successful then it means that those team members are highly supportive ad have better understanding among each other.


Some cooperative learning strategies and cooperative learning activities include the following strategies:


Group investigation- This is one of the strategies included in cooperative learning strategies and Cooperative learning activities. In group investigation, people get grouped and investigate the desired goal. Here even, all those above mentioned procedures are followed in order to achieve what you want. A manager conducts group investigation to find out probable solutions of any problem.


STAD (Student Teams-Achievement Divisions) – This is a kind of cooperative learning strategies and Cooperative learning activities. In this activity, students of the colleges get divided into groups and assign some activities. They have to achieve their targets by their own capabilities using the concept of team building and have to give their performance in positive terms.


Jigsaw II- These are some of the popular strategies which are present in the list. You can adopt any of them and follow the above procedure. You will be amazed by seeing the positive and highly graceful results of your teams. These steps can be followed by any strategies. You just need to follow the steps in the correct context and you can see the desired result.


Thus, there has been a clear view of cooperative learning strategies and Cooperative learning activities.

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