There is an inherent gratification available in getting things done our own way. It is not that we always want things to happen according to our understanding but at times we do have knowledge which is far more superior to what other holds. Despite this it is not important what we know but what is important is how we put forward to others what we know. The art of getting things done with the consent and happiness of others, without any confrontation, determines our real success.


We face numerous situations in our personal and professional life where things don’t happen the way we want them to occur. Such situations put us in a bad place and at times take away the peace of our mind. It becomes more difficult when such issues come from people who hold position of authority like our Boss. Yes in professional life Boss is the single word that holds too much meaning. And the biggest mistake we all do in such situations is that we confront with our Boss and that too very strongly. Many people fail to realize that there are things that can be done easily with the consent and happiness of others then why we create a hostile situation that affects nothing but us. We need to be mindful of such situations and need to tackle them skillfully. So let’s look at this more deeply and see what can be done about such situations.


Why there is a need to confront your Boss


1) Because you share a different viewpoint.

2) You strongly believe that he is wrong

3) You want to prevent a fail forward situation


So what is required in these situations?


1) An ability to tell your Boss that he is wrong

2) An ability to put your point forward

3) An ability to get your way without hurting him.


This cannot happen without confrontation and the only problem in confronting your Boss is that


1) It is not a wise thing to do

2) You stand to lose rather than gain

3) Things need to be solved amicably than through bad arguments


So the basic Question is How To Confront Your Boss. Let’s start all over again.


Let’s look from Boss viewpoint considering he is same human being as we guys are


1) He strongly believes in his idea like we all do

2) He wants to get things done his own way like we all do

3) He is hungry for appreciation like we all are


But at same time


1) He is open to new ideas and suggestions

2) He wants the things to happen the most efficient way

3) He wants to get best result and not face failure


Yes, he does want the best thing but problem is he doesn’t know what the best thing is. Infact he is not shown the best thing which makes him believe that his idea is the best way to go with.


The biggest challenge here is not to tell the Boss that he is wrong but to make him believe why something you believe in is more pertinent to situation than his own idea.


And there is a way to do it. The way is


1) Always make sure you give patient hearing to the Boss

2) Never negate or make mockery of his concept or idea. Instead take the good points from it if.

3) Try to get into his shoes to understand his state of mind.


Once you have done that All that is left is to


1) Talk good about him and his idea

2) Talk about the advantages of his ideas

3) Talk about how his ideas would help the situation


Next step is to introduce your viewpoint by mixing it with his idea


1) Blend your idea with his idea

2) Present the idea as the Bosses own idea

3) In process sell your own idea.


Do this and there is no reason that your Boss won’t agree to you. It is important  


1) Not to confront him but promote him

2) To look for a win-win situation

3) To get the most agreeable thing done.


Confrontation is just a situation where you negate a viewpoint directly. It is certainly bad way because it ends up humiliating a person. Yes, no one wants to be wrong and it is worse if we end up doing that. Praise and conformity is best weapon not only to make people feel good about them but also to make them agree to you.


Try this method in your personal life too and you would find that every situation becomes easy to handle. The biggest reason of any confrontation is the inefficient communication and once you replace that with easy and nice conversation things become much easy. Be nice and there is no reason why the person in front wont be nice with you. Use words that give respect than those that takes the respect away.


Photo Credit- alphadesigner