Compatibility is surely the most needed element of any long term relationship. If you are in love and want to make your girlfriend as your life partner then perform test whether you both are compatible enough to go for long term relationship or not. Both of you should ask yourself – are we compatible in love and relationship? If your answer is yes, then go ahead. A lovely future is waiting for you but if somehow you get the answer in no then stop there and think again on your decision. May be this is not the right person for you. But the million dollar question is what compatibility is? How can we judge that whether we are compatible or not? Here we are discussing some factors that determine your compatibility.

1.  Social Life-Check whether your social needs are same or not. If you like to be at home and want to relax at weekends without any tension but your partner is just opposite. He wants to go out and wants to call his friends at home to enjoy their weekend. Even if you get agreed to this that it is ok to have a party with some friends, how much will you get involved with your partner’s guests? How much do you feel comfortable in a group of people who are known to your partner only? If you both hold different opinion on enjoying your weekends and differ on the point of social life then you both are not compatible with each other.

2. Sexual Life-This is one of the most important elements. If you and your partner are equally interested in sexual life then only you can think for spending the whole life together. Suppose you like soft and romantic nights whereas your partner is more interested in having hardcore sex with you. You want to make it light but your partner is intending to do much more beyond what you can even think of. You are very gentle in sexual life whereas your partner likes to be hard at bed then obviously you both are not at all compatible. You both should not be together as you cannot satisfy each other physically. You can immediately ask a question to yourself, are we compatible in love and relationship?


3. Opinions On Financial Matters-This is the base of any relationship. Before turning your love into your life, talk to them about financial matters. What importance the money holds in their life? Do you both believe in saving or spending? Is your partner is willing to work or want to sit at home? Is she even willing to help you from home itself? This is very important that you both agree on financial matters as it can create huge problems after some time. And if you both hold the same opinion and know how to spend your money wisely then you both are said to be compatible otherwise not.

4. Spiritual Beliefs- Sometimes, your values, beliefs and traditions hold a major part in your life. You can’t get detach with them at one go and neither can live with them in any relationship. If both the partners are spiritual and hold the same beliefs and values then it will be much easier to handle any situation. But, if both of you have different opinions about something and you both want to stick on your own opinions then it will create conflicts among both the partners and could result in divorce or something like this.

5. Habits-If the habits of both the partners are totally opposite then it will create conflicts and problems and if both the partners hold the same habits then they can live a happy life together. In today’s life where everyone is so busy, no one has time to take care of different habits and if both the partners have same habits then it will be easier for you to maintain a good and healthy relationship. Thus, you can declare yourself as compatible enough to go for a long term relationships.

By searching the answers of these questions, you can surely find the answer of the question – are we compatible – love and relationship? In any relationship, compatibility holds a due importance and it makes the life easier and happier ever after. Try to get along with someone who is more compatible with you.


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