Gone are the days of pigeons and letters. Most of the communication which happens between people is either through telephones or emails. No matter how many emails we send every day, we are not experts in sending emails. However, there are many common mistakes we make in email and we still continue to do so. Here is the list of such mistakes.


Forgetting The Attachment

One of the many common mistakes we make in email is to forget attaching the attachment. More often than not, we are in so much hurry that we completely forget to see whether we have attached the file or not. To avoid this mistake, one should attach the file or files and then write the sender’s name, the subject and the body of the message.


Sending Blank Emails

During the above mentioned mistake, we often press the send button in our own hurriedness due to which sometimes we end up sending blank emails to the people. This happens when we write the recipient’s email address but forget to write the matter or the body of the mail. In order to counter this problem, always write the mail first. Your last action should be to fill the recipient’s name, subject etc. This is also one of the most common mistakes we make in email.



Every day we get hundreds of emails in our inbox out of which only a handful may be useful and rest all are forwarded ones. So, what we do with the forwarded emails? Well we too, simply forward them. Most of the times, such emails are either marketing emails or plain jokes. Not everybody likes to read such emails in the office and many consider it spam as well. This is yet another of those common mistakes we make in email.


Reply All Syndrome

Sometimes we receive emails because we are one of the many email addresses on the recipient’s list. In such cases, many of us while replying innocently click on the reply all button. So, though we intend to reach out to the sender of that email, we invariably end up sending our reply to everyone in the mailing list.


Including Signature Multiple Times

Another of those common mistakes we make in email is to include our signature a number of times. If you are sending a mail to someone, say a friend or a colleague who is just a few cabins away from you, you need not include your signature. Signatures are made for official purposes and for people who do not know you. For the people such as parents, spouse, children or friends, one does not need to send signature.


Making Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes is the most annoying and are common mistakes we make in email. When we write an email, we do not take care of the spelling of the words we are writing. This is particularly annoying for the people who love the language and do not want to see someone taking it so lightly. One or two occasional mistakes are okay. But making too many errors while writing an email, gives out a negative impression on your part. It also clearly indicates that the sender of the email is one among those who does not believes in reading the email once and consider spell check a waste of time.


Include Greetings

Failure to include basic greeting while sending emails is also one of the most common mistakes we make in email. Sometimes, we tend to shoot off an email without saying “Hi” or a “Hello”, simply because we know the person. You will also find that sometimes the email does not have proper salutation or even the name of the recipient is missing from the body of the email.


Importance Of Subject Line

The subject line which is provided in the email is not a dummy information box. It is of great importance. Make sure that you always send a proper subject matter which not only corresponds to the matter in the body of the email but is also catchy. This is for the recipient. A catchy subject line will be an instant attention grabber for the recipient of the email.


Here are some of the most common mistakes we make in email and in spite of knowing them; we still do it till date. Some of the mistakes seem to be minor ones but can have grave repercussions if left unchecked.