There are some concerns about children dental health that you should know if you are a parent or expecting to be one. Below are some of them.

Why should a child be taken to pediatric dentist?

This is one of the major concerns about children's dental health. Most parents don't understand the reason why they should not take child to any dentist. Rather, they should look for a pediatric dentist. The answer to the above question is very simple. It is simply the same reason why children are taken to pediatricians rather than any medical doctor. Children are not adults. They are still new to the Mother Earth and the organs of their bodies are not yet fully develop. Being fragile in nature, they need to be handled by specialists who are proficient in handling such fragile creature. It is based on this reason that children should be taken to a pediatric dentist rather than any dentist.


What are the reasons why a parent should care about the dental healths of a child?

Most parents do not see any sense in taking their children to pediatric dentists owing to the fact that their milky teeth will soon fall out and be replacement by the permanent teeth. For such parent, it is better to start dental clinic visit when the child has grown and all the milky teeth fallen. This is a wrong conception and should be not be upheld. Indeed, children will eventually lose their milky teeth but they are free from bacteria attack. Thus, their oral health is very important. If bacteria are in the teeth, they can cause a lot of damages to the teeth. Besides, if they are left untreated, they can cause the child a lot of pain. Untreated bacteria can also affect the growth of the adult teeth. They can even been damaged permanently by bacteria growth.


How much fluoride does your child need?

Fluoride is a very important substance for the health of the teeth. If it is not available in adequate amount, the teeth will be vulnerable to bacteria attack. But on the other hand, if it is available in excess amount, it can cause teeth de-coloration. In other words, it is important for the substance to be available in the right proportion. Research has shown that the optimum levels of fluoride in the water should be about one part per million. That is the amount your child will require. It is left for you to find the amount of fluoride in your water or the your child drinks. Finding out the exact amount of fluoride contained in your may be easy depending on your location. Your municipal or community council water supplier may be of help here. You can find out from them if they take record. If it is not sufficient or the water is not fluoridated, then you have meed with your child's pediatric dentist to prescribe fluoride supplements for you. In this way, your child will not suffer from fluoride deficient. 


When should a parent take a child to the pediatric dentist?

Initially, parents were advised to take their children to the pediatric dentists when they were three years old. But this is no longer the case. It is advised that parents should take their children to pediatric dentists when they grow their first tooth or before they one year depending on which one that comes first.