What Colors Say About Your Personality

Which colour do you like-white, black, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red or pink or all? What colors say about your personality is a true reflection of your real or true self. Even if you like all colours, chances are that you still have a special affinity for a colour. The shades that you wear or sport on things belonging to you and even the colour of food you eat, say a lot about you. If you sport colours that are other than the ones you prefer, they can significantly change your personality too.


For instance, if you prefer to have shades of black in your apparel or your bedroom or office décor and your car too, it may indicate a dignified personality, but it is also symbolic of your tendency to be overbearing, sometimes to the point of being aggressive. If it is white that you prefer on and around you, you are a somber, peace loving individual with a wholesome disposition. 


What about blue, do you feel attracted to blue colour? If yes, then you are an individual, who has a professional approach towards life along with a penchant for technology. It also shows how cool, focused and vigilant you are. Navy blue is the colour of sophistication and authority.


If red is your preferred hue, then you are an individual full of vitality and vigour with an amorous bent of mind. If you are able to recall, red is the colour of love, which is evident from the fact that most of the gifts and goodies associated with Valentine’s Day are red in colour. Young lovers even express their feelings to their loved ones with the help of a red rose.


Hence, red is the colour of love and if you love it, you have the tendency to love and get along with others and that is something really appreciable. Red is also the colour of patriotism. Is it pink that you prefer in your dress, your make-up and your bed sheets too? It is a colour of youthfulness and feminity. If you sport this colour regularly it only shows your vibrancy, softness and youthful approach towards life.


If it is green that you prefer, then you have an inclination to work hard to lead yourself and others in your team towards prosperity. It also indicates your love for nature and vegetation particularly plants and trees and how interested you are in conserving the environment. Then there is yellow, which is oft preferred in apparels. If you love sporting yellow in your dress and all around you, it indicates your love for economic prosperity.


Yellow is also the symbol for harvest. Hence, it portrays your fertile imagination and creative ability. If you like purple, it is the colour of royalty. Hence, it adds a dignified and royal touch to your persona as well as your surroundings if you include it in your attire. Do you love violet? If you do, you are one of those who treat all people as equals. Or let us say, you are all for equality and that shows in your clothes if you regularly sport violet in your clothes.


How about your food? Do you love to see orange colour in your food? In short, orange is the colour of food and the colour of unity and peace that is triggered by foods from all over the world, a majority of which sport the orange hue. Do you like orange in your dress too? Not only is this a bright and vibrant colour, it is also symbolic of autumn and the changing seasons.


Do you love silver colour? Most people love this shade. If you frequently make use of this colour then you are a calm and cool person. Some people also often prefer this shade for their cars and other vehicles. Such people are more focused and responsible drivers than those who drive black cars.


If you are a lady and love dark brown colours, then you are energetic, bold and authoritative. In case you love coffee colour, you are more earthy or in simple terms, a down to earth person. Hence, you see different colours have varied meanings and importance in a person’s life.


They say a lot of things about you and can also influence your lives in many ways. All that you have to do is be careful in choosing what you wear or sport around you. People form their opinion about you based on the colour you wear, so be careful about the hues that you choose. What colors say about your personality closely relates to your real being and you need to be conscious about the very fact of its existence.



This is a Guest Post by Mukesh


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