Clever And Cool Team Names That Rock

Clever and Cool Team names that rock is one of the important tools that can help you promote the team spirit through different names within your group. In my previous posts I have highlighted the process to select the Right Team and how you can Promote the Team Spirit within your group. One of the important elements that I stressed was to give them clever and cool team names and help them define their USP. While USP can get driven by the composition of the team members, Team names can be as innovative as you want them to be. Important point which you should consider while giving team names is

1) They should be unique. Avoid using names like alpha-1, alpha-2 etc

2) They should inherently imply success

3) They are all about winning

4) They should have an attitude

5) They should be fun to spell

6) They should be easy to relate

7) They should talk about unique trait

8 ) They should never talk about disintegration

9) They should promote the spirit of competition and

10) They should be, if possible, from different stream.



While there are many options to select cool team names, In this post I will talk about those names which are Top 10 from their respective categories. This may or may not suit you because of the nature of your company but it will suit almost 99% of the time if you tend to go by above principals. We used this methodology last year-end and the results are pretty good. Not only has it made team more innovative but the team spirit is also at its peak.


So, lets start with cool team names, small description and the source which will help you with your own pick.

1) Hydra– Hydra is among the Top 10 of Mythical animals. This is a multi-headed serpent beast with poisoned blood and breath with an attitude to go for a kill. While I like Hydra, you can chose from any of the 10 like Phoenix, Unciron etc. More information on Hydra and other Top 9 can be found from below Link – Top 10 Mythical Animals

2) SpitFire– Regarded as No. 1 in Top 10 Fighters, Supermarine Spitfire became the stuff of legend with its involvement in the Battle of Britain. Another related name from same battle is Hawker Hurricane but Spitfire still stands apart. The name itself carries a lot of meaning and is enough to promote team spirit. The list can be found at Top 10 Fighters of All Time.

3) Inchon– One of the Top 10 American Military Missions, this relates to the Korean War. One of important cool team names. Both Inchon and Pusan was important Battles in American history for invasion of North Korea. These names certainly suits team where lots of strategies are needed in a day to day work. You can get more names from Top 10 American Military Missions

4) GreyHound– These are slender, sleek and quick dogs which can run very fast. They are mostly used as racing Dogs. GreyHound is one of Top 10 Fastest Land Animals. You can pick you own from this list Top 10 Fastest Land Animals

5) Boomslang– This is one of the Top ten deadliest snakes in the world with very high mortality rate. This snake is found in Africa and is very quick and venomous in its own class. While the list includes many inspiring name, Boomslang is natural choice because of ease with which it can be spelled out. You can find more at The Deadliest Snakes in the World.

6) Encantado– Also known as Fun Junkie, this is among the Top 10 mythical creatures can be one of cool team names. These creatures are known to have many traits and are a class on their own. You can pick your favorite from here Top Ten Mythical Creatures

7) Veyron– Bugatti Veyron is among the fastest car in the world. This name was in much demand due to its nature. The list indeed is very impressive and Jaw dropping. Pick your favorite from here- Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

While the list of Top is endless over the web but I hope this post will help you get a headstart in your cool team names selection. Above names are currently being used in my team and, as said earlier, are working very well. Apart from above we considered many more names right from bikes, birds, to even army regiments or brigades and I believe everything is worth a look. The joy is the USP team builds around this and the way it promote team spirit. It is also an important tool for employee satisfaction and human interaction. Apart from all I said above related to cool team names, the greatest satisfaction you derive is when you meet your team members after long years and talk about this experience. Priceless.

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  1. The idea that the names “should be easy to relate” seems very important. The idea would be to get all members of the team to brainstorm & then discuss the names in the context of “how easy will this name be to relate to?”. This is great information in this Blog.

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