One of the most important decisions a startup will make is choosing a location for the business. Proper research and adequate planning should be made. It involves a lot of things such as assessing your supply chain, the population of the consumers in the location, budget, state laws and taxes, scoping the competition and many more. You may hire the services of a professional to help in this regard. However, you can also choose your business location by yourself if you know the necessary steps to take. Below are some of the steps that you should follow in order to locate your business properly.

Take your needs into consideration

You should first determine your need. What do you want to gain in a location? Some businesses will want a safe place, while others will only want a place that will give them better brand image or exposure to the consumers. There are some businesses that will want a place with great possibility of developing in the future. A nice business location is to a greater extent determined by your business need. So, a good position should be able to meet with your needs.

Consider the zoning regulation

Before you locate a business in an area, it is important that you first discover the zoning requirements of the area. Knowing the zoning requirements will enable you to find out whether the type of business you want to go into can be conducted in the area.

Determine your finances

The doing of business nowadays involve a lot of financial commitments. You should take into consideration all the financial expenses peculiar to the location. Here, the first to be considered is the taxes paid in the area. You should first find out what the income and sales tax rates are in the area that you want to start your business. It is also important that you know what the minimum wage is in that location you are planning to site your business in. It is better to locate a business in an area that does not pay high taxes.

Government incentives

Governments sometimes do give certain incentives to businesses. However, it is not every state that does that. Besides, there are some states that give incentives only to the businesses that meet their requirements.

Is the area crime free?

There are some areas in most places across the world which are prone to crimes. Yet, there are some places that do not have history of crimes or that have low rate of crimes. It is better to locate your business in an area that have low rate of crime. Owning your business in such an area is not good because the possibility of your office being burgled by hoodlums is to hight. But the revise is the case if you locate your business in an area that is not prone to crime.


How accessible is your office to the consumers. This is another consideration that you should take before locating your business. It is good for you to locate your business in place where it will easily be accessed.