Choosing a wife is not the same thing as choosing a girlfriend. Your wife is a life partner and thus you have to be very careful if you are looking for a wife. Don't just marry any person you see if you don't want to have a broken marriage or rather if you don't want to be a divorcee. Given the availability of many women in the society today, it may be difficult to choose a suitable life partner but it is not impossible. Bear in mind that you can always find a suitable companion if you approach it with utmost careful. Here are some tips to apply in this regard.

Make a list of your habits and aspects that you don't want to change

There are certain attitudes, habits and aspect of your life that you will not like to change even when you are married. You have to list them out because you may have to discuss them with your wife to be later in marriage or during courtship.

List things you admire in women you have met

Probably, you have met some women in life even in your workplace. What aspects of their life do you like? Take time to think about each of them and then list things you admire about them separately.

List qualities you expect from your ideal

Before you think of getting married, you already have in your some idea of what the real partner should be. Do you like a woman that wear make-up? Do you want a house wife or working class lady? Do you prefer the partying type? Do you like your wife to be an excellent wife? Do you prefer an academician as wife? This is very important because when you met a woman, you have to look out for those qualities. If she has it or at least 70 percent of the qualities you want, then you have found your actual wife but if she does not have such qualities, you have to continue your search.

Get more information about her family background

Most people look beyond the ladies they are dealing to their families. Knowing the family background of the person woman you want to marry matters a lot. This is because certain traits as well as health conditions run in the family.  Madness for example is believed by some people to be inherited illness. This is why it is important for you to get more information about the person's family background. If there are traits in the person's family that you cannot cope with, even if the girl does not have the trait, it is in her genes and if you marry her, it has entered in your children's gene.

Check out for undesirable habit

During courtship or as you are relating with the girl, you should find out some undesirable habit. The essence is to discuss it with her so that she will change then. Your aim should not be just to find fault with the person. Remember, you cannot have a 100 percent positive qualities in a person. So, don't have high expectation otherwise you may end up not finding a wife.

Consider compatibility

It is advisable that you marry a woman whose lifestyle is compatible with yours. You may end up in divorce if you marry a woman whose lifestyle is not compatible with yours.