If you are moving office or your business premise, it means that you are changing your business address. No matter where you move to even if you move to the next street, you business address has changed and you have to change your documents to bear the new address. As you are changing your files and documents to bear the address of the new place, you need also notify numerous organizations, offices and even your clients about your move to a new location. Some people may tend to overlook this aspect as they are engrossed with other aspects of their move. But the truth remains that your business will be affected if you neglect any aspect of the move. To help go about this smoothly, we have compiled a change of address checklist. With it, you will have a successful relocation.


Government agencies

If you change your office address, it important that you inform your local government authority. You have to inform the community council authority of the place you moving from as well as the community council of the locality you are moving to so that they will update their record. There are other governmental agencies that should know that you have moved office. The corporate affairs commission should be aware that you are no longer located at the initial place where you are registered. They will now update their records to reflect the change of address. If you fail to inform, consumer researching your business from the office will get wrong information. You should also inform the government tax office so that they will take note and will not be paying tax twice.


Companies and business you have dealings with

If you have any dealing with any company, it is of great importance that you inform the company about your change of address. If you fail to inform them, the risk of your order or supplies from them going to a wrong address is very. But if you inform them, they will update their address. In this way, they will not send any mail or order belonging to your business to the previous address.


It is also important that you inform your insurance company of your change of address. If you are within the same location and you are willing to use their service, you have to let know. This is important because location also determines insurance policy. So, if you inform them, they will look into your policy and see if they will change. Besides, your insurance policy is a legal document and you may not easily make claim with a new address different from the address stated in the contract. They will also let you know if you can still use their services in your new location.


Legal advice

Your legal advice or law firm handling your legal issue is another business that you should inform of your change. In fact, the firm should know of your move from the on set to offer you advice regarding legal issues surrounding such a move.


Mailing agency

You don't need to be told of the consequences of not informing the mail office about your change of address. They handle your mails and send them to you. If you don't want a wrong person to get your mail, you have to inform them about that


Your medical care provider

If your business has a particular medical facilities where your staffs obtain their medical treatment, you have to inform them of your change of address. In this way, your staffs will not encounter any problem when they go for medical care in the hospital if you are still using it after your move.


Your major clients should also be aware of your change of address.


The above are some of the offices and business you should inform about your change of business address.