Let’s talk about something you don’t want to talk about- Changing Bad Habits. Don’t read this article if you don’t have any bad habit or a behavior which you want to change. You may be the perfect person everyone wants to be and that makes this article totally useless for you. But in case you want to change a bad habit or a behavior which you potentially recognize a threat to your growth than read on. Bad Habits may not be bad till the time you perceive it as a threat to yourself. Also many times there are many social, demographic etc. emotions attached to a particular behavior which make an action either good or bad. Regardless, a realization is a first step in order to attack a bad behavior or a habit.

A bad habit is something which affects you or your health and is widely recognized as something that should be avoided eg- Smoking. A change in behavior is something which you look from a Personal Development angle. Rising Early, Avoiding Junk Food, Exercising etc are some of desired behavior which we expect from ourselves and always yearn to live by them.

So, now we know what is a bad habit or behavior and as next step let’s talk about how to achieve the expected outcome. The bad habit is a bad part of you or another version of you. This is an enemy within that you need to take heads on. Let it be a war within you in which you have to fight for yourself and for your loved ones.  Below are some strategies which you can use against your enemy and score a win.


Attack and Eliminate the Enemy-Most aggressive approach is when you uproot the enemy from source and never let them establish their base.  Lets take an example- If Don’t want to drink lot of carbonated drinks, throw all bottle in a bin and don’t buy it anymore. If there is no can or bottle of carbonated drink in your home than you won’t have anything carbonated to drink at all, it is that simple.

Change Bad Habits

Change Bad Habits

Confuse and Kill Your Enemy– Play mental games with your enemy. It helps at times to confuse your enemy and then go for the kill. An Example- I remember a person who used to go to the nearest market for smoking after his dinner. The urge to go after dinner was so strong that it was impossible for him to avoid it. Finally, he started going to ditch himself by eating ice-cream and avoiding smoking. The urge to smoke made him go to market but his inner strength made him took different action than what was intended.

Cut the Supplies of your Enemy– Cannot attack or eliminate an enemy, cut it supplies and let it die a natural death. One of my friends tried this approach and got successful. He had a habit of chewing nails. On my suggestion he started to put a stingy solution on his nails. So whenever he used to bite his nail, he used to run for water. Again it was a signal for him to apply the solution again. He carried this on for a month and got rid of the habit.

Guerilla Attack– Kill a habit by using tactics of guerilla warfare. Go and invite your parents to your room and then make sure your room is clean before they come. Invite your boss to your house and that would force you to clear the mess before he comes. Take an action and then save yourself from consequences. Use this as an opportunity to develop favorable habits in yourself.

Go for Ceasefire but on your own terms– Yes ceasefire at times works as a solution provided it is in line to your terms. It can later be converted to any of the strategies depending upon how the terms of the ceasefire go. For example- You want to quit smoking but unable to do so till now. Go for ceasefire. Tell yourself to smoke only on one day in a week or limit it to one per day. If you successful in it, than carry on with it for few days. Afterwards you can either eliminate by using other methods given here.


Being at war helps you to unite your thoughts and take collective action. When nations go at war, people within a nation unite irrespective of their color or region. Use this to help unite your thoughts towards a common enemy. Think your behavior as your enemy and then go all around killing it. The smarter you are about devising a strategy, more easy it would be for you to score an easy win.

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