Stress can be caused by a number of factors or situations such as change in environment, emotional change and physical change. These things that make you feel stressed are referred to as stressors. Some stressors are unavoidable as they are natural part of human existence. However, you can avoid some and reduce occurrence of even unavoidable stressors. But it is impossible to avoid stress if you do not know the cause or the stressor. Here are some causes of stress you should be aware of.

Worrying too much about things you have no control over

One of the major causes of stress is too much worry about things happening in our lives and even things that we do not have any control over them. For example, it is not uncommon to see students in their first year in the university worrying if they will get a better job when they graduate from the university or young girl worrying if she will ever marry to a rich man. Such a worry is uncalled and can also stress you up. You should try to avoid worrying about things that will occur in the future and that you have no control over. This does not mean that you should not plan your life. Planning your life is different from worrying.

Having a broken or troubled relationship

Broken or troubled relationship is one of the reasons why most people worry about and end up becoming stress up. It is not the desire or prayer of any person to have a failed or troubled relationship. If you have it, then you should try to overcome it. You should always know that you can also fall in love again. As it is always said, the beautiful ones are not yet born. So, if you have a failed relationship, be optimistic and share up. Move along with others. You will get another date.


There is nothing annoying and worrisome than staying for many years at home without any work after graduating from the university. Prolong unemployment has even caused some people to lose the taste of life and commit suit suicide. If you are not employed, you should not kill yourself about. Instead, you may consider doing other things like starting up a business if you have money. You can also become a freelancer either online or offline. Think of what you can do for yourself and then start doing it.

Work overload

Whether you are working for yourself or for another person, you should not overwork yourself. There is always a limit to what you can do. If you overwork yourself, your body will become stress up and you will be affected. Always make out time for relaxation and play.

Other stressors are

·         Crowds

·         Relocation

·         Starting a new job

·         Death of a loved one or a friend

·         Illness either personal or that of a family member

·         Retirement

·         Loss of job

·         Daily hassle

·         Perfectionism

·         Legal problem

·         Financial problems and many more

If you find out that you are stress up, you should meet an expert to guide you on how to deal with the stress.