Marital unions are terminated traditionally as a result of infidelity or unfaithfulness. Some religions and cultures of the world permit a man to divorce his wife if she is guilty of adultery. Given this, there is the tendency for some people to think that all cases of divorce are caused by sexual infidelity but experience has shown that adultery or any type of sexual infidelity is not the only cause of the termination of marital union. There are other factors that can cause any of the couple in a marital union to call file for divorce in a court. Here are some of these factors.

·         Lack of communication

A good number of people are not happy in their marriage because of poor communication between them and their partners. Economic factors are the major cause of poor communication between couple. It is common today to see couples that are living in differently countries and states. Not everybody that can cope with such situations. Those that cannot cope with it normally file for divorce so that they can remarry.

·         Lack of availability

This is related to lack of communication and their causes are similar. Lack of availability can take various forms. It could be lack of presence. As it has been said above, some couples are not living together due to the reasons related to their work. Nowadays, you can find couples that have lived for years in foreign countries without their partners and children. When their presence is needed by their partners, they are not there to be found. Sometimes, couples may have something to talk about or problems to share but they cannot find their partners. Lack of availability in times of problems can also lead to break up in marriage.

·         Lack of compatibility

Most couples are simply not compatible with each other. They can be best described as two opposites. Their temperament or personality types do not go together. There is strong lack of understanding between them. They always end up fighting or quarreling. Owing to lack of compatibility, they end up in divorce.

·         Marrying for the wrong reason

Normally, each person has a reason for choosing their partners. However, it is always advisable to marry for love and for companionship. Unfortunately, a good number of women and even men enter marriage because of economic reasons. When their expectation is not met, they become frustrated. Some try to manage and cope with the situation. But they will become unhappy throughout their lives. Those that cannot cope file for divorce.


·         Lack of individual identity

Most people depend entirely on their partners. They cannot express their opinion in family issues. Most people that find themselves in such condition are not always happy. Some of them that cannot cope file for divorce.

·         Excessive dominance by the partner

There are some people especially men that are very domineering. They will like to detect everything for their partners. People living with such domineering personality are normally victims of domestic abuse. Excessive dominance in marriage is another cause of divorce.