As implicit from the name, air pollution refers to the introduction of or the presence of harmful gasses and other unwanted substances into the environmental air. Human beings and other living thing breathe in air in order to survive. If the air becomes polluted it can become dangerous to man. Polluted air may even cause the death human beings or people that breathe it. Given the damaging effect of air pollution, it should be avoided by all means. The basic step in avoiding air pollution is knowing the causes of air pollution. Below are some of the causes of air pollution.

Vehicle exhaust fume

The vehicle exhaust fume released into the at atmosphere is one of the major culprits of air pollution. It is one of the inevitable consequences of civilization and modern technology. Life in general would have been very difficult for the modern man if there are no cars. It is an effective means of transportation. However, despite its importance in transportation, it has some damaging effects on the environment. There are a lot of cars in the societies today. The exhaust fumes containing dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide are released into the atmosphere as we drive our cars. This pollutes our environmental airs making them unhealthy for human breathing.

Besides the fumes from the exhausts of cars, there are other automotive and machines that use gasoline to generate power. The burning process of the gasoline produces the exhaust fumes which are also released into the atmosphere. There are a lot of these machines being used for one reason or the other in the society. Such machines include but not limited to tractors, bulldozers, motorcycles, electricity generators and various kinds of machines used for production purposes in the industries.

Industrial Process

Our world is an industrialized world. We depend on the industries for the production of various goods and merchandize. If there are no industries, there will be little or no difference between the contemporary man and the Stone Age man. However, our industrialized world comes with its damaging effect one of which is air pollution. Many industrial processes require the burning of fuels as well as the use of radioactive substances which pollute the air we breathe. Examples of industries that generate gases that pollute our environments includes cement industries, coal mining industries, car production industries, fabric making industries and many more.

Gas flaring

The release of gas into the atmosphere as we see during oil exploration and mining is one of the major factors that cause air pollution. As these gases goes into the atmosphere, the pollute the air we breath.


The above are some of the causes system air pollution in the contemporary times.