How You Can Save Cash While In College

Saving cash is easier to college undergraduates compared to the working class persons. This is so because a college undergraduate receives financial aid from their parents or guardians and stands a high chance of saving cash in lumps. However, this may be difficult to college undergraduates who have a problem in managing their finance. This may be caused by change in environment since there are many activities that happen in college. Below are some of the ways you can use to save cash while in college.

1.      No credit cards

However much the credit card offers convenience, the “buy now, pay later”, this will make you spend more money than you should. If you feel you are in a position to handle one, it is better, you seek an alternative like have a debit card instead. This will help you save lumps of cash and spend less.

2.      Bargain

It is normal for you to bargain when you go out shopping. This will help you avoid situation like you being over exploited when buying things. You should therefore not take the sellers price as final if you feel you can get the same product somewhere else at a cheaper price. For instance, used books can easily be bargained hence saving good amount of money.

3.      Stop the bad habits

It is understandable that everyone has one or two bad habits. However, if you have a bad habit of heavy drinking or insane partying, you should cut out such habits if you are determined to save some cash. This may be difficult due to peer pressure and lack of focus to saving cash.

4.      Spare the dry cleaning for the future

Burdening yourself with drying cleaning bill while still in college is not worth it. It is much better for you to buy clothes that you can wash easily. This will help you in avoiding extra expenses such as dry cleaning bills that may be costly depending on the type of cloth.

5.      Be keen when buying a car

However, maintaining a car may be slightly expensive, there are ways of ensuring you use less cash on them. When purchasing a used car, you should look for a car with good gas mileage and with good physical condition to avoid the unplanned expenses. This will help you save huge amount of money that you would spend in case you went for a brand new car.

6.      Set saving goals

When it comes to goal setting, you should be honest with yourself. Since you know how much you earn or given on monthly basis, you should decide on what amount to set aside on monthly basis. Setting your goals and sticking to them will help you in reaping the benefits of saving.

7.      Borrow movies

Many college undergraduates spend a lot of money in buying movies and entertainment. You can avoid this by borrowing your colleague’s movies that is cheaper than buying.

All in all, there are many ways of saving cash in college. Considering hand-me-down apparels, staying home and making your cash grow are other methods of saving cash. If you intend to save cash while still in college, the mentioned tips will help you reap the benefits of saving cash while still in college.

How to Keep Your Personal Environment Healthy

Keeping of the environment clean is quite challenging to many individuals. This is so because our environment has been affected by our lifestyles, activities and thoughts. Having a healthy environment has been the desire of many people. However, this has not been possible due to our daily activities that pollute the environment but on the other hand benefit us in other ways. In order to keep your environment healthy, your effort is highly required since it is we who pollute our environment with our activities. This can be done by knowing how to manage and make the environment hearty and hale. Educating the public can also help in keeping our environment healthy. Below are some of the things that you can do in order to keep your environment clean.
1. Keep your air clean
Keeping your air clean is very important to everyone’s health. This is so because we spend most of our lifetime at home. Allowing people to smoke around your vicinity makes it unhealthy to your health. Therefore, if you live with a smoker, you should make sure he or she smoke outdoors and urge him or her to stay outside for some minutes before dashing in. when as smoker gets in immediately after smoking, they always exhale even after putting out the cigarette. Staying outdoors for some time will help in avoiding such scenarios.
2. Choose personal care products wisely
The products we use on our bodies play an important role to our health. Preservatives, additives and chemicals greatly interfere with our wellbeing and hormones. It is therefore important for you to choose the products you use wisely. Some product such as triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol and parabens are some of the ingredients that you should avoid.
3. Choose home products wisely
When it comes to choice of home products, many always find it challenging. This is due to the variety of these products and their manipulative use and functions. Choice of these products will help you in keeping your environment healthy. Some of these products include pesticides, detergents and cleaners, which emits toxin into our environment.
4. Keep your surrounding green
This can be achieved by planting more green plants to your environment. This will ensure that the oxygen supply is efficient to all the living things within your environment you included. It will also help in keeping the atmosphere calm. The nice aroma, flowers and shade of green trees in the environment contributes immensely to improving the air.
5. Keep your atmosphere civilized
Keeping your environment civilized may be challenging due to difference in personality of individuals. Screaming, fighting and shouting give the impression of uncouthness. However, the stress and fear may cause the residents to be depressed that makes them take little care for their environment.
6. Keep the surrounding clean
Disposal of wastes greatly dictates the kind of environment you live in. disposing of your garbage everywhere will pollute your environment. This will make your environment unhealthy to your health and this may lead to outbreak of diseases such as cholera, bilharzia and malaria. You should also drain stagnant water because this will provide a habitat to some of the dangerous insects such as mosquito.
In conclusion, keeping your environment healthy plays an important role in human’s life. Clean environment will provide a good atmosphere for your stay. The above-mentioned are some of the tips that you can follow to help you keep your environment healthy.

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