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Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

The bedroom is that space in your home where you sleep and take some rest after your daily struggles. It is an essential room in every home. In fact, it is unthinkable to see a room that does not have any bedroom. Such an important home in a room should be well decorated and furnished so that it will offer maximum comfort to the occupants or users. Here are some tips that you can apply in order to decorate your bed.

Clean and remove clutters from your bedroom

The first step to take when you want to decorate your bedroom is to clean it and get rid of clutter from it. If the floor is covered with carpet or rug, you can shampoo it or hire experts to wash it for you as the case may be. Your bedroom should be clean before you start to arrange your property. You don’t start to arrange your property when it is dusty and dirty.

Decide on the theme

There are different themes to choose from such as sport, girly-girl, safari/jungle, music, beach themes and many more. It is your preference and interest that will guide you. Choose a theme that meets your interest.

Put the items you don’t need in the closet

There may be many some useful items in your bedroom which you will not require in your bedroom. You don’t have to throw away such items in the bin with other clutter. You have to also keep them safe in another place so that you can easily bring them out any time you are in a need of them. Your closet, garage or under the stair may be the right place to keep those item until when you will need. If you think that you will no longer need them and yet they are still in good conditions, you can give them out to Charities.

Give the room a clean slate

It is good to start from the scratch if you want to give your bedroom a total new look or if you want to try something new. In this regard, you should bring down your curtains and any other decorative items and wall décor on your walls. You should also do the same with your furniture by pushing it to the middle of your room. This will make it possible for you to start from the beginning.

Maximize the available space

When rearranging the items, it is important that you take into consideration the available space. Try to fully make use of the space. Measure out the sizes of all pieces of furniture in your bedroom and take note of their shapes.

Determine the centerpiece or the focal point of the room

Normally, the bed is the focal point. It should be properly position at a strategic position and where it should be really the centre of attraction in the room.

Put the light fixtures

Your bedroom should be well lighted. It should also have dim lights which is suitable to be used at night.

  • Put back the curtains and artwork.
  • Put other pieces of furniture in your room.


Decorating Your Dining Room: Things to Shop for

For most people out there, a dining room is  a place where meals are served to the members of a household. But that is only the traditional use of dining table. Nowadays, it is much more than a place where foods are served. It serves other purposes. Families can use it as a place to sit down together and discuss important families matter. It makes for elbow to elbow relationship. It therefore has a social function to play. Besides, we entertain our guests in our dining room. So, it is important that you decorate such a place very well so that people using it will feel comfortable. For your dining room to offer comfort to the users, there are some necessary articles of furniture that should be there. Here are some important articles of furniture that you should have in your dining room.

Dining table

The dining table is a centerpiece of every dining room and it is a must have article of furniture. Family members eating together in a dining room sit around the table. Foods are served on the table. They keep their plates, cups and cutlery on the table during meals. In fact without a table, a dining room loses its meaning, functionality and beauty. So, when you want to furnish your dining room, a dining table should be among the first articles of furniture to buy. It is not every type of table that can serve as a dining table. There is a particular type of dining table that serves as a dining table. So, make sure that you buy a table specifically created for dining. It is available in a number of type. You have to buy a type and style that will suit the design and style of your dining room layout. Also ensure that it is long enough to accommodate each members of your family.


Normally, dining chairs are sold together with the table or are constructed to match the dining table they are meant for. Just like a dining table, dining chairs are a must have pieces of furniture. People on the chairs around the dining table and eat their foods. The dining table makes no meaning or loses its importance if there are no dining chairs. So, you have to buy dining chairs to make your dining room functional and beautiful. But make sure that you buy as many chairs as the number of people in your family. You can add extra one or two to accommodate your guest. But the number of chairs to be buy depends on the length of the table. For aesthetic purposes, they should also be of the same type, shape, design and color.


Of course, you will not eat in darkness. There should be enough light in your dining room. The best type of lights to be located in a dining room is a chandelier or a hanging chair. This makes for great aesthetic. 

China cabinet

This is important for storage purposes. The dishes, plates, cups and wine glasses used in during meal time are better kept in a storage space in the dining room. The china cabinet should be the better place for the storage of such items. You should consider choosing a type that has similar pattern and color with your dining table and other furniture in your dining table.

Floor cover

If your dining room is not tiled, you should consider a beautiful floor covering such as carpet or area rug.

The above mentioned furniture pieces are the basic but you can make your dining more colorful by adding artworks such as wall art and others.


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