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How Can You Cope with Stress

The first step in coping with stress is to discover the cause of the stress or the stressor. The battle is half won if you are able to discover the cause of the stress. The next thing you should do when you have discovered the cause of the stress is to master and apply techniques that can help you reduce the intensity of the stressor since it is practically impossible to eliminate the cause of stress completely. Some of these techniques are easy to master while some require the help of a professional therapist. Here are some stress coping techniques to apply.

Change your eating habit: Some people erroneously think that they will reduce or cope with stress by taking to alcohol and abusing foods. Food and alcohol abuse will only aggravate the problem rather than solving it. The key to strengthening your body stress response is to make healthy choices and avoid alcohol abuse.

Be true to yourself

Most people today are stressed up simply because they are not themselves. They want to meet the expectations of others. You have life to live and not another person's life. So, you should always try to assert yourself. Asserting yourself here means living according to your convictions and beliefs and standing up for your rights. This also entails that you should respect the right, convictions and beliefs of others.

Being true to yourself also implies taking responsibility of your action. Remember that you cannot do everything. You are limited in your ability. But you should always live and act to the best of your ability. What you cannot do or what is beyond your ability, you have to leave it behind and concentrate on things you can do.

Set realistic goals and realizable expectations

One of the reasons why some people get stressed up and become disappointed in life is because they set unrealizable or unrealistic expectations for themselves. It is always to plan your life and set your goals. But when you are doing, make sure that your expectations are realizable. This means that you should set goals that can accomplish with the means available to you and your natural abilities. If you don't have the ability and means to achieve the goals you set for yourself, you will become stressed up along the way.

Take time to relax and rest

Make sure that you have to time to relax yourself. To spend all your time working. You should have moments of relaxation. If you relax and take enough rest, you will be able to fight stress. In fact, it is almost impossible to deal with stress if you cannot rest, sleep and eat well.

Try to have a positive attitude in life

Think positively and believe in yourself. You will start failing in life the moment you start having a low image of yourself. Believe in your ability to succeed. With such a positive thinking, you will see yourself succeeding. If your stress is caused by low self esteem, it will begin to fizzle out.


Understanding Your Stress Response

When you feel threatened or your balance is upset in any form, your body defense will respond to the situation. The stress hormones will come into action. This process through which the body reacts to the stressors or things that cause us stress is known as the stress response or what some professionals prefer to call fight-or-fight-or-free. It is important that you know more about your stress response or how the body reacts to stressor. Knowing this will enable you to know your stress level and when it is out of control. Read on to know more about stress response.

What is stress response?

Stress response is the body’s natural means of protecting itself from excessive stress or high stressors. Your body stress response is working fine, it will help you to meet up to the challenges of life. It helps to overcome all odds and succeed in life. Proper working stress response helps you to stay focused, alert and energetic. You body’s stress response can save your life in terms of emergence. It pushes you into action and also strengthens you to fight for your defense. If you are driving and another vehicle is coming towards, you stress response will spur your to action helping you to apply the brake and turn the steering quickly and expertly to avoid collision.

However, it can also become destructive to your body system and general health depending on level of stress you are subjected to. This is why you have to reduce stress in your life. When your stress response is no longer working, it can make you to be less productive. It will also reduce the quality of your life and affect your mood and general well being. At the end, you will breakdown and become sick.

How does your body stress work?

When your body balance is upset or when you are faced with challenge or you are in danger, the nervous system will come into action. It will cause the body to release the stress hormones such as the cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones help to get the body ready to face the emergency situation. During this time, there will be changes in your body. Your heart beat will increase, your blood pressure will rise, you will breathe fast and your senses will become more alert.

These physical changes help the body to face the challenges by increasing your stamina, strength, focus and speed up your response and reaction. This helps to prepare you to either attack the stressor or run away from it.




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