Proven Marketing Tips

When you start up a business, one of the many reasons that you need a marketing strategy is to help you manage good progress towards a long term goal by which you will also be able to save money and get even new and better ideas that will help expand your business.

Activities incorporated in marketing

There are a number of marketing activities which are different. These numerous ways of marketing are designed to get a product to the customer like:

·         Making a product favorable to customers by marketing research and coming up with good pricing.

·         Using advertising and marketing communications so that people know about the products.

·         Educating people more about your product and making it readily available to them.

There are also a number of marketing tips that can always help entrepreneurs in getting better sales for their business. These include:

Leaving old marketing ways and finding new ones

If you want to save a lot of money you need to do away with your old marketing tactics. You need to find out what works out in the world today and how your business can advertise for less like emailing many of your clients in less time without having to spent too much cash.

Learning how to content market

It is important to learn how to content market your business using blogs and websites. Content marketing is known to work really well. Every website that you visit that has any business advice uses content to market itself. This type of marketing usually attracts new buyers and subscribers.  Nowadays, big and small businesses market there website by providing free information to clients while at the same time selling them the same products and services that these websites contain.

Learning how to email market

This is very advantageous to small businesses since it is very cost effective. This one of the most influential marketing strategies that we have today and it is because it has great results and costs less. When using email marketing, it is best to build your own email data base. When building your subscriber list, it will be important to ask all your current clients if you can have their email address. It is essential to ask so that they don’t consider your email as spam. When sending emails to your clients, it is advisable not to flood them with information. One email every 8 to 15 days is enough.



Create a well-connected network

For your business to succeed, you will need a large network. You only need as little as 6 to 10 people to commence. The number of people that you start with will make a really great impact because what really matters at this point is the influence because if the few people you have are motivated, this will be of value to you.

Set a good fee to your services

A good quality service never comes cheap. It is therefore important to set a good fee for the high services that you offer. Charge your clients according to the services offered.


Is This The Death Of Print?

Internet has taken over our lives in many aspects. One of the most important is how and what we read. Many people have already declared that we are living the age of the death of print. I tend to agree with them because in countries all over the world sales of books and newspapers have been dropping steadily for the last few years. In this article I will try to analyze the causes behind this phenomenon, and try to take a glimpse into what the future holds. I don’t think that there is any chance print will die all together, but I believe it may become in a distant future something very extravagant, that only a few people do to stand out. Our dependence on technology is growing day by day and especially in this field it doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. I am a big fan of new technology but also I believe in keeping traditions as an important part of maintaining a culture alive. Our reading habits are changing more and more but I still wouldn’t go so far as saying that this is the death of print. Let’s just say print is hibernating, and let’s look at some possible reasons:

1.    Internet is cheaper. The main reason for our change in reading habits and why many people are hurrying to call this the death of print is of course an economical one. As with any big change in our lifestyle, the market decides what the great new thing will be. If it’s cheaper and faster than the traditional way, any new technology will be embraced by any group of people. And there is no denying that publishing a book or a magazine or even a newspaper is much cheaper over the internet than in print. So it’s possible that more and more publications will resort to this medium exclusively for transmitting their message in the years to come.        

2.    People read more online. It’s not just that it’s cheaper to publish something on the internet than in print, but in recent years, in almost all developed countries there has been a much larger audience online than for print. Most countries where new technology is easily available have a majority of the population that reads more on the internet, because this way they can check out many magazines at once for example without paying an extra dime. The content seen on the internet is identical to the one you would find in the print editions, the only difference, is that most magazines only release this content on the internet a few days later than the print edition, to help boost those sales.

3.    No more distribution problems. Of course, another big advantage, and why many magazine and newspaper owners are predicting the death of print, is that you have no distribution problems over the internet. You don’t have to negotiate big contracts with your distributors. All you need is an internet host and then you can just concentrate to put out great material, so that people all around the web will be attracted to visit your site.

4.    Instant news. Internet provides another big advantage over print, and that is real time news. This could be the final blow and the death of print as we know it, because in a world where life has become so fast, every second counts. If you are able to find out news as it happens, just by entering a site, you will find that there is no more motivation to wait until the next day, and see what the printed edition says about a certain subject.

5.    User generated input. More and more publications are relying on user input for their content. With the appearance of YouTube especially, there has been a revolution in the way we think: not just people on TV can be stars, but anybody who has access to the internet, as long as they can do or write something that everybody else wants to see or read. Editors now have a much tougher job because they have to sieve through a mountain of material.

6.    E-books. They are no longer a trend. E-books are here for good, and many people find that they are much easier to handle than printed version. You can have your whole library in just one e-reader, so why choose the print version?

7.    Larger audience. Probably the most important factor for the change of orientation of the publishers is the fact that the internet provides an audience much larger than any printed edition could ever muster.      

The death of print might still be some time away, but many consider that it’s happening as we speak. I believe that there is no chance that print will die all together, but I am convinced that its role in our lives will continue to diminish steadily in the years to come.      



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