One point that you should bear in mind when you are shopping for a vehicle via a dealership is that dealers are into business and they will like to maximize their profits using every possible means. Besides, there is competition in the industry. Every dealership will like to overcome its competitors. Thus, they have developed various means of luring their clients into buying from their dealership. So, if you are going to a dealer to buy a vehicle, you should be able to tell when a dealer or his salesperson is lying to you or trying to deceive you. Here are some of the dealership scams that you should know.

Bait and switch scam

If a dealer puts up an advert for a deal that seems to be very plausible, it is under probability. Don’t just rush to the dealership based on the ads. Take your time to go through the disclaimer. Check if the price advertised is for one particular vehicle. If it is, it is much more likely the car advertised at the low price is a low quality car and you may not like it. If you go to the dealership, you will be surprised that better models are sold at a higher price. Such adverts are meant to attract or lure buyers into visiting the dealership.

Dealer extra services

Some dealers offer other extra services such as paint sealant, alarm system, fabric protection and others. Be careful when buying such services. Some dealers make much more profits from these services than they make from the sales of their cars. They skillfully lure car buyers into buying these services. They will first sell their car at a low price in order to make them believe that their services are very low and to lure you into buying the order services from them. You will be moved by the price at which they sell their vehicles. If you want to buy these services from a dealer, it is advisable that you research on the prices of these services from other service providers to know if you are getting them at a good rate from the dealership.

Same-day deal

Some dealers mount pressure on their clients especially new comers to complete their transaction on the same day they visit the dealership for the first time. They have the fear that if you leave, you may not come back. Thus, if you start negotiating with them, they will tell you that your offer is only available for same-day deal. It is not true. There is nothing like same-day. They only want you to buy immediately without checking other dealership.

Low credit score scam

It is not advisable for you to begin negotiation with a dealer without knowing your credit score. You may be a victim of low credit score scam. Some salespersons are very skillful in doing that. They will give you a low quote and enter the sales manager office for the approval of the deal. But they will suddenly come back and tell you that they will require more money down or offer you car loan at a higher rate. This is just a scam aimed at making more profit.

There are other car dealership scams that you should be aware of. Take time to research them.