When you find out that you love someone, there is no doubt that you will be willing to walk on fire just to protect him or her from a lot of things. This is the reason why in every relationship, apart from showing love and care to your partner, there is another responsibility you and your partner own each other that is next on the list. This is the protection of each other from a probable emotional hazard (as perceived by many) called break up. The fear of break up is an element of any relationship where love, whether mutual or one-sided do exist. One thing we all know love, itself, is in love with is continuity and permanence and the greatest threat to these is break up. What exactly is break up?


Break up is a natural part of relationship and dating. It is a sad part of a relationship everybody does not wish to experience probably as a result of the emotional disorder that comes along with it that makes people loose their minds. Nevertheless, is break up as inimical to a relationship as people do think it is? I don’t think so. If you do, here are some reasons why you should experience one that could change your perception of it:-


1.  It makes you find the right one

The reason why you broke up with him was either that he was not the right man for you or your endocrine systems merely secreted excess adrenaline that you got extremely mad at each other right? Do not worry. If he or she has concluded that soul mate is somebody but you, then it is high time you thought about yours.


2.  It makes you get better

One huge positive impact breaking up with your boyfriend could have in your relationship is that it makes you both deeper in love with each other if eventually, there happen to be a make up. When you get back to your boyfriend after a break up, there is a tendency that you both are coming back to each other as better persons no matter who went wrong in the issue that led to the break up.


3.  You learn something

It is said that you learn more from failures and defeats than from successes and victories. This is a perfect time for you to do a head check, know what went wrong, how you were at fault and what you could have done to prevent the situation. If you were at fault, it doesn’t call for regrets. You cannot turn back the hands of time. What matters is not how many times you fall but whether you rise on each occasion. With that, you can guarantee yourself a better relationship in the near future.


There are some other crazy benefits of breaking up with your boyfriend. Hey look! I never meant that you should go initiate a break up so as to enjoy the following:-

  • You can now hang out with your friends – There is no longer an excuse for you not to hang out with those of your friends whom, for my money, should be missing you like you miss snails during the summer. You equally have missed them so much, haven’t you? There is no more “that man” who would like to monitor your different rendezvous.
  • You can now have the entire bed to yourself – It sure have been a long time since you last had a large family bed all to yourself. You will no longer have to share the bed with him/her all night long. You have more than enough space to spread out your hands like Christ did during his crucifixion on the cross of Calvary, can roll to any corner of the bed and will no longer contend with his/her habitual snoring and sleep-talking.
  • You can finally have your meal exactly the way you want it – You are now very free to make choices of what you eat. Even though he or she might, once in a while, romantically, allow you make the choice you can’t swear you’ve never felt affected. You no longer need to go for a chocolate ice-cream at the expense of your favourite, vanilla, because he/she likes that and you want to be seen as an angel by opting for what he opted for. Also, back at the house, no more changing of your cooking plans because he/she is coming over for dinner. Finally you become the master of yourself!


When you know that there are a lot of crazy benefits you can enjoy after a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should be able to handle the emotional trauma that come along with it. As you know, men are not worth dieing for just as women are not worth a drop of tears.