Children are normally excited when their holiday period is approaching. They will like to catch fun and play with their parents. Indeed, the holiday period is a good moment for parents to play with their children. It also relieves them from stress involved in getting the children ready for school. They have to wake up early in the morning, rush over their breakfast, drive them to school or hurry up to meet the school buses and help them with their school assignment. Parents also love the school holiday period. However, it can be a nightmare for parents that do not know how to organise activities to keep their children busy. Here are some of pastime activities that you can do with your children in order to keep them busy and entertained during their holiday.

Outdoor activities

There are different kinds of outdoor activities that you can do with your children. If you don’t get them involved in these activities, they will spend most of their time indoors watching the TV and playing video games. But remaining indoors for a long time is not good for their health. It is tantamount to living an inactive life. Here are some outdoor activities to engage in with your children.

Exploring the neighbourhood

Most children nowadays do not know their neighbourhood because of the nature of the society nowadays. Their lives seem to be a two-way traffic, moving from their homes to schools and schools to homes. So, they will be so excited to explore their neighbourhood with their parents.

Visiting various science centers, library and museum

The holiday period offers parent the opportunity to teach their children a lot of things which they may not learn in the school. So, they continue their learning with their parents. But it will be fun if you take them out to science centers, libraries and similar places of learning. Visiting these places of learning will help them to learn new things but in a new manner.

Visiting places of interest and recreational centers

The holiday period is a moment of fun for children. So, you have to create fun for them by taking them to the places of interest and children recreational centers and parks where they will play around with other children. If there are no places of interest in your area, you can also arrange to take them to other locations that have such places.

Indoors games

Besides the above mentioned outdoor games, there are a number of games that parents can engage in with their children. Here are some of these games.


Cookery classes

The holiday period is the opportunity for your children to learn how to cook. But you don’t need to hire a chef to teach them how to cook. You can do that by yourself.

Board and Card Games

There are different card and board card games that one can play with their children at home. Some of these games are monopoly, ladders, snakes, scrabble, monopoly, checkers and snakes.

Other indoor activities are:

  • music drama
  • cookery classes
  • art escape