Marriage is a legal union between two people. Traditionally, marriage takes place between a mature man and woman. However, today, there is same sex marriage which some countries have started recognising. Marriage generally has some societal implication even though it is between two people. Some people think that the only reason why people enter into marriage is to procreate. It is much more than procreation. It gives a number of other benefits both to the society and the couple. There are health, social, sexual and financial benefits of marriage. Below are some of the important benefits of marriage that you should know.

·         Health benefit of marriage   

Marriage gives some physical and health benefits to the couple that enter into. Research has shown that average married couples are much happier and look healthier than people who are not married or who are divorced and have not enter into another marriage. They also enjoyed longer live. One of the reasons that may contribute to this is that a peaceful marriage reduces stress. There is shared responsibility. Misfortunes and sorrows as well as joys are shared together. But unmarried individuals are left alone in their world. They handle their problem and have nobody to confide in. This can increase their stress level. It has been discovered through studies that married women experiences lower depression rate than unmarried women or women into cohabitation. This is because they will enjoy emotional support from their husband and children.

Financial benefits of marriage

Marriage offers some financial benefits to married couple. As it has been said above, there are shared responsibilities in marriage. Husband and wife pulled their resources together to solve their problem. If they are running a family, they work together to ensure the progress of their business. So, their business is much more likely to grow faster than the business of a single individual.

Even in the labour market, many employers consider the status of their employers when paying them. Married people are most likely going to receive better pay or pay increment than unmarried people. The society itself gives certain considerations to married couples. In some countries, married couples especially those with children have higher social security pay than single individuals.

·         Social benefits of marriage

Marriage is a better way of having a life partner and companion. Other forms of companionship acceptable in the contemporary society are not as good as marriage as far as companionship or life partner is concerned. If you are married, you have become each other’s responsibilities. In some religions, you and your wife are seen as one. It brings a relationship to a level of psychological nakedness meaning that you share secret with your wife or husband. You will leave together until death separates you.

Emotional benefits

Couples who are married and have children get emotional benefits not just from one another but also from their children. Childbirth and training can be difficult and sometimes frustrating but at the end it gives a lot of benefits. Their children will look after them during their old age and will be source of happiness to them as they retire.