Ask anyone about abstinence and the benefits of abstinence and they will tell you many things that you have hardly ever imagined. For some, abstinence means staying away from drugs, for others, it means denying the little pleasures like smoking, chewing tobacco, fat rich foods, alcohol, pornography, premarital sex and many more, the list can go on endlessly; mostly considered as vices, even by the most permissive societies. But most will agree that they richly benefitted from practicing abstinence. Here are some benefits that individuals can derive from abstinence.


·        Staying away from alcohol: Alcohol abuse is one of the major problems that daunt a good majority of the population today. There is almost no country in the world that does not face alcoholic misuse problem, especially in the western world. Staying away from alcohol means more disposal revenue for building a new home, better education for children and savings for old age. The other benefits are good health, which means you appreciate better food, clothing and travel. The list can be endless.

·        Staying away from premarital sex: Is one of the hottest subjects discussed in many forums. Permissiveness within the society is most common cause that allows teens to indulge in sexual activities, when they are the least equipped to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The most notable benefit from abstaining from premarital sex is freedom from diseases and the increased ability to concentrate on studies. The other benefits are more psychological; freedom from broken heart, wounded feelings and hatred and of course the stigma attached to premarital indulgence.

·        Staying away from smoking and tobacco: Tobacco is one of the major killer-diseases worldwide. Tobacco when used as cigarettes cause lung and oral diseases including cancer. Most medical researchers will agree that there is little benefit to derive from smoking. The benefits are umpteen to count; no medical bills to foot, better breathe, lesser expenses on dental conditions, improved ability to consume nutritious food and good digestion. On an average, non-smokers live 10 or more years longer than incessant smokers.

·        Staying away from drug misuse: The biggest curse of using banned drugs is shame, guilt and diseases. It is the principle reason for broken homes, divorce and runaway children. The user often begins by using a small quantity and graduates to compulsive use, and within months of use he will not even know that he is hooked. The benefits of abstinence from drugs are a happy family, better life and good health. 

·        Staying away from pornography: The biggest bane of the internet media is the innumerable sites that provide pornographic materials depicting fantasies and cruelty toward the female. Pornography causes psychological injuries in the mind and has easy access to these visuals without the least hindrance or supervision. Education and healthy attitude is the first casualty of pornography. The benefits of abstinence from viewing pornography are the ability to concentrate on studies and a healthier attitude toward the opposite sex. 

·        Staying away from fat rich food animal meat: Some cultures look upon the use of animal meat as the principle reason for many disorders. It has time and again been proved that benefits of abstinence from animal meat are tangible if you are past your prime age. That means your chances of getting obese are reduced and you get less prone to heart attacks and other heart related disorders.


There are innumerable other benefits of abstinence; developing a good character trait, setting right the defects you have developed in the past and the ability to recognize your positive qualities.


The other important benefits of abstinence compared against phased withdrawal from vices are:


ü  Instant recovery from vices developed over long periods and the several failed attempts from recovery. Abstinence means you just give up your vices from day one although that means you should be strongly motivated to undertake the mission.

ü  You set a good example to your peer group and society at large. You stand to gain in stature and standing especially if you have been addicted to drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

ü  You will be able share your experience with others, who may want help in deciding a course of action to get the benefits of abstinence themselves; mostly those who live within the family or in the neighborhood.

ü  You will be able to develop a healthy relationship with whom you have fallen out; it could be a close relation, a kin or even your estranged wife or husband for that matter. He or she will find a new found vigor in you that will reunite the family.

ü  Help you to build bridges with whom you have fallen apart; perhaps a business partner or colleague with whom you have had a good relationship in the far past.


The benefits of abstinence are too many and too few people will actually dispute the rich benefits that come from abstinence, especially if they benefited from abstinence in the past.

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