There is no person that has a spotless or perfect behavior. Everybody has some imperfections in terms of their characters. However, there are some behaviors that are socially very bad. Such behaviors drive people away from us. Some people wonder why people do not stay away from them or do not like relating with them. One of the main cause of this may be as a result of these toxic and negative behaviors. Unfortunately, most people with such a behavior do not know that they have such attitude. Below are some of these ugly behavior.

Taking everything personally

There are some people that take every issue personal. Such people see every utterance from other people and other's action as an assault on them. This belief or mindset makes them to react angrily with other people even without knowing. But this should not be the case. Normally, people do not relate with you in order to assault you. They do things in their relationship with others out of experiences and from their own perspectives. Though they may be wrong in their assumptions, but you will worsen the whole case by taking it personally. 

Being pessimistic in their thinking

There are some people who are negative thinkers. They do not see anything good from anything. They tend to harp on the negative of aspect of life rather than thinking more of the positive aspect of it. Such attitude can drive people away from you because they know already that they will not see anything good in them or in any subjects they would like to discuss with you. You should not be a negative thinker. But this does not mean that you should not weigh the pros and cons of anything you want to engage in before doing it. It simply means that you should not be obsessed with negative thinking or interpreting everything that happens from the negative point of view.

Lack of empathy 

Empathy or not having any feeling for others is another ugly and toxic behaviors that put people away from you. People naturally keep away from people that do not have any feelings for others or put themselves in other person's situation in order to know how they are feelings. Individuals with such attitude are normally qualified by their friends and people around as being wicked. Nobody will ordinary come close to a wicked person. Fraudsters, armed robbers, kidnappers, and the likes are empathetic and that is why they can deal with fellow human beings without having any qualms of conscience. In real life business situations, there are also employers and employees who are empathetic in their dealings with others.

Uncontrolled emotions

There are some people who are highly emotional and are not able to control their emotions. This make them to be guilty of excessive reactivity. They tend to explode and react angrily at the slightest provocation. It can be also be the other way round. There are some people that are easily overcome by fear. Little things frighten them and make them to be sick. Either way, people do not like relating with any person that has uncontrolled emotion.

People constantly seeking for glory and honor

It is good to be honored and given validations for one's achievements. But becoming obsessed with it will drive people away from you.

The above are five toxic behaviors that make people avoid you by all means.