According to WordWeb dictionary, depression is a term used to refer to a mental or emotional state marked by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and despondent lack of activity. There are a lot of situations that can cause depression. Depressed individuals tend to exhibit certain symptoms which may vary from person to person. They tend to avoid the company of others and avoid their normal routine. Some depressed individuals handle it in some unhealthy manner. For example, some people will take to unhealthy lifestyle like excess consumption of alcohol and smoking. Below are some of the behavioral pitfalls associated with depression.

Withdrawal from social relationship

Withdrawal from social relationship is one of the common symptoms of depression. There is the tendency for people who are depressed to withdrawal from other people including their friends, colleagues, loved ones and family members. However, withdrawing to yourself will only worsen your situation rather than enhancing it. So, if you are emotionally disturbed or you are depressed because of certain unforeseen situation of life, you should try to avoid withdrawing from others. The best thing that you will do to yourself is to reconnect with the people you know. In fact, socializing with others and talking out your problem will do you much good.

Thinking about the losses and unfortunate incidences of the pass

Rumination is among the terrible components of depression. Most people who are depressed especially those who avoid other social contact spend most of their time thinking about their losses, mistakes, failures and other negative incidences that occur in their life or those incidences that make them to be depressed. They tend to dwell so much on the negative aspect of their behavior or blame themselves for whatever that went wrong in their lives. This should not be the case. Rumination can do you a lot of damages. It can make you to have a low image of yourself or even interpret everything from negative point of view. Though, it may be difficult for you to avoid rumination or thinking of your losses, you should try to avoid living in the past. The best way to avoid it is to socialize with people and get yourself busy with those things that you like doing.

Indulging in Alcohol and other hard drug

Most depressed people take to alcohol and hard drug as a means of forgetting about their worries and woes. Alcohol does not solve your problem or help you to forget about them. Instead, it does some damages to your body system. It can make you to remain awake during the night thereby worsening your case.



Avoiding your normal routine

There is the tendency for depressed people to stop their normal routine. If you are faced with terrible life challenges, no matter how tough it is, you should not give up or stop doing your normal routine unless such routine will worsen your problem.

Never avoid exercise

Engaging in regular exercise will give you a lot of health benefits including stress relief. It has some antidepressant effect on the body because during exercise, the level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain is increased. The two chemicals help to deal with depression.

Never take to junk

Junk foods and artificial sweeteners are not good for your general well being and they also worsen depression. So, you should avoid them.