If you work in an office and stand in front of your computer all day then you are bound to have back problems at some point or another. So today I will want to talk about how to deal with these back problems. More specifically I want to talk about back muscle strengthening. I will try to present a few exercises that will help you achieve your goals, but I would also want to talk about the simple things you can do in order to not get these sorts of pains all the time. So before we get to the exercises themselves here are a few tips. Don't let more than half an hour go by before you get up out of your chair and at least walk around a bit. Any sort of movement will do. Try not to stand in the cold or in a windy place because that can also cause pains, even in your back. Also you need to know that eating healthy can improve every aspect of your life, even a seemingly unrelated one such as back pains. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to some back muscle strengthening exercises you can try:

1.    The hip bridge. The first back muscle strengthening exercise I want to talk about is the hip bridge. It is a fairly common exercise but one that could prove to be just what you were looking for. All you need is an exercise mat and you are good to go. You just have to lie flat on your back. Than flex your knees so that your legs are almost perpendicular to the floor. Now all you need to do is to raise and lower your hips of the ground. Try to take your time with the exercise so you do it correctly otherwise it won't be as effective.  

2.    One arm one leg up. The next back muscle strengthening exercise I want to talk about is again very simple and it requires no special equipment. You just have to sit on all fours on your exercise mat. Now raise at the same time on leg and the opposite arm. Keep them as straight as you can for as long as you can. If you can't hold it for 5 seconds at a time which should be the normal time for the exercise find a time you are more comfortable with.

3.    Side plank. Keeping to the policy of no extra equipment, the next back muscle strengthening I want to present is again fairly simple. Sit on your exercise mat and then lie on your side. Support your upper body on your forearm by flexing your elbow. Now that you have one support, your forearm, you need the next one which will be the side of the foot toy are sitting on. Now just straighten yourself so you are only supported in these two points. This can be a pretty tough exercise both because it takes a bit of getting used to keeping your balance and because gravity is a pretty hard thing to beat, especially when you are in a pretty awkward position as this exercise requires.    

4.    The lunge. The next exercise is extremely useful in helping with your mobility and your flexibility in your back and your legs as well. The key to executing this exercise correctly is to keep your back straight at all times. Place your hands on your hips because this could help you with your balance and then lunge with one leg forward, flexing it, while the other remains straight behind you.

5.    Back extensor. For this exercise it would help if you had someone to help you. You need someone to stand on your legs, while you are lying flat on your belly. Now, with your hands behind your head, you should try to get your chin as high in the air as you can. If you have someone to help you than the exercise will be more effective by isolating the back muscles at work.

6.    Superman. This is a pretty fun exercise to do and a pretty effective one as well. Lay on your belly and at the same time try to lift as high as you can into the air both your arms and your legs.  

7.    Pull your knees to your chest. The last back muscle strengthening exercise I want to talk about is all about loosening up your back. While you are lying on your back try to curl up as a ball, by pulling your knees towards your chin.

          These have been pretty much the most effective back muscle strengthening exercises you can try without using any sort of special equipment. Remember that if you want to see effects you need to work out every day, otherwise it would be all for nothing.