Early childhood is a stage when surprising social, physical, cognitive and emotional development is observed in children. Sometimes, parents and caregivers often wonder how infants develop these amazing features.  Infant development is almost difficult to explain. Experts and researchers have studied to identify childhood developmental processes, including the influences, genetics play in the development of children. Sometime it is good for all, especially parents and caregivers to be abreast of this information. This will enable you to eliminate panic when certain skills are late to manifest in your children.

Fundamentals of physical development in childhood stage

A part of the physical development is seen the infants as they grow and pass through some stages. They develop certain skills, abilities and capabilities before entering some stages. Infants begin by learning how to sit down on the ground, bed or any other flat or leveled surface. They then develop into crawling which is later followed by standing ability. Having acquired the ability to stand alone without any support, they move on to begin to take some steps gradually before they perfect walking steps. It is necessary to state that these processes occur earlier in some infants than others.

Body system skill development

As an infant grows, the body system including the central nervous system develops in proportion. Amazingly, the child in question is then capable of performing some complex actions. If there is no observable disability, this development will be persistent in a good manner. The large muscles in the legs and arms are developed to aid walking, balance, running and coordination. This can be evaluated by looking at their quality of movement, strength and span of movement. In addition, smaller muscles in the eyes, fingers, toes and other parts of the body develop as well to assist in grasping, writing, sighting, waving, catching and throwing light objects.

Physical growth examined

Early childhood physical development follows a certain pattern. Firstly, the larger muscles develop before the smaller ones. These muscles located in the arms, legs and the core of the body are instrumental to walking, running, balance and even coordination. The smaller muscles located in the fingers, eyes, toes and other parts of the body are instrumental in writing, catching, throwing etc.

The middle of the body is seen to develop faster and before the other parts. Those of the other parts follow after the core of the body. Besides, the development moves from the top down or we can say that the development moves from the head down to the toes. That is the reason why the infants learn to hold their heads up firmly before thinking of how to sit down firmly without any assistance and therefore start crawling.

In the face if any disability, these developments will definitely be hampered. There will be stunted and abnormal growth. The abnormal growth may either be physical, emotional, etc. some children experience speech problem. But in any case, when such things are noticed, it should be reported to the doctor.