Probably, you have noticed some hard to clean parts of your teeth. No matter how hard you try to brush you teeth, the stain will still remain. This is what is known as tartar. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth and teeth. These microorganisms mixed with food particles and proteins to form what is known as plague which is sticky. This sticky film stains your teeth, gum line and dental implants or other dental works.

The presence of the plague on your teeth is not good to the health of your teeth. It can damage your teeth overtime. Whenever you consume anything especially food that contains sugar, the bacteria in the plague react with the sugar and other substance in the food. The reaction results in the formation of acid which eat up the enamel of the teeth. When the enamel is worn out or eaten, it can cause cavities. The action of acid on the teeth and its parts can also result in infected or inflamed gums and this can lead to tooth decay. In other words, one of the best ways of avoiding tooth decay or dental problem is to clean and brush the teeth regularly in order to eliminate plague.

If the plague is left on the teeth without being removed, it will turn into tartar overtime meaning that it has been caked or hardened. When tartar has been formed, it is difficult to remove. In fact, in most cases, it requires a visit to a dentist. But you can help yourself by imbibing a good dental hygiene in order to avoid the formation of tartar on your teeth.

The effect of tartar on your teeth

Tartar can have several negative affect on your teeth. In the first instance, it can result in cavities and tooth decay. Since, it is hard and difficult to remove, brushing and flossing will be more difficult as well. 

  • The formation of tartar above the gum line can have a damaging effect on the health of your gum. The bacteria contained in the tartar irritate and damage the gum. If the tartar is not removed and it continues to irritate the gum, it will gradually lead to progressive gum disease which in its mildest form is known as gingivitis. You may not require any special treatment in order to treat this condition Regular brushing and flossing of the teeth will improve the condition. A regular cleaning from your dentists will also help to improve the condition.
  • But if you leave it like that, it can worsen to the extent of resulting in periodontitis which occurs when pockets between the gums and teeth. Your body normally fight foreign bodies. So, when this happens, the immune system will send its antigens to fight the bacteria but unfortunately, they will get mixed up with the bacteria and become ineffective. The mixture will turn to be poison to the teeth. It will affect the bone and tissue of the teeth.

The above are some important details about tartar.