If you are looking to move into store, mobile self storage should be an option for you. It is one of the methods of moving items into store. Mobile self storage abbreviated as MSU is also known as POD or Vault. This storage unit is very flexible. The storage units used for vault is available in a number of sizes to suit different uses. If you are moving into storage facility and you want to use this storage facility, you may consider knowing more about this option. Here are important information about this mobile self storage facility.


How does MSU work?

As implicit from the name, the container used for this type of storage option can be taken from one place to another. The storage unit is mounted on a truck for easy mobility. If you hire MSU services, it the storage unit will be driven to your home where you will pack in the items you want to store in it. After packing the items, it will be driven back to the storage facility of the business that rent it to you. Anytime you want to take back your items, it will be driven to your new location where the items will be unloaded. It is the most suitable option for families or businesses that are moving house or office as the case may be.


Available sizes of MSU


As it is mentioned above, mobile storage units is available in a number of sizes. The standard of MSU is 5x7x8 feet providing a standard capacity of 250 cubic feet. The unit is normally made from a wooden material. However, there are other sizes to suit different needs. There are larger sizes that measure 16L x 8W x 9 feet high which provides 1152 capacity cubit feet. It can be kept at the ground level.


Advantages hiring mobile storage unit

There are some advantages you will gain if you hire a mobile storage unit. In the first instance, it is more cost effective. If you hire vault, the removal company will visit your home with their mobile storage unit. This means that you will not be hiring any truck to take your items to the storage unit. The items will be packed directly into the storage unit and driven to the storage facility. The same thing happens when you want to take it. In this way, you will cut cost on moving. Secondly, you will also save money on unloading or unpacking your items into the storage units of the facility. The items are already packed in the vault and will be kept there without unpacking. 


The items are packed in such a manner that you will be able to access them when they are in the storage unit. Some companies may allow you to access the items on 24/7 basis throughout the 24 hours. However, some companies have regulations regarding access.


It is secure to keep items in this MSU. Most storage unit are waterproof. Besides, they come with other features like internal lights, temperature control features and others that makes for easy and quality storage.


The above are some important facts about mobile storage unit also known as POD or vault.