Electronic cigarette is not the same thing as tobacco cigarette. They differ in many aspects even though they seem to give the same result to both smokers and vapers. As the name suggests, electronic cigarette is an electronic device that looks like a tobacco cigarette. The device is designed to simulate tobacco cigarette. There are some sizes that look similar with tobacco cigarette in physical appearance. Electronic cigar is not lighted with a lighter or match rather it comes with a rechargeable battery that powers it. When the battery is flat, you can recharge it. The battery is of two types, namely, manual types and the automatic type. The major difference is that the manual battery has a switch that user has to put on before the device will be powered. But this is not the case with the automatic type which will be activated once the user puts the device in the mouth and puffs.


Electronic cigar does not work in a similar way with tobacco. Their combustion process is not the same. When you light a tobacco cigar, it will start burning and the smoker inhale the smoke and puff out for the nicotine to be delivered to him. Tar and carbon dioxide is produced in the process. But in e-cigar as it is also called does not produce any tar or carbon dioxide. The device comes with a cartomiser that contains the e-liquid. The e-liquid is a formulation that contains nicotine, diluant like VG and PG and flavor. The device also comes with a heating element known as the atomizer. The atomizer generate heats for vaporizing the e-liquid. 


Users of electronic cigarettes are sometimes refer to as vapers. Vapers inhale vaporized liquid. When the inhale the vapor, nicotine will be delivered to them just as it is delivered to tobacco smokers. They also obtain the same throat hit which tobacco smokers obtain when the smoke tobacco. The diluants especially the PG gives the throat hit to vapers. 


When vapers inhale the vaporized liquid, they puff out smoke-like vapor. It is not actual smoke but it looks very similar to smoke. As it has been said above, e-cigarette especially, the medium sizes looks very similar to ordinary cigarette. So, when vapers put their devices in their mouth, they still get the same mouth satisfaction tobacco smokers get from cigar. From the above, you can see that e-cigar gives the same effect with tobacco cigar. The major difference is that it operates electronically and requires battery to be powered.


The e-liquid contained in the cartomiser of the device can be exhausted. But the cartomizer is refillable. You can buy a huge quantity of e-liquid in so far as you will be able to store it otherwise it can get bad and this will amount to a waste of money. Some do-it-yourself folk prefer refilling their cartridges by themselves. However, if you cannot refill your cartridge, you can buy already filled cartomizer.


However, e-cigarette does not give rise to secondary non-smokers effects. Since, there is no tar or carbon dioxide produced, non-smokers standing close to vapers are not at any risk. The device does not produce the tar smell of ordinary cigar. So, there is nothing that can upset non-smokers. This is why some people believe that it is a healthier alternative to ordinary tobacco. In most countries where public smoking is not allowed, vaping is allowed.


There is controversy regarding the cost effectiveness of e-cigar. Some people are of the opinion that vamping is cheaper than smoking while some maintain a contrary opinion. The truth is that there isn't much difference between the two when it comes to cost. If you buy e-cigar, don't expect to save much more money. You will end up saving just a few coin. But you will get similar effect and satisfaction with another person that smokes tobacco cigarette. Another myth about e-cigar that you should not listen to is the myth that e-cigar can be used to quit tobacco smoking. This is not true. The addictive ingredients in tobacco cigar is nicotine and it is also contained in e-liquid.