Divorce is one of the commonest problems in marriages today. It is a common phenomenon in the western world. There are a number of broken marriages in the western countries. However, it is not only peculiar to the western world. It can only also be seen in other countries of the world.

The term divorce refers to the legal termination of a marriage. It is also known as dissolution of marriage. Besides the dissolution of a marital union, divorce can take different forms. The reorganization of the legal duties as well as responsibilities of a couple in marital relationship in such a way that the marital bonds between them does no longer exist or is no longer legally acknowledged can also be regarded as divorce.

There is the tendency for some people to confuse divorce with marriage annulment. They are not the same thing. Marriage annulment nullifies a marriage or declares it null and void meaning that the marriage has never existed or should not have existed from the beginning.

There are different divorce laws as there are different constitutions. In most of the countries of the world especially the western countries, it is a legal process and thus requires a legal pronouncement before the cancellation can be acknowledged legally. In other words, one cannot just divorce their partners without going through the required legal procedures.

There are a number of legal issues that come with in the legal process of divorce. Some of these issues include spousal support also known as alimony, child custody, child visitation/access, distribution of property, parenting time, division of debt and distribution of property. Each of these issues is determined by the court in accordance with the constitution of the country. Once the process of divorce is concluded, the individuals involved can remarry.

In some countries, only monogamous marriages can be terminated giving each partner the right to enter into another marital relationship. Some countries allow divorce in a polygamous relationship but not in a polyandrous marriage. However, there are few countries that do not allow divorce. They are Vatican City and Philippines.

Various religious has its own teaching on divorce. Most denominations in Christianity do not allow divorce especially Catholicism. Divorce is allowed in Islam. However, there are some conditions that have to be met before a man is allowed to divorce his wife. In some religions that allow it, it is always the man that divorces the wife and not the wife divorcing the man. But this is not the case in the modern society. Any of the couple can file for divorce.

The practice of divorce also differs from one culture to another. Each culture has its rules and regulations concerning divorce. There may be some cultures that do not allow or at least discourage divorce. But the truth is that most cultures of the world allow it.

Divorce has some social implications. It can also cause some emotional trauma to any of the parties especially if it is not desired. It can affect a person’s finances, jobs, life routine and even children.