Christmas is a Christian feast even though it is gradually becoming a global feast. It is a time when Christians across the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. However, despite its religious signification and connotation, it is now to a great extent a secular celebration. It is celebrated on every 25th of December. Most people who elaborate the feast, eat, drink and entertain themselves on that day are not even Christian. Even some Christians that celebrate it do not attach any religious meaning to it. During the Christian season, people buy  gifts for their friends, loved ones, colleagues, customers, parents, husbands and wives to mark the celebration. 

Gift giving has become parts and parcel of Christmas season. Some people start as far as September to search for Christmas clothes for their loved ones. Some buy it few months before Christmas, have it wrapped and wait for the Christmas day in order to present it to their friends. Virtually, everybody nowadays expect some gifts from their loved ones. It is a big disappointment when this expectation is not realized. It can lead a relationship breakup. The question that should be asked is why do people buy gifts for important people in their lives during the Christmas season. There are a number of reasons why people buy gifts for their loved ones during the Christmas season. Here are some of the reasons for that.

Sign of love

From the Christian point of view, Christian is a time of love. It is a time that God showed his love for humanity by giving his only begotten son to the world. Christian is therefore expected to reciprocate this love of God to their fellow human beings. One of the ways through which this is shown is through gift giving. However, as Christmas is becoming a secular celebration, Christmas culture of gift giving is losing its religious signification. People normally buy gift items for their loved ones and significant order as a proof of their love or as a means of concretizing their love without attaching religious meaning to it.

Means of showing appreciation

Apart from giving gift to show love, there are some people that buy gift for others during the Christmas period as a way of showing their appreciation for a favor received before or sometime during the course of the year. It is in this sense that some businesses and companies buy gifts for their customer as a means of showing appreciation for their patronage during the course of the year.

For marketing, promotional reasons and other reasons

As it was mentioned above, Christmas gift-giving as well as the entire Christmas celebration has been secularized. Christmas gift-giving is now used as a marketing strategy. Many businesses promote gift-giving during Christmas and offer bonanzas in order to make more sales and gains. Some businesses also distribute promotional gifts items during the period in order to popularize their brand and enlarge their customer base. For the flirting guy, gift-giving during Christmas period can be a means of wooing and winning somebody over.

From the above, it is evidently clear that there are a number of reasons why people buy gift for others during Christmas.