One of the popular materials used in making furniture of various types nowadays is Bamboo. The material was in vogue in the 1960s and 1970s. But later there was a decline in the use of bamboo in the furniture industry. However, furniture makers today have started creating articles of furniture of various types using this wooden material. This is because of the fact that many consumers prefer bamboo furniture to furniture made with other wooden materials. It comes with a number of characteristics that give it an edge over other materials used in furniture making. Articles of furniture made with bamboo will always meet the taste of time and can rival any furniture made with any other wooden material. Below are some of the characteristics of bamboo that you should know.

Available in a number of styles

Bamboo is highly pliable. Furniture makers using the wood are capable of making different types, designs and styles of furniture with bamboo thanks to its pliability or malleability. The pliability of bamboo explains why there are various styles, designs and types of furniture made with bamboos. Consumers looking for furniture made with this wooden material will have multiple options to choose from.


Many consumers consider durability of the material used in creating an article of furniture before deciding whether or not to buy it. Bamboo is not actually a tree but a very strong stalk or grass. Itais very tough and can withstand different types of weather condition especially when it is properly treated. Articles of furniture made with bamboo are very tough and can be used for many years and nothing will happen to it. So, if you are looking for a piece of furniture that you can use for many years and it will still look strong, you should consider buying bamboo furniture.

Awesome classic or rustic look

Bamboo is one of the best wooden materials when it comes to the making of classic or rustic furniture. The stalk is miled, sanded and given a fine finish before it is used in creating furniture. Any article of furniture produced with bamboo is always awesome and gives a great classic or rustic look. If you are looking for something natural, then you should consider buying bamboo furniture.

Less costly

There is no doubt that you will want to buy high durable furniture at a low price. Bamboo furniture is not actually the cheapest type of furniture in the market today. However, it is more affordable when compare with furniture pieces made with other durable materials like teak. You will get value for your money if you buy bamboo furniture.


There is today more than ever, a clarion call for the use of eco-friendly material. If you want to go green and you are looking for eco-friendly furniture, you should consider buying furniture made with bamboo. Bamboo does not take time to grow. When it is harvested, the cut stem will develop new root and starts growing again. So, you don’t need to replant it after harvesting. Besides, it requires few months to grow to maturity.