If there is something that matters hugely about anyone, it’s their character. The importance of character often translates to how people look at you and think about you. A solid character can take you a long way. Hence, even at school while growing up, the stories we read and the activities we undertake, build certain score points about us.

For a positive character one needs to have top positive character traits. Which are these and why are they so important? Read on and you may identify them in yourself and others surrounding you.


1.    Adaptability- Adapting to a situation, surroundings, culture, does not require you to lose originality but it expects you to assert yourself in a way which makes you welcome to it or the people involved. Adaptability is high on the list of top positive character traits as without it you won’t be able to make the most of your experiences. The world has no boundaries thanks to Globalization and people are constantly interacting, travelling countries, adapting. Adapting and adjusting is crucial and one should make it their priority as it is appreciated.


2.    Assertiveness – Following adaptability is something that goes hand in hand with the former point. Assertiveness is stressed on by many schools and institutions before their students pass out. Taking care with words and making sure you don’t step on anyone’s nerve is of utmost importance. Diplomacy also should be incorporated in speech when dealing with people at social affairs and events. Assertiveness does not come to many naturally and hence to master this skill would be a big bonus to your top positive character traits.


3.    Patience – Whether it is in relation with some project or while dealing with people, patience which also translates to keeping your cool and control, is highly important. Often you will find that you have to wait for some project to achieve its potential before you get appreciated. Or worse put up with an annoying colleague. Rude sentiments shared can only mar your reputation, hence keep your cool and go along and give it time. 


4.    Humility- No one likes brag or gloating. If you have been appreciated or congratulated for your outstanding work, express humility. Not that we ask you to ignore your hard work but don’t let it push you to gloat because you’re colleagues will not like it. Being proud is one thing; to gloat is to project you are better which does not sit well with competitors. Humility on the other hand is highly appreciated and showcases maturity.


5.    Enthusiasm- Enthusiasm makes a person preferred in the group. If you are going to sulk about something, in a social setting or work environment, people are going to perceive it negatively, hence, you will be isolated. Enthusiastic to be a part of a group, to work together should be your response. A dull response is not welcome as it does not set in with the surroundings most of the time.


6.    Determination- Determination also is for consistency, focus, persistence, hard work and motivation. We mean all this when we talk of determination. You will find it hard to achieve a goal without single minded focus and determination to go after it. Find ways to motivate yourself and constantly remind yourself of your goal. Determination talks of a strong person and character, who knows what he/she wants. 


7.    Fairness- Fairness in relation to judgment or behavior can alter someone’s thoughts about you. If you happen to project bias or promote the wrong attitude or behavior, you will be quickly summed up to be a part of the category.

If and when it comes up on you to take a call, by all means show fairness. For someone who has a solid character, fairness among his/her team members, group mates or behavior is an integral point among the top positive character traits of a person 

8.    Compassion- When dealing with colleagues or team mates, make sure you show compassion for their experiences and feelings. Often not getting along on work field gets solved when you attempt to understand someone on a personal level. This also shows the human side of you which people will respect and which will make them happier to deal with you.

One’s character builds over time looking at role models, situations, experiences, and their own family. Hence, if you like something good about a person, make it a point to adopt it and add it your top positive character traits.



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