How To Commit Suicide – 7 Best Way To Commit Suicide


How To Commit Suicide- 7 Easiest And Best Ways To Commit Suicide


What I am living for? There is nothing left except pain. Each minute is a decade and it is getting on my nerves. I cannot bear this anymore; I want to finish my life. But How? What is the easiest and best way to commit suicide? How to commit suicide? How can this be painless so that I don’t even realize that my soul has come out of my body? If this is the thought in your mind then let me tell you that you are not alone. I am not a counselor or someone to guide here but what I would write now is something from my own experience. For me suicide is too easy. There are numerous ways to know how to commit suicide and the list is countless but that is not what I want to talk about in this post.


Suicide is all about a moment. It is the moment that forces you to end your life. People who have passed through that moment and still survived often regret their action. Suicide is just a symptom of a bigger problem and that bigger problem is different scenarios that force us to commit Suicide. Study the symptoms to get the problem and your life would be changed.


This post is all about different things happening to you in your life which are nothing but the easiest and best ways to commit suicide or to know how to commit suicide. Make this part of your behavior and you would have no option but to commit suicide sooner or later. It is clear way to know how to commit suicide. Avoid them and you can live again. These are the areas that are nothing less then committing suicide everyday in your life and not living the natural way. Try them and you would not ever ask "how to commit suicide" Lets talk about them now



1) Expectation-Most people commit suicide because they have expectations from others and if others fail they have nothing left to live for. You keep expectation from life, the one you love, you family, friends, mentors etc. etc. and it seems your life is running on expectations only. When no one lives upto your expectations you feel that world is bad and that you life is meaningless. So you have two options- keep expectations from others and get forced to commit suicide or dont keep expectations on others and live your life the adventurous way. The choice is yours. Ask yourself “Am I suffering because I am keeping expectations from others?” and you would get the answer. Stop expecting from people and you would never have to ask how to commit suicide.


2) Comparison- Your life is going nowhere, you don’t posses the luxuries, you don’t have a boyfriend, you aren’t happy while every other person around you have so much promising stuff in their lives. It is habit of people to compare and then feel bad about them. The situation aggravates with time and they feel that it is only them who have all the suffering in life. Not enjoying what you have and spoiling you life by doing comparison is nothing less then committing suicide. You are unique and so are your problems, you life, and your issues. Face them and learn to enjoy in them. Comparing yourself and feeling bad about it is nothing less then committing suicide. Do it and you would asking again How to commit suicide.


3) Feeling Sorry For Yourself- You cannot win, you cannot buy, you cannot perform, you cannot enjoy just because there is some issue with you and your excuse has always been one thing or the other. You are always a sorry figure and it does gets you some attention. Soon you develop a habit of it and feel that people should empathize with you more and more. You get a kick out of it and somehow enjoy it too. Feeling sorry for yourself is like committing a suicide in itself because you yourself close all doors of improvement or effort in your life. Do it and you would always ask how to commit suicide.


4) Negativity– Everytime you look at something you look at bad side of it. You mind is always jealous of one thing or the other. Your whole day goes into thinking about things that holds no importance. Your heart is filled with hatred and you desire nothing but bad things. It is all about mind and with time you have filled it with bad feelings and thoughts. You develop a habit that is nothing but compares to committing suicide. It brings about the feeling how to commit suicide.


5) Not Seeking Help- Internally you know you suffer from things like depression, stress, anxiety but you are afraid to seek help. Something in you stops you from seeking help and you believe everything would be right soon. But the problem aggravates and soon you are standing on the verge to give your life. Not seeking help from professionals or people who matter in your life is among the easiest and best way to commit suicide. Not seeking help would always make you wonder how to commit suicide.


 6) Fear Of Change- You want a change badly in your life but you are scared to take the first step. You are sick of your environment but cannot muster enough courage to go for a change. The end result is that you stay wherever you are and with time create a grave for yourself. Keeping fear in your mind and not seeking change is a form to commit suicide….an extension to asking how to commit suicide.


7) No Work- Not doing any work and not keeping yourself busy soon deteriorates your mind and brings both bad health and thoughts in your mind. Keeping yourself busy is best way to get rid of multiple diseases and sins. Doing nothing and letting your mind wander aimlessly is one of easiest and best way to commit suicide. A mind without work will always ask for how to commit suicide.


I will repeat this again, giving your life is too easy. It is the easiest thing you can do. But the real change lies in facing your life head on. If you are even thinking of committing suicide then read the above points and you would yourself realize that by doing one of above 7 things you have already pushed yourself on verge of committing suicide or asking how to commit suicide. The best you can do now is to reverse its effect. Yes, now that you know the symptom that has caused problem you should definitely take the first step to be atleast positive for this moment and reverse the bad part. Go…….take the first step…….Life is fun, discover it. Kill the problem, give life another chance.



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  1.     listen children…i'm 51 years old now….my mother died in my arms from a boating accident when i was 15- 16 years old……3 weeks in the hospital…i was half feet the size of footballs…….we were 2 families on a boat trip..up a secluded inlet for a picnic….nice….but going back…the tide was just coming in….we bottomed out prior to tide coming in….it cracked the bottom of the boat. we were washed ashore, but a huge bc log had fallen over, making us 2 father,sister and other family of 4 on other side of log….it was huge, and being half frozen….impossible to climb…..i was alone with my mother on 1 side…as i said 15-16 years old….i knew nothing of cpr  first aid etc… mother died…after the hospital stint… father dove into the bottle…when he had enough….he would beat me stupid….saying its my fault my mother is dead…i had no 1 to go to, no 1 to talk to…..I thought of suicide so many times…at 18 i left home…joined the army… my grade 12….became a scuba dive master..became a diesel mechanic….i believed my mother wanted me to be the best i could be…..
    so for you who think you have it so bad…have a good nights sleep….when you wake up, and look outside..that big old sun is shining for you : )

  2. Its unfortunate that platitudes aren't as powerful as compound interest, or isolation and illness for that matter. I thought you'd give some real advice on this site, but it was just another self-help bait and switch. The real tragedy is that you people get paid for writing insubstantial fluff like this.

  3. Amit

    September 10, 2010 at 11:30 pm

    Eric, I dont receive any payment for individual articles. The work you see here is written with a purpose to  just give our opinion. There are things we see and face in our lives and we just present our side of thinking.

    I did intend to help in this article. There are always two ways to think. the dead end thinking and the one that force you to look at problem and seek solution. I just did an attempt to highlight the second one. I hope readers will give life a chance.

    I want for once my readers to say to themselves " Stop Thinking Negative– Lets look around and see some solution. Maybe wait for sometime to pass and till then lets postpone making any decision".

    When one doesnt know what to do, it is always better to postpone making decisions. And yes, as this post says…….get strong enough and stay away from above situations… would not land up in this problem at all.

  4. thank u so much for this.. its a wonderful article and brings a life back… very reviving:).. a pain buster it s for sure..

  5. Can't get the hits with a real title can you…you should go work for yahoo

  6. i can completely identify with the first four points that you have written.I also want to give life  a second chance but the circumstances won't let me. Everywhere i go people are seemingly jealous and rude to me, especially so where i study.i am not exceptionally good looking nor intelligent and that surprises me all the more.Sometimes, when my family members behave the same way, i surely do want to end my life. It is ironic that i have deferred that BIG decision only after thinking about them.
    Can't get to levels professionally i dream of, can't live up to the promise i showed as a kid, can't get the girl i want( and can't like the girl can get), had proposed to a girl in my first year at college( who after smiling at me for two semesters flalty said a no), the list is endless….
    But the one thing that beats me the most is the dual behaviour of people and their seemingly officacious ways
    if their is some advice that you can give me, would you be kind enough to mail it to me?

  7. Amit

    September 17, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Rohit, I have replied to you individually.

  8. Thank you for your efforts.   

  9. Thanks for this post
    Numbers: 1,3,4,5,6 is exactly like me,
    Also the top is exactly like what i was thinking.

    Thanks for writing this,
    i got lured by the title =P but im glad it did. It helped
    me alot.I'm sure you are saving alot of lifes with this!

    I also would like to tell the people who read this, that
    at the moment the problems appear to be alot bigger
    then they actualy are.
    Thanks all,

  10. Amit

    October 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Thanks Angel.

    Its just an attept to make people give life a chance. A small change in thinking can bring big positive chnages in our life.

  11. These are fairly generic statements of advice, but I suppose the effort is sincere enough to be appreciated.
    Significantly, I think, it is something of a relief that you do not mention any religious/pseudo-spiritual nonsense here, with the minor exception of a passing reference to the "soul"… Most of these anti-suicide pages/sites are thoroughly and shamelessly bound up with biblical/churchy bullshit, as if that crap can actually resolve anything in reality. The perverse irony of course is that these deluded charlatans fail to realise that the disappointments and confusion arising from religious upbringing and institutionalised religious training are often causes of suicidal tendencies. Sigh.

  12. hi,i am going through a bad time right now,this month of october because i lost my grandma and my dad in dad was just 39 years old,it is his anniversary of his death this coming sunday.i was thinking of joining my dad but after reading this page it has made me think again..there is always somebody worse of than me.

  13. thanks for writing this. I googled "easiest ways to commit suicide" and found many sites giving suggestions on how to do so. I then clicked on your link. As I read your article I was searching for the same advice and realised it was not the same. I then became curious about your definitions so I read on. It has made me re-think committing the act. I will mull it over. Perhaps I'll wait until tomorrow morning and see if I feel any better. Peace. Nicole

  14. Nicole…. I did exactly what you did on the same exact day. The slight difference being I googled "Best ways to commit suicide". I kinda "fell" into this article as well. I read it and saw some things I related to. I'm (I think) going to sleep on it but save the pages I found plus this one. I want to know if you changed your mind or haven't so I'm hoping you will come back to let me know. I'll be back tomorrow to see if you came back and feel the same or changed your mind. If I'm still on earth I'll check in.  Tom

  15. Thank you for your post. I realize the problems with me. I will face them with courage. thanks a lot

  16. I tried to kill myself twice today and my girlfriend stopped me. When she left I looked for a sure way to do it without her trying to stop me and read this. This was the truth I have always known this stuff but could not accept  it. I am very negative and I feel like life cheated me. My expectations of my family to love me will never happen and they will never apologize for abusing me. So job well done. I will put this in my favorites and go get a book instead of some pills.

  17. hai ,,,, Thanks for ur article …..
    actually i googled "what are the ways to commit suicide" then i found ur website …. really i will get back from my problem …..
    And also i wanted to share my problem ….
    Actually i am an engineering graduate ….. for last 8 months i looking for job but i didnt get it ….
    In the first round itself i would came out  …. so i think that i dont have luck … i was leave it ….but now all my class friends are got job ….. its hurting me lot … not only for job problem …. In my life nothing was happen to me …. so i my decision was to commit suicide…..
    but now i have changed my mind ….. now i will face my all problem with courage …..
    Thank u very much …

  18. Your website is a blessing and I hope you reap many for the good it has done. :)

  19. hey.. thanku so much for dis article.. u explaind al those points.. n i felt lk i was lookin into an autobiography.. god.. ya.. i do need to chang.. but, thing is, it's jus d certain small moments which trigger dis feelin.. n unless ur very patient durin dat lil tim, u never kno wat'l hapn d next min.. n really, i thanku for dis awesome title which lured me to open it.. n once i startd readin, i realisd.. really.. ur d best.. i'm finally smilin now.. :)
    ur helpin out soo many ppl.. thanks alot.. i am actually younger dan u i guess.. but, i jus wanted to say dis.. i wish god blesses u wid al d happiness n joy in life.. :) al d best for everythin u do.. :)
    hav a happy life al u guys.. :) :) good luck.. keep smilin always.. :)

  20. when i clicked on this website i thought i would find a way to commit suicide but then when i read it all it touched me and made me realize lots of things. I think people need to take the negative things there dealing with into positive. Im 18 and ive been depressed for a while. its hard for me to be happy i may seem it wen im around my boys or fam but it all comes back to me i get depressed. i try to see the light and overcome all these feelings, ive tried to commit suicide with a knife to my neck but i cried cuz i couldnt idont kno something didnt feel right i fell like i was letting people down and mostly myself. i have heart and lots of dreams i would love to accomplish becuz i beleive i could do anything if i put my mind to it but its hard and sometimes i feel lik this is holding me back….. i was deep in love with a girl i felt like she was the one, i gave my heart to her and we was reall close and we broke up she was going thru some other issues at home the next day she was saying all these crazy things so i flew to her house nervous and scared going crazy not knowing what to expect when i got ther she was hanging from a rope i saved her and took her down… the feeling of seeing someone i truly loved the most my half hanging killed me physically mentally and emotionaly i have flashbacks, we cannot betogether because of certain reasons nd it kills me but i got to deal with it this isnt the only reason why i think of commiting suicide its jus i cant be happy and depression always fines me i get lonely alot too.. i think i try too hard to find the right someone and i should let them find me. I hate the night becuz im up and cant sleep i used to have trouble sleeping i got better but sometimes im up thinking all nite………….i would like to thank whoever made this page or website you are a great person and you are helping and saving tons of lives. this inspired me so much and i promise i will try to get better day by day even tho it will be hard i willl try to get through all this and become something when i grow up and better my future so thank you god bless you all:)

  21. Abi stay up gurll!!! u make me smile :)

  22. This article jsut stopped me from taking an overdose. I'm gonna re think my life! God bless you x

  23. Hi
    I wanted to die the easiest way…so i googled out this page…but it turned out to be entirely different!!!! I just luv it….i can identify all those 7 points with my life….
    thanks for giving a ray of hope…now i know wer i was wrong….
    thank u:-)

  24. You have honestly not made one or two but MULTIPULE people change their minds and save their lives..  You are as close to an angel as its gonna get.. and im sure anyone would agree with that. Thank you for the time u've put in this.. i know Gods looking down on you and you have done him well   I love you    Thank you   Tami- 20yrs old

  25. I screwed up with my family real bad. Don know what to do… planning to move out… Your article is good. Thanks

  26. I'm 20 yrs old n I've been contemplating suicide for the past 7 years but never have had the courage of taking any step. I'm afraid of dying n i believe, that one doesn't have the right of taking his life away, this authority lies within the hands of Almighty. But i'm entangled between my problems to such an extent that i feel that suicide is an easy escape.
    I read your article n realized that one of the few points you've listed above do apply to my situation. I've started expecting a lot. I believe when I can go for someone to such an extent, the other person should go to, not with the intention of returning the favour  but because of out of love and care and when I don't get what I want, I'm hurt. Anyways, after reading this article, i felt pretty much better. Thanks for giving me a ray of hope. And yes i will tackle my problem now!!  

  27. depressed student...

    February 17, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    I am a 20yr old student with a lot of problems…If it wasn’t for this website…I will have gone ahead n taken this overdose…I have so much problems that I dunno how to deal with it at the moment…I think I’ll sleep on it, and see what tomorrow brings. Thank u very much.

  28. "GAME OVER" is never the solution, whenever u have troubles in life giving up and losing is never the answer :S.I'm not born with a golden spoon nor lived in a country where u get rewarded for ur hard work nor achievment nor knowledge, so I understand when u say things are going tough.Yet I'd like to say make not losing to those %@$&%$ haters a motive to keep going, u never know whats waiting around the corner, which u'll never know if u ended the game!…. try to always steal a moment of pleasure in the shittest situation ever don't always aim for ever lasting happiness as life doesn't work this, Nothing is absulote in life but vodka! regardless of ur religious backgrounds (but in almost all of them god is forgiving ;)or being a str8 edge some forbidden fruits actually taste good as long as it won't get u into deeper shit like addiction, SIN SMART lol.I myself struggle with a very bad luck issue, I could hold gold and turn it into shit, yet every time things go exteremly bad i take a step back PUMPER myself with a good night out or so and keep going… one last thing NEVER LOSE TO HATERS, ENDING YOU LIFE IS LOSING and is A GAME OVER!  GAMER :)

  29. BTW thanks for the article, it sumtimes takes only one person to take by ur hand to make a change.I didn't finish reading all of it yet,althou I'm keen to do so as it seem very helpful.

  30. I was searching the ways on the net to commit suicide, when i found your website..I am in a phase when nothing seems to be working the way i wanted.Lost everything in life.My family doesnot understand me which makes me feel left alone in this damn world.But after going through each points on your article, m feeling very much relaxed and relieved now.This is really a good article.Thanks for sharing this  and make my thoughts positive.
    Thnx a ton!!!!..cheers:)

  31. Thank you for your advice!  You have kept me from doing this! 

  32. Hi,
    I googled 'easy was to commit suicide' as i am curious to find methods.. as i do not want to stay on this planet any longer… your page made me think. The blackness is still there… but i at least paused for thought. I am still searching for methods, but i'm keeping this page to review in the morning. thankyou

  33. if everyone threw their problems up in the air – we'd be lucky to catch our own
    be strong people
    there is light at the end of the tunnel-we might not think it but there sure is

  34. Amit ,
    Its a terrific job you doing,may GOD Bless you always!
    Please provide me your mail id,really want to discuss some significant issues.
     Hope lies!

  35. i am 14 years old and having a tough time at school as my grades are not good and i am being pressured by my parents and they have taken away the things that i love most, i had my mind set on committing suicide, i was ready, but after reading this and what other people have gone/going through, i have made my decision to stick it out as it can only get better.

  36. To the person who was a smartass about the way this was put on google..get a grip on reality..either way you look at it, regardless of how you do it,helping people is a better option than doing nothing, & the fact is, this lovely person has helped a lot of people including me to have a good look at things, and if you use your head, she's actually spot on, it was truthful in the google search, those 7 reasons are sure fire things that can cause suicide!
    i just wanna say what a nice gesture, giving people some hope when obviously they are at a point when they dont have much left, if any, you sure opened up my eyes to some harsh truths i didnt want to face. thanks.

  37. and to the person who complained that its tragic that people get payed to write some things in an attempt to help people..omg what is wrong with u.even if she did get payed, who cares? .there are tons of people who get PAYED to help people and we dont say bad things about them, nurses, teachers, doctors, firemen, the list goes on. this lovely lady was just expressing her opinion and in doing she was hoping to help people, and in fact, she did! so who is the bigger idiot here?? good on her for being real and upfront, and for seeing the positive side to life, & trying to help others to do the same. In reality, the biggest tragedy of all is suicide itself, not people with an opinion on it !! payed or otherwise….

  38. thanks alot fa givin tat advice! But how can i make myself stronger ñ get rid of such thinking.

  39. My heart just smiled a sigh of relief when i could see the direction of the blog. Having had a lot of exposure to suicide…the most inspiring words to hear are: " though i'm p*&^% off that it didn't work-i'm so glad i'm still  here".
    Maybe lasting? about 48 hours? it's a privilege to share some of that 'unreal'  time with them-even if it is in the capacity of someone helping the survivor to 'stay safe'.
    Simple things: colours, music, nature… and the tears when eg: little ones come running in to give mummy a hug (not aware of anything….). There is always something beautiful that you didn't notice when you were numb/just existing …and there is often someone-whom you don't even know-who appreciates you, just for being alive in their world.
    It is a really horrible place-hell-like almost to be suspended in a life, almost mocking you, daring you to do it.
    It is so hard to do: to pick-up-a- phone,  walk out the front door,  cry and look at someone- and then another-in the eyes. there's a sense of failure in not following through….and yet? tears are a universal language: everybody knows-intuitively 'where you are': just human-wanting someone just to teach them 'how to live'….and needing that help NOW.

  40. hi.. i after crying for 3 hrs… i was thinking of commiting suicide… bt had no idea how to do that. then i thought of taking help of google. and google really helped me but in a different way… it did not gave me an idea to how end my life instead it gave me a idea to how live my life with all the difficultes. it did not solved any of my problem but it gave me a courage to live with my problem. it would be so kind of u if u plz mail me some good ideas to how live with the society,friends and family. evryone is annoyed with me and even i myself is not happy with what i am.. thank you.

  41. Very good amit………plz write smthin…….i wanna gt out of this…….

  42. I don’t want to die I just want to sleep for a very long time; like a very very long time and wake up when everything’s ok. I know I can’t do it though so…idk I know that commiting suicide is not the solution but I really need to stop some things in my life..

  43. Thanks . I really attempted suicide several times. This article really helped me. I was expecting do much from my husband. That’s the main reason for my sufferings. He never stand up for me and always make me inferior to his family. His no 1priority is his family. Today he forced me to give up my assignment which is due on tomorrow so he can visit his brother. I felt I was so low even couldn’t stand up for my self.this is just a one situation of many.yes I will try to live my life in an adventurous way .

  44. thank for posting this article. its helps alot to me, the past still holding me to stuck in pain and i cant help to think my wrong decisions and the people involved.i tend to forgive and pretending it was all my fault.i always blame my self i feel hopeless and helpless.i think i lose happines,emotion my dreams,only feeling of shame and loneliness.ive want to live in a present but i think my present is ruined now.
    please e-mail me more advice about my situation.thanks alot.thanks god.

  45. i want to thank god from keeping me alive. that the real reason that im still alive right now… and asking advice. i want to free my self with this pain.

  46. Positive Forces Of Nature

    June 2, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Reading the comments of individuals is interesting but have you considered that life in itself has so many positive aspects which you don’t actually see because you take them for granted.
    Bext time your thirsty, enjoy that glass of water, when you wake up, enjoy the seasons, when you head out observe nature, take notice of natures environment around you and you’ll discover new things everyday and become more astute in your outlook. The “artificial world” of concrete, roads, and industrialised buildings drains us all but is a necessary evil for society. That doesn’t mean however you need to focus all your attention in one area when the real side of life is the greatness of nature and the fact that without natures givings, we all would not survive.
    Achievement and materials items. Who are we really trying to impress !

    Who cares about a Ferrari or a Mansion House. Last time I looked, petrol prices were going through the roof and a Mansion House = a lot of bloody cleaning and bills. Now that would give me a right headache !

    A Ferrari isn’t going to put food on the table, look after my health or indeed bathe me. I have a bathroom and kitchen for that and this is where the problem is for most people. It’s the fact that the clever marketing people want you to continue to keep aspiring to material wealth so that they can sell their products this year, next year, 100 years on !

    You won’t catch me falling into the continual cycle of marketing trash which leads people to buy and replace over and over again. I’ve seen people fall foul of this and when the jobs gone, they have fallen apart all because they forgot about the basics.

    I once never had a kettle and wanted a hot drink. Now that was annoying ! At that time, that’s all what I wanted. At other times, sometime I just want to get in that nice bath or shower and have a good scrub down.

    It’s remebering these basic survival methods which will keep you happy.

    Don’t worry abouth having this and having that etc. Let people who want to continue living in that scenario carry on with it.

    Don’t believe the hype because that’s all it is. Celebreties need mugs like us to survive and want us to aspire to them. Yeah whatever !

    Remember also, when the chips are down, you’ll be able to survive anything once you have your feet firmly on the ground and appreciate the real celebrety out there which is actually you !


    S Walker and Fred the Cat !

  47. Where do you suicide heads get off with all your crap and sympathies.
    Other people have had life a lot worse then you lot i.e. I wouldn’t think it’s much fun living in Iraq at the moment or Syria but then there’s you lot harping on about your woes and it’s all to do with throwing your toys out the pram just because you haven’t got what you want.

    You lot should try to help others and make a differenc since clearly this will do you all good in your pittyfull, selfabosorbed lives.

    I bet all of you have access to food, water, medical health and shelter.

    You lot are fucking selfish tossers wanting sympathy.

    Good and help the needy and stop pittying yourselves tou idiots !

  48. thanks god!

  49. I dated a man for many years. We were engaged twice but I broke it off both times. Finally I was ready, I told him so and he broke up with me on Facebook. Four months later he was married to someone else. I was devastated and considered suicide for the first time in my life. I decided to live and met another nice man who pursued me endlessly through my fear of getting hurt again. I finally agreed to date him and four months later he disappeared on me. Why is this happening? I cannot seem to make this life work. Can’t stop thinking about ending it. So tired.

  50. hiiiiiiiii,u did a great job,i am 24 year old,i am depressed,tense,about my life,i am student,i am not good looking,intellegent,i failed 4 times in degree exam…when i failed first time,i tried hard,but still,something happends to me..i failed again and again,i talk to my father..that i want to do something ealse,i dont have intrest in engineering degree..he never let family members always compare me with my friends,my friends are smarter than me..handsome than they have a degree, a job,good sallery,girlfriend,and i have nothing,my family is also depress,becuase we are not in good financial condition,and i am only sun of my parents,we have many others problems..i cant do anything,just watching,and when my 4th result came recently,failed again..then i decided to end this all,and i visit ur site..i am shocked,becuase whatever u posted it actually hapends in my life,but i dont know how to deal with it..i am still confused…still depressed.. i need a help….

  51. Hello. I read your article while looking for articles to help educate me on how I should go about killing myself. I do not fit any of the 7 descriptions you wrote about. I have unbearable physical pain every second of my life. There is no medical cure and relief is in the form of drugs that I become dependent on and build a tolerance to, and eventually have to stop taking (while getting very sick in the process) so my tolerance is lowered and then I can start the cycle all over again. I want a permanent end to this horrible unbearable pain, and that is not offered in this life. I have talked with many doctors. Your site agitated me and made feel as if you were pointing a finger at me for wanting to die. You should include in it, the exceptions. Those who are justified in killing themselves.

  52. all of the 7 steps are true!

    the big problem with me is fear of change.

    everyone can’t stand my attitude.

    sometimes i get bitten up by my brother and my father.

    i feel so isolated. everybody thinks im abnormal, autistic, wierd & etc.

    i never had a boyfriend since birth but im not ugly.

    most of my friends are just acquiantances they are not really there for me just like true friends.

    my last year of college im almost done when suddenly i failed one exam that is not related to my course and delayed my graduation. it feels so bad that up to now the pain is still there.

    after graduating i have been applying to many jobs for 2 years no but none of them didnt accept me to their jobs

    im still unemployed for 2 years now.

    my parents expect so many things about me but after knowing me fo 22 years they kept me from being outside. they are so overprotective and strict. im always not allowed to do anything i want.

    and also they want me to become a nun. i cant have my own family and be single for the rest of my life.

  53. god advice-

    though i doubt you have suffered from severe suicidal depression…

  54. meant to say ‘good.’

  55. Hi Anonymous,

    Many of the things that you say have deep resonance with myself. The things that are different are….that I have no family, moved thousands of miles away from my friends and have no one to call in a crisis.

    I grew up locked in a room as well only to be let out when they were bored and needed to poke and make the caged animal ie child cry.

    My husband is very ill and since we married have always taken care of him. After our marriage we found he was bipolar so its alwayssss about him no matter if he is ill that day or not. I had to beg him to go to the hospital and came home to find that the neighbors had been looking in our windows and upon finding out that the police would not break in (we were at the hospital and they knew 3 days prior to him going in that I was talking him into going) said their next step was to break into one of our windows…….this felt intrusive and weird since they KNEW and could see that my truck was gone?? Well, I ended up hearing a message that he didn’t mean me to hear stating that “it could be ugly over there!” After all I have been through ….I have a blood disease myself, am oxygen, and they think I have cancer and have a biopsy scheduled…..I went to my neighbors to explain how sick my husband was hoping to defuse their delullusional behavior as well as let them know how many countless times I HIS WIFE have admitted him to hospitals without their knowledge!!! You talk about being hurt as well as scared that they might try to say I did something to my husband to make him sick or god forbid the day comes that the doctors have spoken to us about when the time will come when it inevitably happens!! I am terrified for my life, have been frozen out of these backwoods Nevada neighbors who marry their cousins and never finish high school. I have no one to call. There is only one way I see to get out of this and protect myself since I refuse to live here in illegal drug heaven.

    You have an education hun!! You also have your youth and can do what you want. Shoot when I was a young girl I wanted to be a nun and still lament on the fact that I listened to my athiest parents and did not follow my dream. In the Bible there is a man called Stephen? He was stoned because people saw the good in him? Thats exactly how I feel since moving here. Always been honest, never smoked a cigarette and being treated like a criminal in my own home. The one thing I have learned about the west coast is that the movie star BS is just that. Most of them haven’t a brain, they have no morals, (at least none that I have met), they lie, lie, lie, and only want someone for their money.

    The economy sucks right now. You are so blessed to have that education and I promise you that things will look up for you. You are in my prayers, and could use the same from yourself regardless of your beliefs. xo

    Lost and Alone

  56. all the seven points are point on!!
    my main challenge is fear of change and letting my mind wander without work.
    was searching ways to finish my life when i came on this.
    i decided to give myself a chance.

  57. Your amazing for writing that.
    Thank you.
    God bless you.

  58. Superb post – once again!

  59. hi, my name is jacob jordan, im 15 years old everyday i get yelled at by my family for everything and anything that my siblings do i tried to commit suicide several of times i get good grades in school and try hard, when i bring home a paper of my homework and show them they always say “well arent you fuckin special” the only reason i do good is to show them i am worth somethin… at 5 years old i was playin out side durin the winter with snow, i stepped in dog shit walked inside to eat got some one the carpet not realizing it, and my mom came up to me smacked me and asked why there is shit on the floor and kicked me out of the house and slept outside for two days no shelter except under my trampoline…. and this website did nothing for me

  60. First I’d like to say how awful of an article this is. Not only like hundreds of other sites or articles on the internet it’s using a tired misleading title which in itself proves the low morals of the writer of the article as it can’t respect people who are seeking something, but the the reasons it points out as being the cause of suicide and how one should avoid them will make a person either have to be unsocial (Not being able to expect anything from anyone), refrain from having goals (Comparison to others), so on.

    The only point I could argue as acceptable is not seeking help, and even then it only points out to “professionals and people who matter” which are people who usually can only say “Don’t do that”, and either fail to give reasons that appeals to a person (emotionally or logically) or the reason they give is themselves which is awfully selfish. Sometimes it takes that person who’s watching from outside to pitch in a life-saver comment, literally.

    My comment comes mostly in reply to Gerald’s comment however:
    You are not justified in killing yourself.
    If you cannot accept that other people have whatever reason to commit suicide and should be allowed to do so, then you do not bear right to claim your situation worse than any other. I could debate that physical pain is “nothing”. If you aren’t dead, it means that your body can handle it, thus there is no reason or right in you to even remotely imagine you’re entitled to want a definite rest.

    There are people in just as bad or worse condition, and they do not have to be suffering from the same condition. They crave too for the same kind of right to rest because they too feel in a pain that no one has managed to subdue. If you deny it to those, don’t dare placing yourself on a pedestal of reason.

  61. I read all this and am still not convinced

  62. Very simplistic thoughts not taking into account key points.

    1) You are making the assumption that depression is not a. Nobody WANTS to feel like taking their own life – they feel like they have run out of options. Nobody asks someone with cancer to sort themselves out.

    2) You assume that it is possible to obtain work – like it is a very simple thing to do. For someone who is depressed it is almost impossible to achieve.

    3) You assume that getting help will help. This is not always the case – ask any psychiatrist.

    4) You assume that negative thoughts are irrational. Sometimes it is perfectly valid to have negative thoughts.

    5) You are assuming that life is always the best way. If this is so – why is it OK to kill animals? Why is life better? Just saying it is doesn’t make it always true and is the weakest of answers possible.

    6) Suicide CAN be noble in the right circumstances. (a soldier diving on a grenade is one example – would you criticise that action on the same way as a depressed person? if not why not – after all suicide “is not the answer”

    It is the easiest thing in the world for someone not suffering depression to criticise and belittle someone who feels suicidal. Unless you have experienced that feeling for yourself I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself as patronising people is not a good character trait.

    By the same token I dont suggest suicide is for everyone. What I DO say is that there ARE occassions where the case for suicide is stronger than the case for living.

    Personally a while back I sought help from the samaritans. After 30 minutes on the phone the woman on the other line stated – and I quote:

    “We will support you if you take your own life”

    When even the samaritans cannot give you reason to live then you know you are truly without hope.

    It is true I have not yet committed suicide (obviously) It is also true that it is only total cowardice on my part that I am still alive.

    I don’t wish anyone to commit suicide, but I understand how they got to that point.

    But if you do decide to do – do it for the right reason – not simply because you have had a fight with your partner

  63. hi i am 28 and i do belive what u wrote in the 7 steps…
    let me say this i have lived a amazing life done so many things been so many places.
    i have had so many girlfriends but they where all the same good relations ships fun sex but i could never find my self happy i dont know why or how to change that.
    i have been in milatary i have been threw school i have never had a problem finding jobs or people i thought could be friends with and yet never could find anything that made me happy.
    i have a doughter tho i dont live with her mostly cuz i cant stand being around her mom i still go spend a few weeks here and there with her when i can and i talk to her on the phone i love her more then anything and yet when i with her i cant seem to be happy.

    i have always been the kind of person who would jump threw a wall if someone needed help everyone i know tells me how kinda and gentill i am and i love that part about me yet i has got me nothing but bad memorys.
    i got a felony cuz i tryed to help someone i thought was a freind quit drugs but instead he got me arrested and charged.
    i have an amazing family they support anything i deside to do but i cant find that place where i am happy i mean it is so easy to make people think u are happy just by smiling.
    i have lived and tryed everything i could ever want to do some where really enjoyable but just not what i needed i geuss.
    i dont compare my self to others really no point been there and done that when i was younger.
    i have wanted to disaper and die for as long as i can remeber but i knew it would make others sad so i just couldnt do it but the last year or so i have just kinda givin up on people in general i still talk to those people but i can never seem to understand why i am talking to them it just makes me feel alone.
    i really dont know why i wanna die never have and yet i want it sooooo bad.
    i mean most of my freinds tell me how they wanna be like me and i laff so hard in my head. i give advise that has helped so many people with there girlfreind or boyfreind i think i have lived in every type of relationship out there and no i have never hit a girl besides my lil sister and i was young when i did that ( she clocked me in the junk) .
    i can give so many storys about life and things to do to help.
    grrr i know i am rambilng with bad grammor at that!
    i was mostly looking for a way to do it. that wouldnt hurt my body and would just kill me i have overdosed many times in places i didnt think people would find me for a while but i always wake up and wonder what i did did wronge or was in a hospital with people telling me how stupid it was to try that. i have been hit by cars trying it that way and never even broke a bone. i have been shot i have been stabed and yet when i got shot i woke up when i was stabed nothing it just healed on its own.
    i dont think there anything i want in life and if there is i dont know what it is or cant find it. I am tired of helping others tho i dont think i could stop if i wanted to mabey its just the being thanked that hurts.
    so if someone could give me advise on something to do or a way to make it quick please do i will always lisen to others.

  64. You’re article is well written and helpful to some… But if you’re like me, you see that everyone has their own problems and that life was never worth living in the first place. It’s all about seeking out pleasure and enduring pain to experience more pleasure in the long run. My life effing sucks and I’ve literally accomplished all that I want to accomplish. I don’t see a point in helping future generations because based on my suffering here, I don’t want to see humanity continue to have to suffer. At the end of the day, everything is predetermined based on genetics. You may think you have control, but you really don’t. Then of course there’s the argument that if you suicide, whatever state of consciousness you were in when you died carries on… That is the biggest crock of garbage I’ve ever heard. What if someone has cancer, schizophrenia, or a disease that causes them to be depressed and want to die… What about Alzheimer’s and chronic pain patients? This article wouldn’t really help them at all…

    For the people whining about a break-up or are mad because they are grounded or something, yeah this article is perfect. But for people with serious problems, the advice here is irrelevant.

  65. iam sixty eight years old i have being screwed by my sister when iwas in vietnam i was suppose to have 1200. dollars when i got home all i got was 550/ dollars boy was i pist off i didnt say any thing to my sis. then i got married my kids grew up and have screwed my all along one of them owe me 3.000 dollars the other owes me 2,000 dollars .i bought a jeep for one of my sons and i got stuck with the jeep payment he lost his job now he lives with us iam not very happy he has two beautiful children but iam 68 years old and i just about had it with him and his wife she is a lazy bitch she wont do a dam thing my son ia a lazy ass hole too iam tired of his kids all together please help mr. jessie dicochea

  66. I wanted to kill myself because once in my life I was really happy and that was when I didnt know better, I was just a kid full of hope. Now I have nothing else but despair. I dont have friends, Im surrounded by people but they dont care about my happiness, they dont care that Im having thoughts of killing myself as long as I have a decent job, all is fine to them as long as no one is breaking the law. All is fine as long as no one is homeless. That nothing is indicating that the life we have been leading has been empty. I hate myself as much as I hate everyone else around me, If I kill myself it’ll be a relief for everybody. So yeah I wont kill myself just for the purpose of spiting them. Yeah, Im lower than those who killed themselves. At least they had the courage to do so before its too late for them. No one else but us understand why people would kill themselves they dont understand that our lives might have seem doable but if only someone else could live it, then they would understand. The last thing that we want is to be misunderstood above all the fucked up things we have to go through. Im in college now and its proving to be harder to fix my identity when at this point in my life Im supposed to be trying to figure out what I should be. At this point Im way behind the race, I havent even started yet. Im just really lost and lonely. I havent had a real conversation with anyone since I can remember in fact the closest thing I could have to a conversation is watching television, I just listen and observe. My sister hates me, my brothers are becoming just like my father, they will settle for less, my mom has shut herself off of anything that really matters, I dont have anyone but me, and I cant even rely on myself, I havent done shit in my life, im spineless, I cant even show that im mad properly so that others will know, I cant articulate myslef to save my life, Im basically much worse than a blank page, Im not even made of paper to begin with. Im just ether. If I die it wont make much of a difference. If I ever die, Id wanna die in a way that no funeral will occur because I dont deserve it, I havent lived yet so why mourn something that almost never existed? I just want to spend the rest of my life in isolation in some isolated island at least there, its pretty obvious that Im alone and lonely instead of being surrounded by people and still feel the same.

  67. im am 35 yrs old, i have e kids and married to a german,snce i was married with my husband , everyday i always here from his mouth a lot of words that makes me unhappy.Maybe because i came to a very poor family, and hes not scared to hurt me.Im tired with my life and dont know what to do. Im thinking its better for me to end my life, that i dont hear any insulting words from him. Shits words about my family. I love my family and when he say insulting words about them makes me very very unhappy. IM a very simple wife, i never ask him to buy anything for me. never ask him for money. Its up to him if he want to give me. because i dont want to make him think that i married him for money. But sometimes im thinking he is too much. I always tell him i dont want to demand him anything, in exchange that i dont want to hear insulting words regarding my life and my poor family. Im very upset right now .i plan to make a suicide pls help me

  68. hi i am 27 years old. i hate my life. i have a husband . we are desperate to have a kid. but since 2 yrs its a failure. m going thru lot of physical pain and mental tension because of this… now i plan to commit suicide because god is unfair.he doesnt care.i beg n he rejects me. i beg agn n he rejects agn. so i;ve stop believing in god n plan to die SOON.

  69. mrkbeenjammin30

    January 24, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Where do I begin? This was not what I was looking for. I don’t feel like suicide now but it would’ve been nice for future reference for when I feel like it again in the future, and I know I will. I can’t go anywhere. In my head or otherwise. I crashed my car, got a DUI, have no job, gonna lose my license, have 38k in loans gonna need paid back soon, have no real friends, no girlfriend, my family is distant and acts like everythings fine, nothing to do but sit at home, possibly gonna do jail time, owe lots in court fines, insurance is gonna sky rocket when I do get to drive again, and my ex-girlfriend f^&*ing hates me now. I feel like shit. I’m waiting for things to get better but it seems like itll never happen and if it does its too far in the future. Sure my problems arent that bad compared to some, but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel horrible and did want to kill myself. I know taking pills usually fails and I dont have access to a gun. Jumping in front of a bus would probably just hurt. All of your 7 steps other than seek help involve forcing one’s mind to make itself think things are good and going to get better. What do you do if your bi-polar or scizophrenic like me and the anger and sadness just eat away at you to the point where you wish you could go back in time to when you were happy (a time that now taunts me), or go forward to when things are better, neither of which can happen? Waiting around and sitting at a computer doesn’t make a person happy. It can’t. So nice job at the attempt to defer suicide, but all you really are doing is giving a big disappointment and possibly a place for the last statements that will be heard from some people to reside. Till I feel like it again

  70. Actually, you seem to miss the point that some people have suffered terribly in their lives. It is not about feeling sorry for yourself, or failed expectations or any of the other reasons that you have mentioned. Some people have just been unlucky. There comes a point in your life when you ask yourself, “why should I carry on living and suffering?”

    You appear to have very little compassion for the suffering of others. Rather you appear to have found reasons why you imagine people to commit suicide, none of them reasonable or worthy of respect. Rather than understanding those who have suffered through no fault of their own, you appear to have nothing but disdain for these people.

    You may deceive yourself that you are helping, but it rather comes across as superior and patronizing.

    Some people are victims of circumstance.

    So my message to people who have found this site is to forget your sanctimonious condescension, and ask themselves one simple question;

    “Is there one good thing that I could do for another person or animal during the remainder of my life, that would make the world a better place?”

    The answer to this is yes. Even if you suffer and continue to suffer, providing there is some positive thing that you can do for someone else with your life, then your life if worth something. You can make a positive difference to making the world a better place.

    That is why you should continue to live.

  71. Hey, im very popular at my school im in 8th grade im a basketball and football superstar at my school. In football i play kick returner, running back, qb, and reciever defense i play linebacker in basketball i play point guard. Im always that kid who has 2 put a show on everywhere… And im tired of it and im getting stressed out. I have 2 much expectations. I had mutiple gfs over the past 3 years exactly 6 but sometime i got back 2gether with my exes sometimes…. But i get bad grades on my report cards and bad comments by my teachers… My parents locked me down i cant do anything without them by myside. Cant do anything with friends at ALL… One time my parents snapped i almost killed myself…. I thinking about doing it again… My dad says that he;s going to take me out of my high school and send me 2 public school please help…

  72. You left out chronic pain.

  73. “Had I not known that I was dead already I would have mourned my loss of life”
    —Ota Dokan

    I find this article quite funny. Wel all die and rot in our living bodies or dead ones. Life is nothing but one long step to eventually dying. Yet people put so much focus on living. Life is an over rated whore.

  74. Is it really GaryM, who is the last person to post here? GaryM – I don’t know you, nor are we ever likely to meet or commune, but amongst all the darkness around here, you shine a light of compassion and insight. Thank you for that. I wish you peace and purpose.//

  75. None of this fits me. I am 26 i have been threw alot. when i was 17 my fiance died of pancriatic cancer i lost our child still birth 2 months early. my ex husband who i was married to for 5 years chose my sister over me and she chose him over me. my mother chose her man over me and blamed me for everything. my parents blame me for their divorce. my new husbands parents want him to divorce me while i am out of the country because they dont like me. everyone in the house i am staying in at the moment hates me and tells me so on a daily regular basis and i have no where else to go so that’s not an option. i’ve had to come back stateside after moving to australia to be with my husband because of his parents and visa issues that never seem to work right.

    so yea everyone in my life hates me.

  76. i am 31 had financial issues , sold property my only and helped my mentors finnancial crunch he ran away living me to run his mistakes now i am out of money my family does’nt know i sold the property have money left for one month what to do

  77. ive read almost all these post and everyone of them have a piece of what im feelin in it i too am tired of living but afraid to die just lingering around so out of touch with happy peace and a piece of mind i dont think i will never know what those things are i love my children but i dont think i make them happy or proud that i am their mother and the ones that claim they love me so much are the ones hurting me the especially the father of the last two this is a miserable way to be no way out no where to go but more down

  78. when i started reading this i was saying “yes” to most parts and i could see where you were coming from.. but as i kept on reading i felt betrayed slighlty
    as it just made me comment and i still dont have any good methodes, thank you.

    i could probally leave a life story here like what it looks like most people have done.

    i dont see any point in that but i still see a point in commenting.. why?
    iam not actually sure.

    nobodys “mentally i’ll” from things like “depression”..
    if anything this is the way of clarity to life itself.
    depending on how you reached your “depression” ofcourse.

    i would say we suffer from the truth.

    but hey whatever this is a dumb comment in where i thought it would be cool to leave anyway.
    maybe it will get some people thinking a little more on shit etc etc

    thanks for the methodes, i really appreciated them, thanks.


  79. To Jacob Jordan

    I’m SO sorry for what you been through! It breaks my heart!
    You know I felt really bad so I somehow ended up here on this site and then I red the comments but it was yours that touched me the most!
    Even though you don’t know me and never met me I have to tell you that I’m SO proud of you! You’re working and studying hard and getting good grades, there’s a strong spirit in you and that makes me smile and be so proud of you!!
    If you sat next to me I would hugged you like crazy for just being you!
    I know life isn’t easy when your own family turns their backs on you, trust me I know how it feels but please be brave and remember the situation you’re in right now will not last!! I wish you would talk to someone, a teacher or a counselor that would help you get away from that place. I wish I could help you, I truly do!
    If you ever wanted to talk, (I’m a good listener) you can email me: writte2(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Remember it will get better, soon you’ll have your own place, find love and have lots of friends. *lots of hugs*. Be positive and keep studying, get good grades and be best at you can, I’M PROUD OF YOU Jacob!!

    And I’ve to agree with GaryM:
    “You may deceive yourself that you are helping, but it rather comes across as superior and patronizing.”

    To whoever wrote this, you’re a dick.

  80. I am 28 and I have boy child which I love and live with out him and a wife that I love do much was living a happy life since 2004 got married in 2008 everything was going good with. Me till 2009 my dad showed stared taking loans from banks and indivusual spendin money like crazy for 2years he left the country and left me in 3million dollars of debts he went to another country every one came after me so started paying small small and I had to send money to my dad to enable him to survive later he got some people to do bussiness he called me of to fly over to him to enable to do a business but goods and sell them I went met him and I feel in Thr same trap again took goods on credit while sending him the cash to pay people he spending them now my Debth is even bigger what can I do I want to kill my self to rest but I can’t don’t know what will happen to my son my only son that am living for he is only 3 in july some one help me

  81. Sometimes I sit and think should I kill him then kill my self isn’t the best Thing to do am confuse and don’t know what to do cuz no way out am working everyday just paying people I smile from the out in me am crying I just don’t want my family to feel that an doing my best to cover tell me what can I do some pls help me should I comite suicide and die its the only way out for my wife and kid

  82. @Paul: You must learn to ignore people with “small minds” who assume that just because they themselves cannot understand why someone could feel suicidal, then no one in the world should feel the pain. Many people walk around with the mentality that “If I can get over / get through something, then NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD should have a problem getting over it either” or “That’s not a big deal to me. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone.” I’m extremely sick and tired of people who think and act this way and assume that just because they (knowingly or unknowingly) have it relatively easy and don’t understand someone else’s problem, it gives them the right to criticize anybody else who may be in pain and suffering. It sickens me deeply to see all these stupid people who get on the internet to ridicule and criticize other people who are in pain for thinking about suicide AND I DEDICATE ALL SUICIDE DEATHS TO PEOPLE WHO GET ON HERE TO LEAVE NASTY COMMENTS ON FORUMS AND RIDICULE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE SEARCHING FOR HELP or probably even genuinely just looking for a painless way out of their misery.

    I also hate those people who assume that if someone really wanted to die then they wouldn’t talk about it first. What kind of ignorant thinking is this where people think that just because THEY wouldn’t do something a certain way, then no one else in the world would either? Do some people really believe that suicide is simply as easy as updating a “To Do” list then getting the job done? That’s bullshit. Of course, if you’re in pain BUT your pain doesn’t exceed your fear of death, then you’ll be likely to want to get online to search around for peaceful ways to die or just talk about it as an attempt to get yourself psyched up enough to carry through with the act. It’s a mixture of that and seeking attention, but from experience, I know what it’s like to want to end life, but at the same time, also have a fear borderline phobia of death itself.

    Many people who talk about death but don’t go through with it don’t do it simply because they don’t want to or because their pain and situation are a big joke, but because they are almost “forced” to reconsider death and choose another day of living with the fantasy idea that “maybe one day things’ll get better”, all because the fear of death also includes the possibility that the after life may be even less pleasant, or even worse, you could end up surviving in a worse injured state.

    More people need to THINK before they ridicule and criticize because if you notice, it’s mostly the people who don’t think first before speaking or acting that create most of the unnecessary problems and pain in this world. These are the same people who think it’s a fun and good idea to hop online and start harassing and ridiculing people who are already in pain without caring about the fact that they are only tearing someone else down for their own pleasure.

    Anyway, I didn’t proofread what I’ve written, but I’m sure that despite whatever grammatical errors and/or poor sentence structures that may exist in my statement here, the overall point I am making should be able to be easily understood by most.

  83. When someone reaches the point in their life where suicide is the best option to end the suffering, there usually is no more hope for them. I’m a middle aged widow, with no prospects for happiness. Every day that I wake up, I’m disappointed that I’m still alive. I have no friends, no spouse/significant other, no prospects of getting a date (why would a man choose to date an over the hill woman when they can have their pick of younger, firmer, more attractive women!) and I’m sick of my life. Things aren’t going to change. My husband will still be dead, and no new activities/hobbies/changes/etc will end the loneliness. My life used to have meaning, I was a wife with a husband who loved me, and a mom to two great sons. My sons no longer need me, and have established themselves in this world, so no loose ends there. I can see no good reason to continue, and I’m sick of seeing websites that are judging someone who wants to end things. I really wish someone would post a legitimate website/blog that does list the pros and cons of different methods of suicide. If this country weren’t so entangled with the judeo-christian way of thinking, they would stop thinking of suicide as a “sin”, and see it as a legitimate way to control the destiny of one’s life.

  84. My name is michael uche chizzy and am 18 years old. I kinda find life so boring since i started falling away from God and each time i try to get back it become so hard and there are always persuasion from my pea group to live life in the wrong manner. please help me with good advise on ways to avoid pea pressure and to stand firm to my words.

  85. I agree, this is patronizing and in my case would make me feel more like a looser Since this whole article says to me is so super easy to bring yourself out of a depressive state and those that can not, it is your own fault you can not love life. Telling a person it is your fault and blaming them for their negative feelings to make them feel better is just like handing a recovering alcoholic some jack then expecting them not to drink it. I agree it is so obvious you haven’t truly suffered from depression. You might have had thoughts previously, but it would be because of a romance situation. Most likely where your partner maid you feel like crap to the point where you desired to take your life. After the partner was gone you regained your normal lucky high self -esteem and hence was untouched by true depression. Since you had those thoughts it made you believe you know everything there is to know about suicidal people but you truly do not understand everyone. I am glad that this article helped some people but it would only work for people like yourself, not for chronically depressive people.

  86. I completely agree with Paul (above). It’s the first I’ve found that I agree with regarding suicide. I’m only still here because my grown children would be left with a lot of pain and confusion.

  87. I’ve heard some pretty stupid stuff in my time, but does that take the cake! I did a lot of the dumb stuff that was reccommended. Guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!! I live in the coldest, most isolated, and snobbish part of the country.NEW ENGLAND!!! Where if you don’t live in a city, you’re out of luck!! My husband died in my arms 14, years ago, a nurse laughed at me 2 minutes after my husband died!!! I went to 14 pyscologists, who either just smiled at me and said nothing, yelled at me, or worse told me to count my blessings!!! IT MAKES ME SICK!!! And forget about church, I went to ten of them and I had the door slammed in my face. Blessed those who are rich, for they shall be comforted, if you are a poor widow, FORGET IT!!! I went to 6 dating services and becuase I didn’t have blond hair and blue eyes, I was considered ugly. I have been attempting suicide since I was 8, so one of these days, I’ll get it right.

  88. Hi,
    i m 29yrs i was very very happy with my family nd always wanted nd lived d life enjoying with friends nd family nd my future planning were to go abroad nd earn lot for me nd my family(my MoM) i luv her lot,
    few yrs back i was just passing through my house nd i saw the lady i know,she was caring her small daughter nd tears in her eyes nd her husband was throwing the things from the house as he was drunk nd she was standing outside nd crying,
    i felt really bad nd tried to resolve as i used to know them well,
    And dont know how me and the lady started meeting and felt good company of each other,
    nd felt in love and started the physical relation,
    nd then yrs after she started living apart from her husband nd married to me,
    few days we lived happy,but sudden i seen her approach to my mom and dad was very bad as she only had concern for her daughter and whatever she wanted she used to do as every time she used to say as she was working far better than me as her salary was much better,
    one day my parents left me nd went away to my sister’s house as i only told my mom to do as daily she used to insult my mom on any reason.
    Then she used to more time to the work as she was in thinking as she wanted to earn lot of money,nd used to neglect me nd insult me.
    but every time i thought she will realize the true love nd will start loving me as before but now the things r worst we always have fights,quarrels i dont know what to do,the person for him i sacrificed all what i had now that person had spoiled my life,i m very unlucky and this is becoz of me nd only me so i want to punish myself nd end this life……….

  89. i have no guidance, help, or the care needed to do anything worth while. I see corruption and the selfish ways of everyone in society. I just want to be left alone in a little plot of land with a self sufficient home. ( powering itself with natural power from the sun and electricity generated from air) I see its pointless to “contribute” to a world that runs itself. My effort is not in manual labor or repetition of a meaningless task. I’m not able to do explore in scientific means of advancement (like free electricity for the world) due to the fact it takes man made paper green controlling money to get anything. I feel like i was born in the wrong time. Philosophy of human behavior or discovering ways to power cities on unregulated free power is the only meaningful thing to me. Through the horrible education system that shows the ability to do repeated busy work tasks for grades shows no intelligent to ones with perfect grades. It might not be that way in every city but Las Vegas is all i can reference. The amount of money it takes to prove your “worth” in college or in anything is unfathomable to the “white” non scholarship attaining kid that falls through the systems cracks. I see no way out. I see working at a mind numbing worthless job for the rest of a life is a waste of what we were given. I see suicide as a more meaningful way of escape the reality of the over populated world. I don’t know what the rest of the world is like. I don’t know what other cities are like. All i do know is what i see in daily life of how people behave towards each other and how people get jobs. It’s all who you know not what you know. Yes you can have determination to acquire a higher means of living but through the structure of society you have to have money to make money. How does a non job experienced 18 year old that sees life for what it is get a job. Yes delivering pizzas is a job and yes it contributes to society but who set the standard income of that job? If a job contributes to society shouldn’t we all be equal in some way? We are all humans, We all have the ability to perform any task if trained and raised properly. Why do people pride themselves off meaningless forms of contributing. Life isn’t fair because we set it that way. Lets say in nature before humans could speak. If there’s thousands upon thousands of humans all living on the impulse that most do today. If one human saw a stick and a rock and fashioned it together before anyone else even had the thought. (Invention) That one human could rule all other humans by dominating and uses it to its own advantage by killing any threat in its way. But we see through fossils and discoveries that humans taught each other , showed each other , and gave each other the resource to advance themselves. Now lets bring it to this day and age. You need a mandatory list of things to even have a chance to survive. The human that invented the stick and rock didn’t charge the others for the use of the resource because ownership in the resource is a made up thing. Earth has every resource we use and when a human manipulates the resource to create something new should they have the right to that resource? If its necessary to survive in this society should it be restricted unless you have enough made up paper green to give to have that resource? Just think money wouldn’t control so much if resources we made were handed out to smart responsible citizens. Ancients and our lives are the same in the perspective of we age for a period of time then die. So why hold back resources in exchange for paper green when we are not born making this paper green? If your wondering things that should be given to survive in society just think what inventions are necessary to compete in daily life. Suicide is not a sin. Suicide is not fun and not worth it but when you are stuck in the crumbling foundation of corruption and unable to prove endless potential because others who are handed their opportunities say your worthless or not as worthy. Every single human has the same potential as others the only difference is the way you think and perceive the world. Some are meant to do smaller tasks then others and they are happy to do it but it does not mean that they are less worthy then the intelligent specimen that creates and invents to change the world. I honestly hate the way people think in this society and wish we could all just exist with our awesome technology and not compete to try and limit the amount of technology people can have. So suicide is a good means of making myself happy. I need help to understand whats real if my little rant was completely off basis. Either i need a reality check or the rest of society does.

  90. The seven points are a bit accurate, but i still go about ending my life. I always feel isolated because i literally have no friends or a girlfriend. Sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have someone there for you. No work also drives me insane and makes me feel pointless. Especially when i am 19 and still living with my parents who are not proud of me. They always compare me with other people around my age and mention how much better they are than me. This makes me feel hopeless. I am also afraid to seek help. I do not even know where to start or how to find help.

    Another thing that makes me really depressed and angry is how i was brought to this world. My dad at the time was an alcoholic and sexually abusive to my mom. I was not a planned child. My dad was also physically abusive to my mom which caused drama all the time. They expect the best out of me when they do not even positively support me.

  91. The problem with this is that it does not follow the normal accepted understanding of depression and suicide. Pain is real in those of us who feel life would be better off for others if we could only disappear. It’s the disappearing part that is so difficult. My brother took his life and the pain continues even to this day, 16 years later. However, the more I learn about life and my own true feelings about what we grew up through, I understand how he felt hopeless. It’s the hopeless part that gets you. In most cases the person doesn’t really want to die, but the fear drives them to look for way to do it without hurting others and/or oneself needlessly. Most of the time they’re not even thinking right, so blaming them for feeling sorry for themselves is just cruel and inhumane. Get over your simplified understanding of depression and suicidal thoughts – idiation. If we wnated attention we’d do something far better to get your attention. Get a job is not the right answer. Do something for someone else does often make you feel better…. for a few hours, maybe. It’s not about that. It’s an illness.

  92. santhoshi vasantha

    September 13, 2012 at 8:15 am

    how to commit suicide.i got married but not happy. people are blaming me unnecessarily for the things which i have not done. Even though i know “god sees the truth but waits”, iam no more prepared to face tell me the best and easiest way of commiting suicide without paining my body not evene knowing that my soul was left from my body.. people plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me ya

  93. Suicide, like abortion, is a personal choice. If we want to exit this life, no one has a right to tell anyone else not to. As unhealthcare becomes more and more of a joke and non-existent, plans should be made to exit while not depending on the system.

    You ignorant people who say, don’t do it are … ignorant. There’s so much to live for, live in an unrealistic world and you don’t live in mine.

    If I want to kill myself, while in most states, it’s not an option and reportable if someone thinks it will be attempted, keeps me away from therapists. If I can’t be honest with them, therapy is just bull. I don’t need a therapist to lock me up. I need the option to have an escape if I so choose.

    Read an article in the NYTs when the foreclosure market was killing people. A gentleman on dialysis told his wife he would stop it due to the expense. It was his choice and right to die.

  94. Hi,
    I just wanted each person that clicks on this site and reads the posts to see that there are people that have been through similar situations as you and are still living. I know how hard things can get in this life and I would like to help you in any way I can. If you would like to talk about your situation and need someone to lean on and comfort you, please email me. I’m a 44 year old female with children and grandchildren. Been through alot but I am filled with happines and peace and hoping to help others find that too.

  95. 4 and 5 are true for me, however in my case theres another one. What if you wish to die again?

    Yes, I did state again. You see, I died once. Well, clinicly. Lung failure and was out-cold for about a month or 2. The dying part was frightening and extremely painful, but the split second before actual stage of death was…beyond words. All the burdens in life, the stress and worries..just gone. Nothing but absolute silence. Only to be brought back into the chaos you wished to escape.
    Does that count as an option ? Figure it out at some point, if not we always have plan B. Although preferably with less suffication.

  96. What most people don’t know is when it runs in the family and you’ve tried every anti-depressant on the market and made EVERY attempt to help yourself….sometimes it’s just NOT enough. I have nothing in particular (horrible) happening in my life yet “I simply don’t want to be here. No matter how hard I’ve tried I don’t believe anyone can help us….well some of us. I’m a well educated BA Degree individual who has just struggled all my life with depression. Honestly it doesn’t matter HOW many medications you take, if your ‘THAT’ low you will not have control. That is the scary part. Everyone thinks you can control it when you CAN’T! Keep trying, some friends may respond positivly but I know from experience that when you hit THAT low ‘it scares the shit out of you’ that you just MIGHT do it at that very moment. Falling asleep, someone calling late etc….is usually what saves your life for today. Sorry to be the ‘Debbie Downer (SNL)’ on suicide but it is true. The ONLY reason I’m still here is out of a feeling of guilt. I had a wonderful brother who LOVED life yet he died by 44. Now I have a sister with the identical DNA who has Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She has no idea how mucy I love her because my brother’s estate (ALL material shit!) tore the rest of us apart. I pray every single day ‘begging’ God to take me instead. I have no husband to adore me, any children to watch graduate, get married….you name it. It’s just ‘LONELY ME’ I never feared death, I always wecomed it even as a child, which may be strange to most. What I feared the most was ‘ LOSING A LOVED ONE’!….and THAT I did….My Brother…My Supporter…My Best Friend….I’m like a deer in the headlights…I’ve been FROZEN in time (almost 5 yrs now) because I don’t know what to do id I’m NOT taking care of someone….coming to the rescue….simply helping in any way possible!!!! I think I’ve said enough.

  97. I’m in need of dental care that medicaid won’t pay for, so I choose to end my life rather than continue to dread the eventual onset of tooth pain along with the continued poverty I live in. I have a tree picked out with a strong limb and enough rope to get the job done. I haven’t set a date but will if medicaid refuses to fix my teeth. I will probably get your responce, if you send one. Please forego giving me reasons to live. I’m 38 and I’m old enough to die young but experienced.

  98. Well what Iwant is the best way to commit suicide with pain and just go of during in my sleep. But whtat this web stie it tell other story …which seem tell you not to commit it …rqather than have better vision or light in the other tunnle …and have better lif ahead. Well I dont …buy this so call 7 ways to commit suicide is actually convinve you to take a nre life. Than this web site should rename to servial site. Very let down .

  99. I’m 57 years old and was sexually abused by both Grandfathers, my parents, an uncle, and my sixth grade teacher by the time I was 12 years old. The first abuse I believe was as young as 2 or 3.

    I came here because I was looking for ways to kill myself without suffering, but actually any time I can tell my story I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

    My living situation is bad……family of origin no one ever believed me or spoke on my behalf regarding the abuse, because although they (brother and two sisters) were also abused, they don’t remember and are in denial.

    Sometimes in my life I have felt very good, but lately as I see that people my Dad’s age have been dying off, people my age die or get cancer, or worse have strokes, heart attacks, become paralysed etc, I feel like “What’s it all for????”

    Funny but telling the story of what I went through, speaking for the child and all the ages when I was abused makes me feel like I’m doing something that matters….I don’t know why but it does…….

  100. What I have come to learn is that those wanting to commit suicide, like me, have the biggest hearts. That is why the world is full of assholes. That is why the world is full of diseases. That is why the greatest people have taken their lives, because the world doesn’t contain that kindness that those who are wishing suicide, the ones with the big hearts, need, want. Those who have cancer, those who have fallen pray to bullycide, the world doesn’t let up on these innocent people…I wish that life was fair…I believe that I will study to help those looking for medicine, a therapist, a friend, a reason to live. You all, don’t give up jut yet, just try to think positive, (and not the positive sides to your planned suicide, I mean the positive sides to your lives living on right now.) None of us know what is beyond death, so try not to kill yourselves, because the results may not be the promiseland of no pain.

  101. Scared and tired

    November 3, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I have a problem asking for help, but not sure where to ask anymore

  102. Good article and true points… But what about those who are anarchists and just want to see politicians and governments burn cause I’m sick of living everyday putting up with their tyrannical bullshit and dictatorship control… We are all slaves to governments it’s fucking bullshit and one day the government will pay for their sins…

  103. I am 47 years old,bipolar,unemployed on wcb.So tired of ups and downs in my life.I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately.I know i will come through this again but i dont want to go through it.Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou.

  104. Paul i think you are an intelligent individual and i hope you find more to live for, i have attempted suicide several times and true to your word cowardly ways have delayed me i now have a son whom i love dearly but life is no easier for us and i still have those thoughts people have made me feel ashamed for thoughts and feelings i could never control and now as a mother i feel worse i’m 24 no high school diploma no ged no car i work and i have my own place and i swear i try to see the good in things but somehow negativity always seems to find me i cry myself to sleep and wake up doing the same my two year old son actually asks me if i’m okay that breaks my heart it also breaks my heart that i can’t do anything for him i can feed and clothe him just things a mother and son should do we can’t His biological father has seen him twice he beat me when i was pregnant if other men looked my way i didn’t have to do a thing he threatened to kill me and the baby i finally got him arrested and he went on to torture other women until he ended up in prison for drilling a hole in a women’s breast his ex wife’s [btw never knew he got married] bestfriend i met a man and i thought he was the perfect man for me [not my reason at all for wanting to die] he loved my son and me from day one but that’s over and on top of everything else my son lacks now he doesn’t have a father and since he was the only father he ever knew i feel so guilty for that it tears me apart i just wanted to say to you Paul u might not have been trying but you just gave me a little more hope

  105. This does not help me at all I need to know the best sure way

  106. you unfortunateley are someone that does not know the never ending pain of a life ending. I doubt you know about one begining. You are trapped within the societey of knowing. YES I know my spelling sucks. I am simply trying to make the point that your point of view is that of others, not the damned or wanting. This strive for attention may have worked for a moment but maybey you need to look deeper at your own issues before commenting on others. People that survive what we experience even if for a short time , know within ourselves that we find our own reasons to continue but can NEVER find one that lasts. When we find that our time has past it is most commonly because we know deep down that the world is failing and that the masses have no desire to understand that they are the sheep we cannot follow. And we all would like someone to remember that we were sheppards. Take it as you will. Which would be more like forgetting everything else stated and only trying to anilyze the part about us not being sheep which in turn can do nothing more than show you are one!! To anyone that truly wants to end the torment that is life I commend you in the thought even without the action. I myself have finally become brave!

  107. Hi,
    I am a 29 years old well educated and relatively attractive woman with a job that I enjoy doing. However, I do not have a boy friend for 8 years. I have tried everything to meet new people, such as through friends and relatives, hobbies, and internet, but none of them work. I don’t want to continue living this life alone. I see women like me everyday, single, never being married, or divorced in their 30s, 40s, or 50s looking for men, and they look so pathetic. I don’t want to be like them. A life alone is meaningless whether or not you have a career or hobby. I can’t commit suicide now because I have responsibilities for my parents, but this is not the way I want to live my life. What is my problem?

  108. This was a fire extinguisher, and at the same time a breathe of fresh air. With the exception of a few grammatical errors, it was pieced together well. I have to admit, my original intent for surfing tonight was altered and a slap in the face was what I got. It is funny how words can sometimes get the best of you but really it’s the meaning, huh!
    Nice Job!
    Thank You

  109. I listen to people who are older and I hear what they are saying. You work or you perform some task, and then suddenly you are no longer relevant. When you get to that point, you sit in your house all alone, and think about the past because now it is all the past. When I hear these people, I think about the one phrase I kept with me for all these years from a psychiatrist, and now do not believe there is always hope. I kept hoping for something that never happens. I’m not crying, but I am a little sad. I wonder why we keep hanging on. The fact is, no one ever appreciates what you do. Life is a circle and it seems to be futile. You put on a happy face because you don’t want you children to be twisted, but it’s all bologna. I know I have it better than some; I have a good job, I teach children who have difficulty, but there is other stuff that keeps dragging me down. I have realized that it does not matter what I do, because it is all one great big nothing. However, Marianne Moore said it best. We are not living, we are merely existing as styrofoam cups.

  110. Dear Jacob Jordan,

    Please seek a counselor or contact an adult you can trust. Your parent are abusers and you need to get out of that house immediately. You are a wonderful person, born to very sick people. God created us perfectly. We live in a fallen world and that is why things can be bad. You live in a very sick home Please seek help outside your home. Find someone and tell them that you are being abused and need help. Keep talking to people until you find help. God sees your situation and has protected you for many, many years. He is walking with you each step of the way and I am praying for you. If you are ever frightened, please call out to Jesus. Just say “Jesus help me” and He will. I promise.


  111. none of that is true…not for me..I am falsley accused of a felony that I did not commit and am out of work due to it..therefore I am facing prison and cannot get an attorney nor will they allow me a public defender due to my previous income. Id rather be dead than sit in a prison.

  112. In modern world there is a race for everything. If you fall sort in anything you are going to fail. People are so meaningfull. They are with you till you are profitable to them in some way. I think a wild animal resides in every human. There will always be wars for the limited resources and the one who are stronger going to get it.

  113. Well! I guess I need to think about this again.

  114. I can’t find a step to help me either….I split up with my wife just over 9 years ago, (her choice). We have two beautiful children who 11 and 13 now that I have had a good relationship with till about a year ago. My money ran out and I do not have a big fancy job so my support payments fell short. I thought good thing my wife has a good job and is able to provide a good lifestyle for my children. Well it turns out about the same time as my support payments fell short so did my visitation with my kids. I’m sure she is brainwashing our kids and intentionally keeping me away from them. It is called Parental Alienation. It is the worst thing to go trough…to have your own children ignore and reject you just because you don’t drive a fancy car or something.
    The world is full of heartless people and their greed for money…I really don’t want to be a part of it anymore!

  115. It sounds so funny to me you of all people on this planet talking of suicide. Just think about the situation I’m in, then see if you have any word on suicide.
    I was born in Iran during the time when suppression was raging here. I had to go to boarding school when I was ten to get a degree, and after that have been away from my family for the education, even after that we are forced to serve in the military for free.
    Now in my thirties, I, as an MA holder, am still without any proper job and enough earning. I’m still a virgin, and because of the strict islamic rules, and the islamic police harshly monitoring our obedience to it here, I cannot even talk to a lady not to mention having a girlfriend.
    And on top of all these, there are no suicidal consultation here unless you pay an expensive fee for it. LOL

  116. I am in the Army and have finally decided to get treatment because I couldn’t shake the suicidal thoughts no matter how irrational they might have been.
    – Wake the fuck up.
    If you are willing to go all the way and end your life, then that is your prerogative, meaning: it is your exclusive right and individual privilege to control your destiny.
    Kill yourself or live for all you can; it is more the sin to waste your life living it in lethargy and self-pity. Stop whining like a bitch and take control of your life, whatever that means to you.
    I have dealt with major chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder my whole life, it’s prevalent in my family; these symptoms have been shown to be hereditary. But I never fucking complained, I dealt with it: all the emotional and physical pain I’ve trudged through my entire life.
    You can do it too. It is your unalienable right to life (or death), liberty (or imprisonment), and happiness (or negativity).
    – Don’t let fear (or life itself) control you. Take control of your destiny.

  117. what a crock of shit. i am in therapy. I hate my life and i take meds . I have 2 kids and a wife that dont give a damm .i have a good job and my life has been fucked since the day i was born.i stay in phycial pain 24 -7 . cant have surgery .so whoever wrote this doesnt have a damm clue . I wasnt ask to be brought in this world and its my choice to leave can tell me i am feeling sorry for myself and to make changes well i tryed all that shit and it just makes me want to leave this shitty world all the more. This article is the same reading it just makes me want to end it all the more I am 55 years old really dont dont care anymore and i have been this way since i was a kid getting beat everyother day with a rubber hose and my brothers caused a lot of it 2 died before they were 50 and i do not have anything at all to do with the other 2. so take youre so called advice and shove it up youre ass .youre not in my shoes so this article is meaningless

  118. I’ve been unemployed for a year. I applied for unemployment and they left me in the dust. every time I call, I am automatically hung up on because of all the calls they receive. I’ve applied for last resort jobs: fast food, janitorial, and even gentlemen’s clubs.
    I get email after email telling me I’m not what they’re looking for or that the position has already been filled.
    I’m new to the city I live in, I haven’t made any friends because the people here are so introverted and busy with their own problems. I have no family out here either.
    my family back home can’t help me because they’re all dirt poor. the friends I have can’t help either because they are struggling as well.
    I do what I can to keep busy but it doesn’t help.
    my entire life really hasn’t been a cake walk. Both my parents are drug addicts, I was in foster care for 9 years, I got caught up with a very abusive boyfriend for a while, lost friends, lost family…
    It wasn’t until just recently that I’ve been seriously considering suicide. I’ve been fighting so hard to see the light, but I’m so far down in rock bottom that there is only darkness. I pretty much have my mind made up that I’m going to do it. I just need to stop caring.
    the only thing that stops me from doing it is my cat. I’ve had her for 11 years. she’s all I have. it kills me to think about leaving her with someone else. but at the same time, its not fair for her to deal with my negative energy. she can sense that I’m not happy and she’s constantly whining at me. I don’t know what else to do but put myself out of my misery.
    if anyone would like a super sweet house trained cat and take care of her like the princess she is, let me know.

  119. I am going through a lot of that myself. I have suffered depression all my life and most of the time, Things seem hopeless. I grew up without a child hood from abusive parents to abusive relationships and hardly ever making ends meet and constantly being in a rut, Day after day and year after year. Where is that light at the end of the tunnel… In fact, Where is that tunnel? I know I have made it this far by the Grace Of God… But it is said that God will not put more on us that we can handle… I am getting close. After all, Even a fishing bobber eventually sinks.

  120. I am a canadian woman and Ive been through a very hard life. I grew up middle class with a loving family and money. I had a harder time learning and later found out I learn different. Everyone around me found happiness. They all seem to get married get the great job, find love, have a white picket fence not me! I worked since age 15 but I constantly got laid off. I had to leave my birth ci ty 7 times now as the economy is very bad (alone). I managed to get good jobs away but nothing every lasted. I did have a soulmate for 11 years and we had little money as he was new to canada. I left at xmas and dad got cancer and died. I returned to vancouver and was very depressed- also out of work and no family there so I decided to leave him. It was a huge mistake (I found out later when it was too late). Two years later he got a great job and then he turned rich. He married a chinese girl with money. He wont talk to me either although we never fought, its hurtful to me. SInce we s plit I have been in a hell of moving, reestalblishing- in and out of work and money. The guy after him cheated and started abusing me so I left him and moved here. I came here thinking Id had a job, only had one for 8 months. I was doing great for 8 months then mom got cancer. I had no freinds its unfriendly here. I got down. I left that job. Since leaving I went to welfare and had to live in rooms in strangers homes. I am treated very poorly by govt agencies because of the liberal party of canada who treasures the minorities who are not even from canada or born here. My family came here in 1630. I was with a man for 4 years he drank, took money from me, cheated on me, his sister was cruel to me. I ended up homeless twice in this city, once due to govt not giving me welfare and the other was a nasty moslem landlord. I had to move about 7 times in 4 years. Im in a place now with a man who treats me better than the others but hes not that great either he likes to argue alot and is demanding and I dont like him for a relationship, its just a p lace to live. Still out of work. My sister got cancer this past 6 months so that means 2 in my family with cancer. Im too old to have kids due to all this bullshit! I was suppose to get money for a court case but its on hold now. I cant stay with this man now but I dont know where to go of what to do now. I may be going to toronto for a 3 day conferance which may give me a lead on a job……..or at least im hoping……………

  121. I forgot to mention Im out of work now since 2008. I sent over 2000 resumes. I now volunteer for two companies. I dont speak french and this city requires almost all jobs to s peak french even though its english majority here. Im also sick with migraines……………

  122. I am 33 years old. I have been betrayed by the very people i have trusted. I lost custody of my daughter when she was just 4 years old she is 11 now. I have been told this whole time that i shouldnt have chosen my husband over my daughter. I didnt I chose out family. I believed my husband would finish through his alcohol classes and we would become a family again like we used to be. I have been stuck in a state where I have no family only his. I have been put down all my life, even tho i do good things for others and care about others, i still get beat down. I grew up with depression, ADHD, and now I have been told that its a for of Autism called Aspugurs syndrome. Not feeling normal like everyone else sucks. But when u have people around u that u show love to and get nothing in return it sucks. Its like thats what i deserve.
    I have prayed and prayed for god to take all this pain, anger, confusion, hurt, anxiety, guilt, sorrow, and loneliness away. SOmetimes it works and other times its worse. I look up to the friends i have known that committed suicide because they arent in pain anymore. They dont feel what i feel. What keeps me holding on is that small glimmer of hope in getting my daughter back. Now that my husband is finally getting help. But he had to leave to another state to do so. I am soon moving but until i do i have the stress his family is causing on me jsut to be able to take my daughter for a month visit. I am also getting evicted and no chance of help, I have 3 cats and a puppy and have no where to take the cats. I cant concentrate on school work because there is so much on my mind so i dont care weather i pass or fail. My dad has also turned his back on me because of my husbands family and their vindictive ways, he would rather trust people he has never met then his own middle daughter. Do u realize how much that hurts. I have two sisters that could care less if i was alive or dead, and the only members of my family that really show they care are about 8 hrs away.
    Theres nothing for me on this earth but my daughter. Sometimes she makes me feel like she would be better off without me because of the hold that my husbands family has on her. I got off drugs I dont drink, but yet i am the one that is torn down by their ways of manipulation. No matter what good I do it is brought down by any and all bad that i have ever done in my life. How am I supposed to let go and let god when no one else is doing it. How am i supposed to break through my “funk” if no one else cares to help. I am to scared to commit suicide but i also am to scared to live anymore. Im to much of a coward to even take my own life.

  123. i’ve suffered so much in 56yrs…..the sexual abuse of my father, the death of my first son from cancer, the battering of my third husband, the death of my first daughter from a car accident, my own battle with breast cancer, the murder of my mother by my brother; and most recently, a concussion at the hands of a man i loved dearly…I AM SO FRICKIN TIRED OF TOTING THE WEARY LOAD

  124. Hi, i am 50 years old ,, i have been to prison for trying to get the cops to kill me . 4 times i almost successfully comitted suiside. only to have someone find me to soon. they say i was dead all 4 times but was brought back. im 50 years old and permanately dis abled from my back and subsequent surgery..i have tried everything to change my personal pattered responces to no avail. i agree that the biggest hearts that care and feel most get walked on the most in this society. they have labeled me bi polar and various other things.. what a stigma to be tortured to death by depression and then have temporary relief by moods of barely happy. then have most of society shunn you for it. im on the edge now of making my fifth attempt permanent.. that bull of taking control of your destany is really crapp. i know we should all take 100 percent resposability for everything that happ;ends or happened in our life but god ..the mind cant really believe that. being an x criminal and disabled leaves not much to liee for and very little way to love yourself..the story of my life is filled with death and lost really pathetic but its the truth.

  125. Nobody even cares. That’s the sad part. Most people just do not give a damn

  126. I’m in my early 70 ‘s and for the last 50 years I’ve lived on the edge of insanity with suicide thoughts as the last stray I’ve managed not to be successful at my attempt but as I’m getting older and have less family and very few friends support ( my good supporting friends and co workers are passing away like flies due to old age ect. Physical pains is preventing me from doing many things I used to enjoy specially to snap myself out of a depression .Lately that is not working any longer. I think that by jumping off my fourth level condo that it might just mangle me and not kill me. any One out there have any better idea a way which is quick and over fast? I APPRECIATE any hint on this subject.

  127. My name is noelle and i am seripously thinking about suicide
    Im so depressed and it sucks
    i hate my life and not being able to accomplish anything like bring in an income from home
    i feel like even God is against me
    i feel like hell and never wanted to be born into this damn world
    i am so damn tired!
    i am tried of living paycheck to paycheck
    and i am very pissed off that i do not have my own place
    and all my “friends” have all walked away from me including this one person that was like my brother but he walked away from he also
    so sucidide might not be answer but in my case it is!

  128. So…where are the 7 easiest ways to commit suicide. Should have renamed the article to something else.

  129. wow. this article might have just saved my life. i goggled “easiest way to commit suicide” and this is what came up. i didn’t expect to find something so positive.

  130. Pat answers. If you had my life, you would. Unemployed, spouse dying, no money, no credit, sick myself. Nothing to look forward to ever. Feeling like an utter failure, when I did everything right. Will be 54 next month, FML

  131. So I came to this site, like all of you… I assume. Looking for a way, or ways to commit an act of suicide. And instantly am inspired. not what I expected, I know… what bullshit. But I can only trust what you say, and that is what I do. what I am.
    So I read your stories. I listen to what you have to say. I am one of you… I am one of those with a heart.
    And I wonder where you are now…


  132. FML

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